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 “Beyond Words” a seven volume collection of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s writings from 1960 – 1990 that originally appeared in The Jewish Press, other serial publications, and his privately-published works.
“Beyond Words” also includes a number of extra features:
Chronology of Rabbi Kahane's life.

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Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 7

Written January 1990

And in connection with the spiritual destruction of the Jew in Israel, consider this.

Can any thinking Jew really be surprised?  Is there anyone with an honest and analytical mind who cannot see that this is but a logical, normal extension of history?

On December 18, 1989, the 29th soldier of the Israel Defense Forces – within the previous nine months – committed suicide.  Almost every week, another non-army teenager commits suicide.  And Yitzhak Navon, Minister of Education, and the Knesset and the news media and the artists and intellectuals of the Zionist state that is in a state of collapse climb into their tower of babbling to dissect and analyze and discover: What is wrong?

With the announcement of a projected large Soviet Jewish Aliyah (a thing which may or may not eventually be), a local Jerusalem neighborhood thug who is a Labor Party “neighborhood activist” immediately called the expected Aliyah “a punishment,” and demanded that the neighborhoods be given the money instead, and all the professional Zionists wrung their hands and held their heads and moaned: What is wrong?

The number of Israelis leaving the country climbs annually at a steady pace, and the number of those who would love to leave is many times greater.  The average Jewish youth in Israel is so devoid of Jewish knowledge as to challenge the “best” of the assimilated Jewish youth in the West.  The culture in the country is Western, rock and roll, hard rock, discos, drugs, drinking, sex before army service ( much before army service), and the main thing is that life should be a kef (roughly, “a ball”).

And the Navons and intellectuals and the writers and the politicians and the news media sit and stand and gather and grope and grasp and feel and reach out and search and puzzle and babble solutions to the problem: What is wrong?

What is wrong?  Dear Jew, what is right?

What is wrong?  The very basis of your state, your secular Zionist state, is wrong.

For if the truth were known and if honesty ruled the mind waves, it would be clear that on the day that secular Zionism was born it began to die.  For anyone who believed that ripping Judaism from Zionism would leave a healthy secular nationalist was worse, than foolish.  Zionism without Judaism removes from itself the only positive reason for its raison d’etre.  For being Jewish without religion is nothing more than illogical and nothing less than tribal racism.  If the Czar would have been a kind and benevolent despot and if France would have been more kindly disposed to Dreyfus – would secular Zionism ever have succeeded?  If Christians in enlightened Europe would have gladly welcomed Jews into their ranks so that Herzl would have had no need to doubt that Jewish conversion to Christianity would have succeeded (thus allowing him to cheerfully advocate it), would there have been a Jewish state?

It was negative forces, hatred of the Jews, not positive ones of healthy pride and certainty, that gave birth to secular Zionism.  Its father was pogroms and its mother Jew-hatred, and the illegitimate child came into the world by accident of history.

Of course, the generation that suffered anti-Semitism was a passionately “Zionist” one.  Not only did they need a Jewish state to escape Jew-hatred, but despite their cutting off their bonds with Judaism, they were products of it.  The most atheistic of them had gone to cheder. The most agnostic had tasted Torah learning.  Of course they were “Zionists,” Judaism made them so.

But as they passed on and their children took over and then their children who knew not Judaism nor the goy, the sole basis for their being Jewish – hatred of the Jew – was no longer relevant.  The young Jew in Israel was no longer Jewish; he was now an “Israeli” (just like the Arab and Druse) and carried with him all the emptiness of a hybrid, Western Hellenized culture that carried nothing specifically Jewish about it. 

And since his sole identity _Israeliness – was an accident of geography, and since that meant that he was doomed to live in a country with a perpetual draft and annual army reserve service and potential wars and high taxes, and he had relatives who lived in Los Angeles and Forest Hills who had none of that – the inevitable death of the doomed was merely hastened.

They are confused; they are lost, wandering souls.  They are victims of secular leaders who are as lost as they are.  Secular Zionism.

And so Amos Mansdorf Israel’s tennis idol, who makes the Hellenists who would not know a Rashi from a Vilna Gaon drool in pagan, gentilized delight, bristles at an anti-apartheid rally at his tennis match in New Zealand, and brays that sports and “politics” do not mix and that had he lived at the time, he would have played in Nazi Germany.  The sabra brayeth like the ox he is and in glorious realization of the verse, “And they exchanged their glory for the design of an ox that eateth grass” (Psalms 106:20).

And they condemn him!  Those who made the ox, the golden tennis calf, condemn him!  And was there ever greater arrogance and brazenness and more blatant blindness as to the real culprit?

Amos Mansdorf, the empty-headed sabra, is the direct result of the secular Zionist that has succeeded magnificently, stupendously, beyond its wildest nightmare-dreams.  And those who wished to free the Jew from his archaic and destructive religion; who wished to create “the last of the Jews and the first of the Hebrews”; who wished to be as all the nations – have their wish.  Amos Mansdorf  is not a criminal – he is the product of the secular Zionist Frankensteins who have made him.  He is their brilliant success.

Just outside the Jewish agency building in Jerusalem is a little triangle-square which was given an official name some time back.  It was named “The Zionist Movement Square.”  Fitting.  For streets and squares are inevitably named after dead people.

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