Thursday, October 12, 2017

I Am A Zionist 1978

Rabbi Meir Kahane

World!  Read these words and understand.  Understand just what Zion is and what Jews are.  Understand the essence of desecration in the eyes of the mocking and sneering nations?  It is when the Jew, His people, His Chosen, is desecrated!  When the Jew is beaten, G-d is profaned!  When the Jew is humiliated – G-d is desecrated!  When the Jewish is beaten, G-d is profaned!  When the Jew is humiliated – G-d is shamed!  When the Jew is attacked – it is an assault upon the Name of G-d!

“And when they entered the nations (exiles) thy profaned my holy Name.”

Israel is Kiddush Hashem!
Happiness for the Jew is watching the Phantoms zoom past the roofs of Zion and Jewish children shouting and waving at them.  It is seeing “Jewish planes” after existing in a world for so many years in which every planes was “theirs”; in a world in which planes spit their deadly bullets into Jews, their swastika markings etched into Jewish souls as they pronounced “Auschwitz’ upon us; in a world of planes wearing British refugee ship bullseyes which guaranteed that a limping refuge ship would be stopped before it could reach the gates of Zion.  But those days are over and will never return because today there are Jewish planes too and only those who endured the enemy when there was no such thing can understand true happiness and security.

Happiness, watching the tanks roll by, huge awesome and once.  But above all, happiness is to watch the soldiers, our soldiers.  How young they look and how touch they are.  Their backs straight and their heads high and their Uzis held just so, There faces and bodies strong and tanned and one can understand the frustration of Sadat – such Jews are, indeed, a disturbing lot….

Happiness is watching the Jewish army and knowing that the spirit of Zion cannot live without a body and that this army is the guarantor of that body’s existence.

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