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The Arab universities grow and grow.  These are the monsters that Israel allows to be created under its own nose.  These are the ones who will lead the terrorists and the “Palestinians” in violent clashes and in revolution against enemies to create a leadership that would urge its people to attack Jews.
            But to consider something even more insane – what about the far more serious danger of Israeli Arabs who are being educated daily in the higher universities of Israel? Each and every one of theses students is part of a nucleus of the future revolutionary leadership of a “Palestinian” people inside Israel which will turn the country into a northern Ireland Knesset member Muhammad Miari of the Progressive List is openly a supporter of the PLO and an opponent of a Zionist State.  He is a graduate of Hebrew University.  Mahumud Muhareb, then chairman of the Arab Student Committee at Hebrew University and an Israeli citizen of Lydda, told Maariv (January 20, 1978):
            “As for me and my personal lot, I am first and foremost a Palestinian, a resident of Lydda.  My Israeli citizenship was forced upon me.  The law required me to carry an Israeli identity and passport.  As a Palestinian, I would prefer Palestinian card and passport.  With the final solution common to the Arab of Palestine and Judea, Lydda will be within the sovereign boundaries of a democratic state.  What will that state be called?
Palestine naturally….
“We do not recognize the right, which you call ‘historic’ of the Jewish people in this land-this is our fundamental principle. In this land only the Palestinian Arab people have the historic right.” 
Mahumud was able to study at Hebrew University thanks to Jewish madmen.  Including those Jews who so happily contribute to the school and all the others-Tel Aviv University, Ben-Gurion University, Haifa University.  At the latter, the Arab students published a paper called Bian, which said, among other things:
“We are an indivisible part of the Arab Palestine people and the PLO is our sole legal representative…Zionism is a racist colonialist movement.”
For who enjoy giving money to “Israel” to help the “Jewish State,” take pride in knowing that of the 37 graduates majoring in Chemistry in the Spring of 1984, at Hebrew University, you helped no fewer than 17 Arabs to go to degrees and expertise.  What will they do with it?  What could an expert in chemistry do?  
Prime Minister Peres in the Knesset boasted of the progress made by Israeli Arabs under their friendly and benevolent Jewish democrats.  Whereas Israel in 1948 saw an Arab population that was abysmally illiterate, today, said Peres, thee are some 4,000 Arabs studying in the universities of the Jewish state.  Indeed, another such “accomplishment” for Israel and we are undone.
But, of course, it will continue, and the growing education of the Arab will not only give him the weapon of knowledge but will create a qualitatively different Arab, totally unlike his pliant fathers.  And so, when Yediot Aharonot (March 25, 1986) writes that since 1970 the number of Arab academicians has grown by five times and that the number of Arab high school graduates is now ten times that which it was fifteen years ago, one begins to understand the full extent of the bloody uprising that Israel will see in the near future.
Is there no one who feels that for an Arab to be privileged to receive higher education in the Jewish state he should at least be compelled, as a condition of admission, to state his allegiance to and accept of Israel as the Jewish State? Is that too much to ask before giving Jewish funds-so much of it raised from naive western Jews in the Exile-to Arabs who can use their education to work for Israel’s destruction?  Are there not tens of thousands of poor Israeli Jews-mostly Sephardic-who would dearly love to get the education and room and board that the Israeli Arabs, who hate Israel, are now receiving?  Madness, Jewish madness.   
And yet, even this aspect of lunacy cannot quite match another area of Israeli cuckooland.  It would stand to reason that the purpose of Jewish schools in the Jewish state is to encourage love and faith and pride in Jewishness and Israel.  Surely, that is not too far-fetched an assumption, even in these days of madness. And so it becomes difficult for even a jaded watcher of Jewish cuckooland to understand the decision by liberal, progressive, all-tolerant Ministry of Education to introduce to Jewish high school students books and stories about Arab authors, all of course anti-Zionist and pro-PLO, in order that the young Jew can see “the other side…”
            And so, the high schools of Israel have introduced an anthology of stories by Arab authors called A Place on the Face of the Earth.  The anthology was compiled by the infamous Van Leer Institute. A den of leftist and defeatist Jews, whose major achievement is to undermine Jewish confidence and certainty concerning the justice of the Jewish cause.
Here is one example of a story in the anthology read by Jewish students who are on the verge of entering the army in order to learn how to fight the Arab enemy.  The story is called “ The Land of the Sad Oranges,” and was written by Asan Kanfani born in Acre, Israel, from which he and other Arabs fled during the war that was launched by them to wipe out Israel.  Kanfani was active with the PLO in Lebanon and was killed by a car bomb there in 1972.  In the story he describes the flight of his family from Acre to Lebanon in 1948.  Consider the education of a Jewish high school student on the verge of his three-year military service.  Consider how he will think about the Arabs he is being trained to fight: 
“The women went down from the vehicles and walked over to a peasant sitting on the side of the road with a basket of oranges.  My father put out his hand to get an orange.  He looked at it silently and burst into tears like a baby.  In Rosh Hanikra (near the Lebanese border) our car stopped…  In my father’s eyes there shone the memory of all the orange trees that he left for the Jews, all those good and healthy trees that he bought, one by one.  The tears flowed down his cheeks.  When we reached Sidon that evening, we became refugees.”
What possible impression can this leave on the young Israeli who already suffers from ignorance?  An emptiness of soul, a vacuum of ideology.  How can he possibly not feel a sense of injustice, guilt (more!)?  Who will give him the real story?  A Jewish story and truth?  Who will give him the real story?  Who will teach him the reality of Arab attacks, murder and rape against Jews throughout the 1920’s and 30’s and 40’s. The reality of Arab armies and mobs screaming for the throwing of the Jews into the sea as they rejected the very idea of a Jewish State in 1948? Who will tear apart the tissue of Arab lies to tell Jewish youth that the orange groves would have remained along with their Arabs  had  the Arabs not attacked the Jews? Who will tell the Jewish youth that it was a Divine blessing that the Arabs fled and have them consider what would be our fate today had they not?  Madness, madness.
The artists, the intellectuals, the destroyers of the Jewish State.  Those who so desperately need their own private couch; those who drive us to the national one.
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