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The Arab universities grow and grow.  These are the monsters that Israel allows to be created under its own nose.  These are the ones who will lead the terrorists and the “Palestinians” in violent clashes and in revolution against enemies to create a leadership that would urge its people to attack Jews.
            But to consider something even more insane – what about the far more serious danger of Israeli Arabs who are being educated daily in the higher universities of Israel? Each and every one of theses students is part of a nucleus of the future revolutionary leadership of a “Palestinian” people inside Israel which will turn the country into a northern Ireland Knesset member Muhammad Miari of the Progressive List is openly a supporter of the PLO and an opponent of a Zionist State.  He is a graduate of Hebrew University.  Mahumud Muhareb, then chairman of the Arab Student Committee at Hebrew University and an Israeli citizen of Lydda, told Maariv (January 20, 1978):
            “As for me and my personal lot, I am first and foremost a Palestinian, a resident of Lydda.  My Israeli citizenship was forced upon me.  The law required me to carry an Israeli identity and passport.  As a Palestinian, I would prefer Palestinian card and passport.  With the final solution common to the Arab of Palestine and Judea, Lydda will be within the sovereign boundaries of a democratic state.  What will that state be called?
Palestine naturally….
“We do not recognize the right, which you call ‘historic’ of the Jewish people in this land-this is our fundamental principle. In this land only the Palestinian Arab people have the historic right.” 
Mahumud was able to study at Hebrew University thanks to Jewish madmen.  Including those Jews who so happily contribute to the school and all the others-Tel Aviv University, Ben-Gurion University, Haifa University.  At the latter, the Arab students published a paper called Bian, which said, among other things:
“We are an indivisible part of the Arab Palestine people and the PLO is our sole legal representative…Zionism is a racist colonialist movement.”
For who enjoy giving money to “Israel” to help the “Jewish State,” take pride in knowing that of the 37 graduates majoring in Chemistry in the Spring of 1984, at Hebrew University, you helped no fewer than 17 Arabs to go to degrees and expertise.  What will they do with it?  What could an expert in chemistry do?  
Prime Minister Peres in the Knesset boasted of the progress made by Israeli Arabs under their friendly and benevolent Jewish democrats.  Whereas Israel in 1948 saw an Arab population that was abysmally illiterate, today, said Peres, thee are some 4,000 Arabs studying in the universities of the Jewish state.  Indeed, another such “accomplishment” for Israel and we are undone.
But, of course, it will continue, and the growing education of the Arab will not only give him the weapon of knowledge but will create a qualitatively different Arab, totally unlike his pliant fathers.  And so, when Yediot Aharonot (March 25, 1986) writes that since 1970 the number of Arab academicians has grown by five times and that the number of Arab high school graduates is now ten times that which it was fifteen years ago, one begins to understand the full extent of the bloody uprising that Israel will see in the near future.
Is there no one who feels that for an Arab to be privileged to receive higher education in the Jewish state he should at least be compelled, as a condition of admission, to state his allegiance to and accept of Israel as the Jewish State? Is that too much to ask before giving Jewish funds-so much of it raised from naive western Jews in the Exile-to Arabs who can use their education to work for Israel’s destruction?  Are there not tens of thousands of poor Israeli Jews-mostly Sephardic-who would dearly love to get the education and room and board that the Israeli Arabs, who hate Israel, are now receiving?  Madness, Jewish madness.   
And yet, even this aspect of lunacy cannot quite match another area of Israeli cuckooland.  It would stand to reason that the purpose of Jewish schools in the Jewish state is to encourage love and faith and pride in Jewishness and Israel.  Surely, that is not too far-fetched an assumption, even in these days of madness. And so it becomes difficult for even a jaded watcher of Jewish cuckooland to understand the decision by liberal, progressive, all-tolerant Ministry of Education to introduce to Jewish high school students books and stories about Arab authors, all of course anti-Zionist and pro-PLO, in order that the young Jew can see “the other side…”
            And so, the high schools of Israel have introduced an anthology of stories by Arab authors called A Place on the Face of the Earth.  The anthology was compiled by the infamous Van Leer Institute. A den of leftist and defeatist Jews, whose major achievement is to undermine Jewish confidence and certainty concerning the justice of the Jewish cause.
Here is one example of a story in the anthology read by Jewish students who are on the verge of entering the army in order to learn how to fight the Arab enemy.  The story is called “ The Land of the Sad Oranges,” and was written by Asan Kanfani born in Acre, Israel, from which he and other Arabs fled during the war that was launched by them to wipe out Israel.  Kanfani was active with the PLO in Lebanon and was killed by a car bomb there in 1972.  In the story he describes the flight of his family from Acre to Lebanon in 1948.  Consider the education of a Jewish high school student on the verge of his three-year military service.  Consider how he will think about the Arabs he is being trained to fight: 
“The women went down from the vehicles and walked over to a peasant sitting on the side of the road with a basket of oranges.  My father put out his hand to get an orange.  He looked at it silently and burst into tears like a baby.  In Rosh Hanikra (near the Lebanese border) our car stopped…  In my father’s eyes there shone the memory of all the orange trees that he left for the Jews, all those good and healthy trees that he bought, one by one.  The tears flowed down his cheeks.  When we reached Sidon that evening, we became refugees.”
What possible impression can this leave on the young Israeli who already suffers from ignorance?  An emptiness of soul, a vacuum of ideology.  How can he possibly not feel a sense of injustice, guilt (more!)?  Who will give him the real story?  A Jewish story and truth?  Who will give him the real story?  Who will teach him the reality of Arab attacks, murder and rape against Jews throughout the 1920’s and 30’s and 40’s. The reality of Arab armies and mobs screaming for the throwing of the Jews into the sea as they rejected the very idea of a Jewish State in 1948? Who will tear apart the tissue of Arab lies to tell Jewish youth that the orange groves would have remained along with their Arabs  had  the Arabs not attacked the Jews? Who will tell the Jewish youth that it was a Divine blessing that the Arabs fled and have them consider what would be our fate today had they not?  Madness, madness.
The artists, the intellectuals, the destroyers of the Jewish State.  Those who so desperately need their own private couch; those who drive us to the national one.
Other glimpses from the couch:  [next week]

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The Writings of Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahana HY"D


The Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chaim 695:2) brings down as law the words of our sages' in Megillah (7b): "A man is required to mellow himself (with wine) on Purim until he cannot tell the difference between 'cursed be Haman' and 'blessed be Mordechai'". Many fine Jews have pondered this somewhat bizarre utterance, and have given different explanations.

Is the phrase teaching us that we should get absolutely "plastered" on Purim, to the point where our minds cannot distinguish properly? It seems odd that the sages would encourage such a thing. After all, Purim, like any other holiday, is intended to convey to the Jew certain IDEAS. Since one of the central ideas of Purim is the struggle between good and evil; between Mordechai and Haman - why would the sages want to muddle and obscure these concepts? Furthermore, the expression, "to mellow oneself" does not connote that one should be "rip-roaring drunk," and certainly it is not likely the sages would endorse such a state of mind.

Our teacher, Rabbi Kahane, HY"D, offers a powerful explanation to this question. The point is not that one should drink until he becomes confused and says, "Cursed be Mordechai", G-d forbid. Rather, he should understand that there is no difference between blessing Mordechai and cursing Haman, between blessing the righteous man and cursing the evil one. Both are mitzvot. It is a mitzvah to FIGHT and CURSE the evil-doer precisely the way it is a mitzvah to BLESS the righteous man. The two are equal, complementing one another.


Let us develop this idea. It would not be a shocking revelation if we said that Jews in our generation, as well as in past generations, have a serious problem with the concept of cursing and hating evil. Despite the fact that this subject is a central part of Judaism, permeating the Tanach, Mishnah, Talmud, and halacha, for all kinds of reasons it is difficult for Jews to internalize the need for the burning out of evil, and the hating of the evil-doer. It is a hang-up we are familiar with from the days of King Saul (who in his misguided mercy spared Agag the Amalekite, which eventually brought upon us the episode of Haman!!!!!) - until this very day, where mercy on enemies and murderers has brought us to the brink of tragedy.

For the record, Queen Esther did not fail in this area. After the first day of Jewish vengeance against their enemies, Achashveirosh asked her if she had another request. She answered: "If it please the king, let it be granted to the Jews who are in Shushan to do tomorrow also according to this day's decrees, and let Haman's tens sons be hanged upon the gallows." In other words, Esther did NOT have the galut complex of taking pity on a fallen enemy. On the contrary - she requested that the Jew-haters be killed one more day.


When the sages tell us that we should not distinguish "between cursed is Haman and blessed is Mordechai", they are coming to tell us: You are required to mellow yourselves with wine, so that you will not hesitate to come to the full understanding that the concept of "Blessed is Mordechai" is EQUAL to the concept, "Cursed is Haman". That is, HATRED OF EVIL IS NO LESS IMPORTANT OR FUNDAMENTAL THAN LOVE OF GOOD, AND THERE IS NO ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER. Purim is the time to elevate ourselves in our thinking. Precisely by getting a little tipsy on wine, we can remove the usual inhibitions and hesitation, which commonly prevent us from cursing and hating evil!

The Rav has taught us something tremendous. Purim is NOT a holiday of drunken confusion and chaos, or for casting off our heavenly yoke. On the contrary. Purim is the day to cast off the HYPOCRISY of our everyday lives, and to sever ourselves from the phony self-righteousness which causes us to not want to condemn the wicked. Getting mellow or tipsy on wine straightens us out. If foreign, un-Jewish concepts permeate our thoughts all year round, on Purim we reveal our authentic, uninhibited selves. Without apologies, without "the mercy of fools" (as termed by the Ramban); without being "more righteous than our Creator" (as the midrash depicts Saul when he refuses to kill Agag).

May we merit to be whole in our attributes, and to internalize our understanding that the war against evil is part and parcel to the goal of bringing good to the world. 


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Oylem Goylem 1989

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 “Beyond Words” is a seven volume collection of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s writings  from 1960 – 1990 that originally appeared in The Jewish Press, other serial publications, and his privately-published works.
“Beyond Words” also includes a number of extra features:
Chronology of Rabbi Kahane's life.

“Beyond Words” now can be bought at  On the search line, type…  Beyond Words Kahane.

Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 6

[If G-d forbid Otzma Yehudit is banned, who do you think will speak up for the security of Israel and act upon their words, and not sell out for a ministry or anything  else. Know without them in the coalition, the Left will get in. Read what Rabbi Kahane has to say bg]

What Alexander Hamilton said in his day (“the masses are asses”) was a mere echo of a famous Yiddish folk saying, “der oylem iz a goylem”.The golem, one recalls, is that brutish being, incapable of independent thought, and keyed to the will of its master. Alas, the more things change, the less anything in the Jewish world does. The oylem, the Jewish audience, remains a goylim

I speak of the incredible willingness of the Jew to want to believe any lie, fraud and cynical manipulation – as long as that allows him to preserve his illusions of heroes. I speak of the almost absolute ability of politicians to do and say anything, in the knowledge that their idolatrous followers will see only divinity and truth in them – despite the fact that if the same act would be done to by a politician they despise, they would be crying for “the traitors scalp.” And I write this, as the cult of Ariel Sharon spreads among the oylem that is a goylem, the masses of asses.

There is an apparent need on the part of human beings, and certainly Jews, for a hero. There is a need for man to worship. Alas, G-d lacking enough charisma for the modern Jew, he seeks something more exciting. And in every decade there is someone else to worship, some other god with feet and mind and soul of clay. Now, it may be legitimate to raise high the banner of a leader, but only the goylem refuses to see his feet of clay and his nakedness of principle.

In the past it was Moshe Dayan, he of the one eye and the lion heart of Judah.  Jews of the Exile, humiliated for two millennia, ached for a hero and here was the Jewish Samson who smote the gentiles and gave every Jew in Levittown pride and self-respect. Little matter that Dayan was a man of tiny faith and immense fear of the gentiles, who along with Golda Meir (yet another Jewish winner), refused to allow the Israeli Army to strike a preventive blow a day before they knew the Yom Kippur War was to begin, out of fear of the American reaction.

No less than 4,000 Jewish boys fell because of that criminal decision by Moshe the lion-hearted, who was quoted in the first week of that war that seemed to be a debacle, “we are seeing the destruction of the Third Temple”. And who recalled, or cared to, that it was Dayan, who  in the Six Day War, opposed reaching the Suez Canal and capturing the Golan Heights lest Israel get involved with the Soviets. (It was Divine Providence that saw the Israeli Army outrun Dayan’s pathetic orders). And who recalls, or cares to, that it was Dayan who refused to expel the Arabs in 1967, when the world stood awe-struck, lest as he put it, “the world think that there is another wave of Arab refugees.” Indeed, he ordered the army to return thousands of Arabs who had fled on their own, and the tragedy of today is in such large measure the doing of Moshe Dayan, hero of the Jewish people. And yet he continues, incredibly, to dwell in the private Pantheon of millions of Jews. Indeed, an  oylem goylem.

And Golda, the architect of the murder of 4,000 Jewish soldiers because of fear of the world. The architect, too, of the saying that will surely enter the Hall of Fame of Insanity, as she declared: “I can forgive the Arabs for having killed our soldiers but I can never forgive them for making us kill theirs.” And yet, this person still remains in the eyes of millions “the only gever (man) in the Israeli cabinet…”

And Begin. What shall we say about a man who will go down in history as the saddest and weakest of all Prime Ministers, while, at the same time, continuing to reap the kudos and hurrahs of millions who make up his oylem goylem. Had Peres given up the Sinai, with its huge oil supplies and land area, knocked down Jewish settlements and dragged out Jews; had Peres stopped the Israeli Army in Lebanon from annihilating the PLO and its leadership and thus cause more than 650 Jewish soldiers to die for nothing; had Peres allowed his army officers to take the blame for Sabra and Shatilla – Begin and his groupies would have taken to the streets calling for the head of the “traitor”. But since it was Begin who did it, the goylem accepts it as the decision “forced upon him”. What an oylem! What a goylem!

Every decade, every year, the goylem finds himself another hero. Shamir. He is better than Peres. Why? Only G-d knows why a man who arrested and prosecuted the Jewish underground; who is Prime Minister of the intifada; who lied on every issue (except money) to the religious parties; who speaks loudly and carries a small twig –is lionized by the oylem goylem.  And worst of all  - is Sharon
Ariel Sharon.  Latest hero of the masses   He is the “hawk.” He is the no-nonsense man.  He is the salvation.  Masses are. Asses, Oylem, Goylem.

It was a Saturday night and Begin was on the verge of signing the infamous, insane Camp David Accords. The sticking point was Sadat’s absolute refusal to allow Jews to remain, hence the need to dismantle the settlements and remove the Jews. Begin feared one man. Sharon.  He called him from the U.S. to ask if he would support the plan. What else was said we can only guess.  But what is known is that Sharon agreed to support it, voted for the Camp David accords in the Knesset (Shamir did not) and then was appointed Minister of Defense.
And as Minister of Defense, it was Ariel Sharon, hawk, hero, salvation, who hovered over the area in his helicopter directing the knocking down of Jewish settlements (and creating a precedent for Judea and Samaria) and bodily dragging out Jews from their homes. If Peres had done that, what would the hawk have said? What would the hero have shouted? What would the salvation have exclaimed? Masses. Asses. Oylem, Goylem.  I know of countless cabinet ministers in the world, and even some in Israel, who resigned over principle. If the handling of the “intifada” is so terrible (and it is!) and if Israel is headed toward disaster (and it is!), why does not Sharon resign?  And what can one say about a man who, in November 1987 and then again in December of that year and again after that, called for the drafting of Arabs into the army and who condemns Meir Kahane for his proposal to expel them instead?

Donkeys, asses, are programmed in their limitations. They cannot see; they cannot grasp reality. Human donkeys are different. They can – but they are worse than the four-legged brand because they refuse to see and admit truth and reality. The same Ariel Sharon is a man whose word is suspect (and I attempt to be kind). In an interview with the newspaper Ma’ariv on the eve of the 1973 elections, he told the paper that he supported equal rights for all wings of Judaism – Reform, Conservatism, as well as Orthodox, and was for public transportation on the Sabbath. Today he goes to the Lubavitcher Rebbe for his blessings in his battle against Shamir’s elections plan, and the oylem goylem goes wild in ecstasy.

And Rabbi Levinger, who is a good man, just as the Arab he thankfully shot was not, but the Gush Emunim, which blasted any idea of expulsion of Arabs and instead raised high the lie of coexistence with them (lest they be branded “racists”), is responsible in the end for the intifada and for the Arabs who stoned his car. (The February 10, 1984 issue of the Jewish Press carries a long article on a Levinger’s trip to America.  In it he says: “In Judea and Samaria, in general, there is no trouble. Arabs and Jews work together, travel together . . . It is not only good to live in a settlement near Arabs, it is good to live together . . .”

I could go on and on. But hopefully the point is clear to that percentage of Jews what has risen above the oylem goylem, who have achieved more than donkey status. Be honest.  Be truthful. And above all, cease being idol worshipers.  A horror committed by Ariel Sharon is just as horrendous as one committed by Yossi Sarid.  The Likud is not better than Labor, and neither in the end is Tchiya or Moledet, whose leader, Rechavam Ze’evi, called for an Arab Vice-Speaker of Knesset and never tires of disclaiming any attempt to force Arabs out of the country (“I only speak of voluntary transfer . . . .”)

To  go as allies with the best of the worst – of course.  But when the question is whom to support and join and believe in – the answer is only those whose record is that of consistency: who never changed and never wavered and never compromised.  Anything less than that will never bring salvation.  Ever.
Written July 1989

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So Easy To Forget 1975

THE NEW YORK TIMES  - Monday, June 16, 1975

By Rabbi Meir Kahane

So Easy To Forget

            Time is always on the side of the tenacious.  Conversely, it is the enemy of the weary and pushes tired men into the search for compromises that are often more the product of despair than of common sense.  This is precisely what is occurring today in Eretz Yisroel, the Land of Israel.

Eight years after 2.6 million Jews were saved from extinction, and less than two years after the near-catastrophic Yom Kippur war, larger and larger numbers of those who were almost slaughtered seek to return again to the moment of truth.
Forgotten is the insanity of comments from Cairo, Damascus, Amman, Beirut, Baghdad and Fatah.  Forgotten are the pledges to throw us into the sea, wash Tel Aviv clean with Jewish blood and eliminate the “gangsterstate” of Israel.

Forgotten are the insanity of borders that saw the coastal strip with its million Jews under the guns of Arab armies just miles away.  Forgotten are our own projections of tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians dead.

Forgotten are the borders that saw settlements on the plain lying naked beneath the Golan Syrian guns; the Sinai with its Egyptian armada within spitting distance of our cities.  But most often forgotten are the hatred, the solemn pledges of extermination, the school textbooks with their poisonous venom, the days of May and early June, 1967, when the mobs were lashing about in an agony of anticipation of the great Jihad, about to begin.

What were the demands in those days when there were no June 5, 1967 borders to which to return?  What were the Arabs marching to war about then?  Forgotten is the reality of Arab refusal to recognize an Israel that is even one dunam square.  Forgotten is the never-changing reality of Hebronism.

What is Hebronism?  It is the Arab policy of extermination of the Jew who seeks to live in his own land.  It is the reality of that summer day of 1929 that saw Jewish men, women and children slaughtered in the streets, homes and shops of Jewish Hebron.  Hebronism is the Arab policy that would be the rule for us every Monday and Thursday could our enemies only accomplish it.

We are inundated with all kinds of illusions and elusions.  Let us return this land or that and we will have peace.  Let us not dare to settle Jews in Eretz Yisroel lest it anger the Arabs and jeopardize peace.  Let us recognize the existence of a Palestine people, for that will bring peace.  Let us reach peace and brotherhood with the Arabs by territorial concessions and by giving them electricity and indoor toilets.
What kind of a Jew believes that he can buy Arab national pride with an indoor toilet?  What Jew does not, after all these years, recognize that the Arab will not compromise on that which he considers to be his land, and who views every Jewish kindness as a weakness to be exploited?

Our enemy, in the long run, is weariness.  It is against this that we must struggle, against the weariness that rises to a crescendo with the frustrating cry of : When will it finally end?

Only weak people surrender to time. Strong and tenacious people know that there may never be an end to the struggle and the sacrifice but they also look about and see what their refusal to surrender has accomplished.

There is now a state – and today a big one – in much of our Eretz Yisroel; a Jewish state with nearly three million souls and many more to come.  None of this would have come about had we listened to the intellectual precursors of our modern-day “doves.”  In the name of peace there would be no Jewish state; in the name of morality there would be no free Jewish nation.

Eretz Yisroel, the Land of the Jewish people exists.  Perhaps peace will come some day, but until that time let us not listen to delusions.  Strength, tenacity and trust in G-d; this and this alone assures Jewish survival.

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