Thursday, May 24, 2018

Faith In G-d And Samson's Weapons

K A H A N E”
The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea
Nissan -5737   April-1977

 The men of little faith fear Washington far more than the All   
Mighty.  The   descendants of the Jews who turned in fear  
and prostration to Egypt to save them from Assyria and who
turned as some beggar standing in a doorway to Assyria for  
succor from  Babylon, today raise their eyes unto Washington   
and from Plains, Georgia shall come their salvation…

The key to the Jewish redemption lies in the deep and abiding
faith in G-d that is as strong as the situation is bleak.  In the 
face of darkness and danger, the Jew trusts all the more in    
the All Mighty and the threats of finite flesh and blood fade
into insignificance if trust in the infinite King of the Universe 
is real and unbending.  “Israel, trust in the L-rd,” is more than
a topic for a temple rabbi’s sermon.  It is the foundation of 
Judaism, that upon which rest all the 613 commandments. 
“And the righteous shall live by his faith.”

What does a Jew do when the United States attempts to
strangle Israel by demanding betrayal of the land to the 
Arabs  or risk losing American weapons and support?  He first
prays to the All Mighty and affirms his faith in Him.  He
vows not to violate the commandment that forbids giving up
Jewish land.  He realizes that retreat is insanity and that it
will lead not to peace but to disaster.  He knows that each 
bowing to Washington will lead only to more demands. 
And so he prays and has faith.

And then he turns and says:  You have the choice of selling us
conventional weapons (and what a ludicrous term that is and
when did cluster bombs and missiles and napaim become
“conventional”?) or not.  But know that if you do not, we will 
develop and if need be use the unconventional nuclear,
chemical and biological weapons that can destroy not only
Arabs but their Soviet allies.  And then he opens the New
York Times and Washington Post of March 21 and reads:

“The Pentagon is quietly upgrading its ability to wage war
with nerve gas, a weapon that can cause agonizing death
from spasms and convulsions if only a drop or two gets on a
person’s skin. The reason is a growth in the Soviet
Union’s chemical warfare capability… ‘We underestimated
the threat and it got us into trouble,’ said a chemical warfare 

And the same day the times quotes Dr. Alexander Langmuir,
the former top civilian epidemiologist as saying that he
devoted one fifth of his time to military biological warfare
studies “because he regarded biological warfare as a serious
threat to the United States.”

The United States is permitted to develop biological and
chemical weapons because it is threatened.  Israel is not?  The
United States is allowed to have an atomic arsenal that is
awesome and can destroy the world many times over,
because of fear of the Soviets?  Israel – threatened daily with
extinction by the Arabs – can do no less.  Faith in G-d and
fear of neither enemies nor allies. That is the Jewish way.

Please say prayers for the health of “Rivka bat Talya” 20- year old daughter of Binyamin and Talya Kahane, may G-d avenge their blood.
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