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The Seal of the Almighty - 1986

On Jews and Judaism

The Seal of the Almighty
“The seal of the Almighty is truth.” (Shabbat 55a).
A few years ago, I was walking in Jerusalem when I saw an angry crowd shouting and condemning a speaker who was, himself, attacking Judaism and religion.  A I approached, I recognized the speaker as being the yetzer hara (the evil inclination himself!  Dressed as a member of the anti-religious Ratz party, he was haranguing Judaism and the crowd was replying with angry taunts. As I watched, the yetzer hara continued his futile efforts and then, after a while, gave up and slipped away.

Last week, I was walking in Jerusalem and saw a large crowd gathered around a speaker wearing a knitted yarmulka, a model of modern enlightened Orthodox, who was loudly condemning racism, fanaticism and extremism, and proudly extoling Judaism as calling for equality with Arabs, love of enemies and the paragon of democracy.  As I approached, I was startled to see that the speaker was none other than the same yetzer hara whom I had last seen ignominiously retreating before an angry crowd!  I waited until the end of the rally, that was not only greeted with warm applause, but was also attended by a whole host of dignitaries including rabbis from Gush Etzion and professors from Bar Ilan University, as well
as the President of Israel himself!  Then, I walked over to the yetzer hara and said:

“What are you doing here?  And what is this yarmulka?  And Torah teachings?”

The yetzer hara, who incidentally looked fat and exceedingly prosperous, beamed at me and replied:  My friend, did you ever see me get more applause than today?  I realized long ago that if you want to seduce the religious Jew the way is not to attack Judaism, but to pervert it.  I find that if I put on a yarmulka, praise Torah and then counterfeit what it says by making it sound palatable and all pleasant things to all men that is the surest way to destroy it.

Now, while all the above never really happened to me, there is not the slightest doubt that the essence of the story is true.  The destruction of Judaism, the greatest threat to it, never comes from those who oppose it, but from those on the inside who – for a myriad of objective and subjective reasons alike – pervert, corrupt and counterfeit it.

This Passover, a writer for the newspaper Maariv  in Israel wrote an article that is classic in its perversion of Torah.  His name is Avraham Tirosh; he is a member of Mafdal (the NRP-Mizrachi) and he is that ideal example of shatnez ( admixture) of Jew and western culture, whose background compels him not only to reject the bitter (for him) truth of Judaism’s concepts but also drives him to twist and pervert G-d’s law.  In Tirosh’s case, of course, there is a mitigating factor: He is an ignoramus. In the case of others, there is not even that as an excuse.
Tirosh- obsessed as are so many others of the Moderdox in Israel and the Exile- with the terribly painful issues raised by “Kahanism” – and desperate – for his own agonized reasons – to prove to all and to himself that Judaism is sheer love to all – writes a long column that is given prominent space by the editors of the secular paper (who are only too glad to believe that Judaism is not incompatible with all their gentilized Hellenism).  His basic theme is love of all people, even enemies; equality of all people, and the sin of rejoicing over the death of our enemies.  He begins, of course, with the usual partial quote of the Talmud (Megila 10) that when the angles sought to sing a song of praise as the Egyptians were drowning, G-d said: “The work of My hands is drowning in the sea and you want to sing?”

Says Tirosh:  All who are created in the image of G-d even the Egyptian are G-d’s works and thus we must relate to them.  When a disaster occurs to anyone, even if he is your enemy, even if he seeks to destroy you – do not sing praise.  Or, in the words of King Solomon (Proverbs 24:17): “When your enemy falls, do not rejoice, and when he stumbles, let your heart not be glad.”

And this “lesson” of loving your enemy, the Egyptian, who not only enslaved Jews and murdered them but was in the proves of pursuing them to destroy them (and thus, presumably, teaching us similar tolerance and morality for the PLO and Adolph Hitler) is underlined yet by another “lesson” by the scholar from Maariv:

“This is what the Torah commands us in Mishpatim (Shmot 23:4): ‘If you meet thine enemy’ ox or donkey gone astray, thou shalt surely bring it back to him.’ “This lesson” is also clear.  Your “enemy” must be helped, we must be moral and ethical to the Arab, the PLO, those who hate us, those who are our “enemy.” Not only should we not rejoice in their death or disaster; we should not cause it.  If Tirosh, suffering from his own psychological problem, would sit quietly in his own little world, his own corner, creating his own private perversion, it would not be cause for concern.  But Tirosh, as so many other Moderdox is driven not only to sin but to pervert others, to cause them to sin.  And, worse, how many Tiroshes there are in the marketplace!  And not all are ignoramuses; indeed, some are learned, hence, far more guilty, far more dangerous.  Let us, therefore, destroy the absurd and dangerous article as a step to destroying the absurd and false neo-Toraism, Moderdoxism, that perverts and counterfeits the word of G-d.

As always, the Tiroshes of the world selectively and very partially quote the Talmud.  The selection he brings down really begins with R. Yehoshua ben Levi starting his lecture on Megilat Esther with the verse: “as the L-rd rejoiced over you (“sas”) to do you good, so the L-rd will rejoice over you (yasis”) to cause you to perish.” (Dvarim 28:63).  And the Talmud asks: Does the Almighty then rejoice over the fall of the wicked?  And to prove that He does not rejoice, the story of the angels asking to sing praise is brought.  And this is where Tirosh (either the ignoramus or the knave) stops.  But there is more.  The Talmud continues and answers as follows:

“Rabbi Elazar said:  It is true that HE does not rejoice but He causes others to rejoice.”

Ah, what a difference.  And a clear answer to the obvious question:   If G-d does not want us to rejoice and praise Him when our enemy falls, why in the world does it say: “Then sang Moses and the Children of Israel this song unto the L-rd…”? (Shmot 15).  And a clear answer to why the rabbis say (Mchilta, B’shalach, 11):  “The L-rd shall perform for you miracles and glories and you will stand there and do nothing?  Said Israel unto Moses:  what are we to do?  Said he unto them:  You will glorify and praise and give song and glory and greatness to the One to whom wars belong.”

Of course the Almighty, the totality of compassion, the Father of all, grieves for His children – all of them.  HE does not sing.  His angels, who are not of this world, do not sing.  But, the Jews do.  Not only are they allowed to, they are commanded to.  For the very same reason that the very same Almighty who does not sing, does destroy the work of His hands because they are evil.

Yes, of course He grieves.  He grieves that those who were made in His Image have so perverted and destroyed the greatness of that Image.  That those who were made in their image of good were so evil.  And so, He grieves.  He grieves for the perversion of His purpose in making the world, for His works who have so gone astray. And in His grief, He does not have pity.  He destroys them.  He knows that evil and He cannot share the same world, as our rabbis say: “As long as the wicked rule the world, the Holy One, Blessed be He, so to speak, cannot sit on His throne.”  (Yaklut, Tehilim Chapter 47).

And so, because the arrogance of the enemy of the Jewish people, their brazen persecution of the people of G-d with no fear of G-d is the very essence of Hillul Hashem, the Almighty in wrath destroys them and the Children of Israel must sing and glorify G-d.  And thus do the rabbis declare (Shmot Raba 23): “‘Then did Moses and the Children of Israel sing,’ this is what is meant by the verse (Psalms 9:17): ‘The L-rd is known by the judgment He executes.’ This speaks of Egypt whom G-d smote by the Red Sea.”  And Shmot Raba 23: “’Then did Moses and the Children of Israel sing.’ This is the meaning of the verse (Psalms 93:2):  Your throne was firm from then.’  Even though You exist from time immemorial, Your throne was not made firm and You were not made known in the world until your children sang.  When You stood at the sea and we sang before You, with that, “Az” (then) was Your kingdom and throne made firm.”

This is the essence of Judaism – a world made for good and that cannot abide evil.  A world that, when the works of G-d’s hand pervert His purpose and when the wicked rules and mocks G-d – as Pharaoh declaring:  “Who is the L-rd, I know not the L-rd,” the Almighty destroys them, no matter how sad He feels and the Jew is ordered to sing the song of the Red Sea not only on Passover but each and every day of the year in his morning service!

And that is why King David sings (Psalms 58:11):  “Let the righteous rejoice when he seeth vengeance, he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.” Why?  Because only when we see the wicked punished, only when we see vengeance for their sins, do we have proof that G-d really does exist and rules.  And David continues by saying: “And men shall say: Verily there is a reward for the righteous; truly there is a G-d that judgeth in the earth.”

And that is why the rabbis tell us that “Moses yearned to see vengeance against the Midianites.”  Moses. Yearned.  To see vengeance on the wicked.  What shall we do with the fanatic Moses…

The incredible perversion of Judaism by confused and guilt-ridden Moderdox, ignoramuses and learned alike!  Our rabbis tell us (Midrash Avkir): ‘And Israel saw the great hand of G-d’ – When the Almighty wished to drown the Egyptians?  At that moment Gabriel rose and took a brick and said: Sovereign of the Universe!  These who enslaved your children such a terrible slavery as this, shall You have mercy on them?  Immediately, the Almighty drowned them.”

And allow me to introduce two other Talmudic sayings:  “That generation was one of tiny faith, saying:  Just as we rose from the sea on this side, perhaps the Egyptians rose from the other side.  The Almighty ordered that the bodies be washed up and Israel saw them”  (Psachim 118b)  And Midrash Tehillim 22:1 adds: “Each Jew took his dog and put his foot on the throat of a dead Egyptian and said to his dog:  Eat of the hand that enslaved me; eat of the heart that showed me no pit.”  Poor Tirosh.  Poor Moderdox.

As for the tiresome perversion of the verse “when your enemy falls do not rejoice,” it is time that Tirosh went beyond a Biblical verse and learned that G-d gave us an Oral Law, a Talmud that explains verses.  Let him open the Talmud (Megila 16a) which tells of Mordechai kicking Haman as the latter bent over to help him climb on the horse.  Haman, too, in a startling echo of Tirosh, wails: “Does it not say in your Torah, when your enemy falls, etc.?  And Mordechai answers Haman and Tirosh:  “That speaks about a Jew (an enemy who is a Jew) but with you it declares, ‘And you shall trod on their high places.’  (Dvarim 33:29)” Haman heard the worlds of Judaism; Tirosh, not yet.

And the ignorance knows no bounds, the pity being that some Jews stand before the entire country and expose their nakedness with shouts of triumph.  “Thine enemy’s ox or donkey.”  This, in the narrow, empty head of an ignorant Moderdox, proves how much we have pity even on our enemy.

The Talmud (Bava Metzia 32b), aside from making it clear that, at best, the reason for the law is tzaar baalei chaim (suffering of the animal and not pity on the enemy), makes it as clear as is humanly possible that “The  ‘enemy’ that is mentioned here is a Jew who is your enemy and not a gentile.”  And Maimonides, the idol of the great progressives, says (Hilchot Rotzeach 13:14):  “The ‘enemy’ mentioned in the Torah is a Jew and not one of the nations of the world.”

I really could go on and on and on, but the lesson is clear.  Tirosh is the lesson of Passover and of every day of the year.  Tirosh and the Moderdox, puffed up by their own personal and egotistical refusal to accept Torah concepts and destroy their own gentilized and westernized ones, deliberately pervert and counterfeit Torah.

The seal of the Almighty is truth and only that truth will emerge from His lips and His teachings. 

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But, It Is My Ox - 1990


But It Is MY Ox!
January 19, 1990 - 22 Teveth 5750

{Today, the Muslims are the worlds ox. Now that makes a difference to them bg}
Once upon a time, there was a man who owned several beautiful oxen. They were strong and well-mannered and just a delight. He had a neighbor, however, who was a bad man and very jealous of the beautiful oxen, because the bad man’s oxen were ugly and ill-tempered. And the jealousy of the bad man gave him no rest, so that one day he deliberately let his ill-tempered oxen into the field where the beautiful oxen were grazing and they gored one of them, killing it. The owner of the dead ox was angry at this terrible and deliberate outrage that, in the middle of the night, he entered the field where the ill-tempered oxen were and killed one of them.

The neighboring villagers and cattle people were very moral and ethical people and they were aghast at the man who had taken revenge on the ill-tempered ox and its bad owner. Their leader, Mr. Morality, was especially indignant. “What you did was very immoral,” he told the poor man. “You cannot sink to his level. And you cannot enter someone else’s field even if there is a dangerous ox there. You cannot take the law into your own hands.”

In vain did the poor fellow protest that someone had to teach the bad fellow a lesson and that unless that were done, he would do it again. Nothing helped. Mr. Morality was adamantly ethical: “You do not take the law into your own hands; you do not enter other people’s property; you do not sink to his level.” And with that, Mr. Morality and his merry band of ethical cattlemen walked off, heads high and breasts filled with a sweet sense of righteousness.

The poor man was so beaten that he could not bear the thought of continuing as before. He was so depressed that he decided to sell the rest of his beautiful oxen to anyone who would buy them. To be sure, there was no lack of buyers and, in the end, it was Mr. Morality himself who offered the highest price. Beaming, he took possession of the beautiful, quiet, well-mannered and delightful oxen.

But the change in ownership had not changed the way the bad man felt. Every time he would see the beautiful oxen, he was blinded by jealousy and envy. And so, one night, when he could no longer contain his jealousy, he sent his ugly and ill-tempered oxen into the field of Mr. Morality and they again killed one of the beautiful oxen.

When Mr. Morality heard of what had happened, his anger knew no bounds. And without a second thought, he took a number of his merry ethical friends, entered the field of the bad man and killed not one, but two of his oxen.

When the original owner of the oxen heard of this, he hurried over to Mr. Morality. “I do not understand. What did you do? When I did the same thing, you told me that one does not take the law into one’s own hands; one does not enter other people’s fields and one does not sink to their level. What happened now?”

Mr. Morality looked with pity on the poor, uncomprehending man. “I see that you really don’t understand, poor fellow. Let me explain. There is a difference between you going into his field and my going into his field. In your case, you really should not have done such a thing. In this case, it was my ox…”

I wallow in glee over events in Panama and Romania. O, Panama! O, Romania! I watch as the United States troops go into someone else’s field, invade a foreign country with 25,000 troops, shoot up its capital city, kill some 70 Panamanians, and install their own government.

And then I remember Israel’s invasion of Lebanon after years of attacks on Jewish towns from that country; after scores of Jews were murdered by attacks launched from that land; after life was made a living hell for the Jews of Kiryat Shmona, one third of whom fled the city. And I remember Israeli troops reaching Beirut and installing their Lebanese as President in order to put an end to murder and attacks upon Jews.

And I remember Messrs. Morality! ALL of them! President Reagan, Vice-President Bush, the State Department, the Defense Department and all the merry, ethical Americans (and British and French and, and, and, ad infinitum. Ad nauseum). How they condemned and how they railed and how they moralized and how they ethicalized! Merrily. “You do not sink to the level of the PLO. You do not enter someone else’s field (land). You do not take the law into your own hands.” Messrs. Morality, Post Office Box One Million, Washington, DC.

And so now there is Panama. And should any simple-minded type ask President Morality, High-minded Bush of morality, why he did everything he told Israel it should not do – he would give a sympathetic nod to the poor simpleton who really does not understand, and the answer would be: But it is my ox…
I remember Israeli troops entering the field of Lebanon to capture a Moslem Sheikh who was leader of a group of Moslem Shiite thugs holding Israelis as hostages; and President Morality and his merry ethical State Department cattlemen with their shouts of condemnation! And now I see the same moralists invading the field of Panama to try and catch a thug named Noriega because he deals in drugs that harm Americans and because he tweaks America’s nose. And I finally understand the difference and can even hear President Morality say it: But it is my ox…
And I remember the outcry by all the Democrats and anti-Racist equality types demanding that William Nakash be extradited from Israel to France and rising up in righteous indignation over the thought that just because someone is a Jew, he should not be extradited. After all, all human beings are equal and being Jewish is no reason to refuse to hand him over to strangers. And what would the world say to any such tribalism! And then I read that under Panamanian, law, a Panamanian cannot be extradited to a foreign county and I understand the difference: But it is my ox…

I watch as, in Romania, the dictator is captured and he and his wife are shot in secret trial, with summary justice dealt out within less than two days and no appeal allowed. And I know that Israel did not give the death penalty to any murdering terrorists and goes through elaborate procedures of “justice” in order that terrorists sit and eat and drink at our expense until they are exchanged for hostages. And I know what the outcry from Romania and other ethical nations would be if Israel would do to murdering terrorists what Romania did to its former President. But I have already learned the difference; THIS IS MY OX…

And having said all that, I do not – as so many professors and intellectual doers on the right – merely weep, complain and wring my soul. I have no intention of wasting a precious few moments of my finite life in the House of Eternal Kvetching, in which so many of the right-wing spend their lives. The lesson for me in this morality lesson of Whose Ox is gored? Is not that there are hypocrites in this world. Boker Tov! Good morning! There are hypocrites in the world! Surprise…
For me, the only lesson here is that there is, indeed, a difference. Not the one that the moralists of hypocrisy give, but the objective and eternally true one of divine Torah Law. There is a difference, the one that cannot be grasped unless one has knowledge and sense. In the words of the rabbis, “Im ein da’at havdala minayin?” “If one has no knowledge, how can he differentiate?”

The lesson is that there is objective good and objective evil, objective truth and objective falsehood, and the same action taken against the one is good while the same act done against the other is wrong and evil. Yes, it is good and right and a mitzvah to go into Panama to eliminate the slime named Noriega and yes, how much more so was it right and a mitzvah to enter Lebanon and eliminate the PLO and other Moslem terrorist swine. And yes, it was wrong and evil for the Russians to do exactly the same in Afghanistan and for the Chinese to invade Tibet. Yes, the German bombing of Coventry and London is not the same as the Allied bombing of German cities and yes, the hanging of evil criminals is good and that of decent people, bad, and anyone who does not understand this havdala, differentiation, needs a good grounding in knowledge. Divine knowledge. Torah knowledge.
Until then, at the very least, let the Jew learn the simple message of normal gentiles who – when their basic interests are threatened – do not hesitate to enter strange fields and to kill evil oxen. It is time the Jew learned there is nothing for which to apologize or retreat when his people are killed and his interest threatened. It is time that he learned to tell President Morality and any other merry ethical type: “But it is my ox and no one touches it; understand?”

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Lessons to be Learned - 1990

The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea
September – October 1990    Ellul 5750 – Tishrei 5751

VIEWPOINT – Lessons to be learned

(change Iraq to Iran and 1990 to 2015)

The Rabbis tell us that Gog will rise up against Israel in order to do war against the G-d of Israel.  The ultimate Hillul Hashem.  And, indeed, until the Jew understands that the war against Ishmael and ultimately the world, is a war of Judaism, of the G-d of Israel, against the nations and their religions and beliefs, a war to proclaim the G-d of Israel as King, as the One and only G-d, we will never understand any of the events that are taking place around us.

We do, indeed, not understand.  Worse, we do not want to understand.  Having been conquered and subjugated by the gentilized Foreign Culture, such talk sounds to us as “medieval” and “primitive” and “tribalistic” and, of course, “Khoumeinism.”  Alas, the Ishmaelites, the Muslims understand it only too well and Saddam, whether through belief or cynical politics, used it and proclaimed it in his proclamation calling for a holy war:

“To all Arabs and Muslims masses wherever they are – save Mecca and the Tomb of the Prophet from occupation . . .

“The imperialists, deviators, merchants, political agents, the servants of the foreigner and Zionism all stood up against Iraq only because it represents the conscience of the Arab nation and its ability to safeguard its honor and rights against any harm.

“Iraq, O Arabs, is your Iraq... It is the candle of the right to snuff out darkness…

“O Arabs, O Muslims and believers everywhere.  This is your day to rise and defend Mecca, which is captured by the spears of the Americans and Zionists.

“Strike at their interests everywhere.  Save Mecca and the Tomb of Prophet Mohammed in Medina…

“Victory is ours, God willing, and the invaders will be repelled and with them oppression and corruption everywhere and the sun will shine forever on the Arab and Muslim nations…”

This is what Gog is all about,  This is the beginning of the final era and the lessons of the events of our time can be summed up in one general cry: “Return unto Me, saith the L-rd of Hosts, and I will return unto you” (Zechariah 1); “Return unto Me, ye backsliding children, I will heal your backslidings.”  That is the lesson of lessons, and from it all the others, the individual lessons are to be learned.
The events surrounding the Iraqi attack and conquest of Kuwait are things to be studied, learned, to be engraved on the tablet of our hearts.  For there are so many lessons to be learned here, so many lessons that the Almighty pleads with us to learned before terrible tragedy strikes.

ONE:  The Arab world is populated with people who are filled with hate and cruelty, ambition for power and lust for ascendancy.  They are people for whom truth, a promise and pledge are totally meaningless things, without the slightest moral or ethical value, meant to be used as weapons and means to achieve whatever goal strikes the fancy at that time.  The fact is that whatever the Iraqis said and did was part of one huge tissue of lies.  The original charges were lies.  The cover of meeting with the Kuwaitis to ostensibly work toward a settlement was a lie.  The claim that they were called in by Kuwaitis rebelling against the government was a lie.  The greatest truth of the Middle East is that Arabs simply lie.  

Of course, it is not only Iraq.  Every time (and that means many times) slaughter breaks out in Lebanon, there is a call for a truce.  Any particular outbreak of violence is certain to give birth to at least a dozen “truces” each one broken whenever any side feels that it has an opportunity to benefit from the breach.  A promise, a word, a treaty, in the Arab world is a weapon in the game of acquisition, and the person who takes an Arab’s word seriously deserves his punishment if not for no other reason than that he is a fool.

The lesson?  We would be worse than foolish to trust the Palestinians.  We would be murderers of our loved ones.  Saddam Hussein is not a person – he is a concept.  Every Arab ruler is a Saddam Hussein, and given the opportunity, they behave like him.  Answar Saddat who attacked across the Suez Canal on Yom Kippur was a Saddam.  And we, who gave away a huge land mass and moved the border to within 60 mils of Tel Aviv, are mad.  And Hussein Mubarak is a Saddam and when he feels that his opportunity is ripe, will strike at Israel.  And Hussein, of Jordan, the little king, in 1967 smelled that opportunity for himself and attacked Israel.

There is not truth, no honesty, no word, no loyalty among the Arabs.  Yesterday’s enemy is today’s “friend,” and Jordan can massacre the PLO and then a PLO terrorist can assassinate a Jordanian minister and drink his blood, and tomorrow they can be “allies.”  Yesterday, Syria tried to do to Jordan what Iraq did to Kuwait; today they are “brothers.”  There is a diseased soul in the Arab world.

TWO:  To everyone who has told me (and I cannot begin to count the ways), that the reason we cannot expel the Arabs is that the world will not accept it:  Why is it that Saddam Hussein was not worried about “the world?”  Why is it that the Iranians are not worried about “the world?”  Why is it that the Esaus of the world never worry about what all the other Esaus might say and do?  Why is that only Jacob sits about all day watching tragedy grow and an awesome and terrible future come closer and refuses to act normal because of “the world” and what it might do and say?  Why is it that Saddam is prepared to do a terrible thing and not fear “the world” and Jews are not ready to do a mitzvah that will save them, i.e. throwing out the Arabs, because of “the world?”  Learn the lesson.

THREE: The real and natural reaction in the Arab world was one of awe and respect for a man who wasted no time in diplomatic niceties but used power and strength.  And here is the key to the Arab and Middle Eastern mind – strength and power is what impresses, not goodness and morality.  When Israel was perceived by the Arabs to be strong and tough, they hated her but feared her and cowered in terror.  Each time that Israel, consistent with her Hellenistic-influence, grants insane concessions, it is not perceived by the Arabs as “goodness” but as weakness, and the weak in the Middle Eastern jungle are ripe for the slaughter.  Learn the lesson.

FOUR:  The Iraqi dictator has become a hero to the Palestinians who see in his actions the only way to deal with Israel.  They dream that his moves, in defiance of the world, will be adopted by other Arab states against Israel.  That is why the PLO supports him.  He has brutally taken over another Muslim Arab state – does that matter? Not in the slightest in the jungle of beasts and wild animals that comprises the Arab world.  Learn the lesson.

FIVE:  From this lesson comes forth another lesson.  The Iraqi move will embolden the Israeli Arabs inside the Jewish state to intensify their attacks on her.  The so-called intifada will grow and expand inside Israel and give Iraq greater reason to intensify its own threats against Israel’s existence until the madman who typifies so much that is the Arab megalomaniac mind may be driven by dreams to launch his missiles and chemicals against the Jewish state.  Already on behalf of Saddam, a man threatened to incinerate Israel.  The Arabs of Israel are possessed by a hatred of the Jewish state that transcends their fear of being incinerated along with the Jews.  And we allow them to remain and grow and become a fifth column cancer within our midst.  Madness!  Learn the lesson that cries out two things:

a)      Remove the Israeli Arabs now, before it is too late.
b)      Strike at Iraq now, before that, too, is too late.  And that is the next lesson:

SIX:  It is only a matter of time before Saddam, drunk with adulation of his people and the Arab world, and seeing himself as one of the great Arab heroes of history, takes upon himself to do that which the Arab world has dreamed of doing for 42 years – wiping out Israel.

Every day that passes sees Saddam’s nuclear and chemical power and potential grow.  Israel’s interests are not those of the United States.  America seeks to protect the oil fields and the “moderate” Arab state.  Our concern is not that; ours is knowledge that even if Saddam should capitulate to all American demands and retreat from Kuwait, he remains to continue his progress to nuclear weapons, even more awesome chemical and biological ones, and the ever-more sophisticated means of delivering them.

The U.S. wishes Israel to stay out of the fray.  It wants Israel neither to be seen nor heard, lest that harm U.S. interests in the Arab world It certainly does not want Israel to bomb Iraq, despite the fact that Iraq’s main and hallowed target is Israel.  The nuclear bombs of Iraq are not aimed and never will be aimed at Washington.  They will be at Israel.

Israel’s interest are not those of the United States, and we should do only what is best for us.  One can feel for American hostages, and in great measure they are there now because George Bush waited and allowed the Iraqis time to round them up and place them as hostages inside the sensitive Iraqi targets.  But all that is ultimately irrelevant.  Just as the U.S. did nothing for Israeli hostages and really could not have cared less, so must Israel disregard American interests when its survival is at stake.

Every day Saddam moves closer to perfecting weapons of awesome mass destruction.  Now, now, now, before he can wipe out, G-d forbid, hundreds of thousands of our people, is the time to strike and level his potential – factories, installations, missiles.  Now, now, now while the world – which we so fear – is itself in a mood of anger and fear of Iraq.  Strike; destroy the man and people who both have the halachic status of a “rodef,” of one who wishes to kill Jews.

Israel should never be bound by any made, murderous, perverted ethics and immoral morality of the disturbed liberal-left axis.  Never should to ever pledge not to strike a first blow.  If the need arises or if Israel even perceives the need arising, it must strike first.  And never should Israel ever fall into the trap of banning any kind of weapon.  There is nothing in any way less “moral” about a huge weapon of destruction than a small one.  Any weapon that is used to kill people in an immoral war is bad.  Any weapon used to kill vicious enemies in a war of survival is a mitzvah.

Israel should make no bones about, and should not be shy in any way about telling the world that it plans to have one of the world’s most potent and efficient arsenals of what is stupidly called “unconventional weapons” “conventional” forces far outnumber Israel’s and who are working feverishly to obtain nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  Israel should have every possible weapon of mass destruction imaginable and deal with the question, “but will that not give the Arabs an excuse to do the same,” with the nausea it deserves.

It is best that no one bomb.  But it is better, far, far better, to bomb than to be bombed.  It is better to gas than to be gassed.  And when dealing with Saddams and Arabs – that is the only language they will ever understand.  Learn the lesson.

SEVEN: The last and most important lesson, without which all the others will avail us nothing.  Return unto G-d, quickly, now, now, now.  We and all that is ours are in His hands.  The Saddams of this world are nothing before Him, and yet, everything, if G-d hides His face from us.  Of course, we must strike Saddam, but the hawks of this world who devour shrimps are too small to help the Jewish people.  They understand nothing that is Jewish.  And yet, the lesson is so clear, the lesson of G-d and history.

Two things are the call of the hour:  Return to the L-rd, G-d of Israel.  And wipe out Iraq’s power.  Now.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015



1971-1973  5732-33

Wanted:  A Je
wish State

WHEN all is said and done and all the causes are separated from the effects, it becomes clear that the ultimate sin of the people who rule the State of Israel is that they have done everything to remove the significance, the magnificence and the sweetness of victory from the great miracle of Return and resurrection of the Jewish state.  What they have done and do daily is to turn the miraculous into the ordinary, the hallowed into the profane and the truth of the matter is that, because of this all the miracles and wonders that have occurred to us in the nature of rebirth of the Land have come about, not so much because of the ruling circles, but despite them.

The decision by the government of Israel not to allow Jews to purchase land in that part of the Land of Israel known as the ‘territories’ (those lands liberated in 1967) is as grotesquely absurd as it is obscenely outrageous.  Not since the Nuremberg laws and the years when their legislators held sway, has there been a land in which Jews, per se, have been singled out for a ban on land purchase.  A Moslem, a Christian or a Buddhist may buy land in the Land of the Bible, but not a Jew.  In the lands wherein strolled Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the children of Ishmael may do what they will with land but not the children of the Patriarchs.  The thing becomes an unfunny joke.  A Jew from Tel Aviv asks to buy land and is turned down.  He turns around, enters a Moslem religious court and declares his fealty to Allah, emerges as a Moslem and can now buy land in Eretz Yisroel.  At least Nuremberg had the logic of anti-Semitism behind it – the hatred of the gentile for the Jew.  The madness of the present situation is that the ban on Jewish purchase comes from Jews.  All that is needed to complete the farce is for an appeal from the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Committee, to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, citing the State of Israel for discrimination against Jews . . .

It is no answer to say that the political situation in the world demands that Israel act as she does.  That very argument is the one that strips naked the secularism and the un-Jewishnesss of the Jewish government in Israel.  For it is not true that the ghetto mentality of the Jew exists only in the Galut, the Exile.  It is alive and sick in the Jewish State in the forms of a Jewish government which – on a dozen issues –reacts according to the yardstick: “What will the goyim say?”  It is the measure of their Galut minds and their utter failure to understand the nature and destiny of the Jewish people.

When the government of Israel refuses to allow Jews to purchase land in the Land of Israel; when the government of Israel extradites Jews to non-Jewish areas, even when they are citizens, Israeli soldiers and Jewish freedom fighters; when the government of Israel refuses to ban missionaries who daily prey on the poor and the economically weak; when the government of Israel is stricken daily by the disease of Ebanism (from the root ‘Eban’ as in Foreign Minister)

It is a symptom of Galut mentality and the desire to create in Israel a carbon copy of the

Western, liberal, assimilated ideological state.  Israel has become a state with Jewish people, not a Jewish State.  Its reactions are assimilated ones for it has become like all the other states, learning from them, influenced by them, slavishly following their philosophical, ideologically a slave to the goy – but because of the ghetto mentality that makes it reject Jewish exclusiveness – in the end, a political subject too

The roots of the ultimate sin of the leaders of the State of Israel lie in that they do not recognize and never did recognize that the incredible survival of the Jewish people through two millennial of incredible exile was a simple miracle. (Usually, it is the miracle that is the more simple explanation rather than the torturous explanations that go into denying it and finding some other answer).  Because they do not really believe in G-d (and let us not be put off by their evasive attempts to deny their denials) they also do not believe that the Jewish people  are  a people of G-d, whose past survival  in the midst of seventy hungry wolves of the world was accomplished only through His power and whose incredible return to the Land, after centuries that saw the passing of every nation that once existed together with the Jews in ancient times, was part of the Jewish destiny as dictated by the hand of the All Mighty.

Everything that was miraculous, holy and special about the Jews was discarded and turned into an ordinary and profane story.  Because they did not believe in G-d or in the Jewish destiny as being A Divine one that MUST be and that WILL be, regardless of “natural” or “logical” obstacles, these rulers fought against all the dreamers and the visionaries and did everything to impede the Return.
When the Nordaus demanded that Jews be thrust into the Land of Israel by the hundreds of thousands, those who then and who today, still, rule the Zionist Establishment – mocked him and exclaimed: “Impractical! Where shall we put them all?  How will they live?”  So they died.

When Jabotinksy demanded that Jews march out of the Exile and flee the ghettos and that the aim of Zionism be declared, openly, to be that of a Jewish State, the disbelievers, the men of “practicality”, “logic” and political secularism brought forth all their mockery, the statistics and their skepticism to defeat the dreamers.
When the freedom fighters of Irgun and Stern demanded that the Jew rise up and fight for the Land of Canaan, the ruling circles of disbelievers condemned them – and condemned  the entire people

 In 1948, the ruling circles seriously considered putting off the declaration of a Jewish State and in 1956 they retreated from Sinai and in 1967 they listened for days to Eban and others not to go to war but rather trust the nations of the world.

The truth is, that the State of Israel, the return from Exile, the breathtaking miracles of three victorious wars, and the return to the Wall, to Jerusalem, to Hebron and to the Land of Israel, has all been miracles that have come to us not because of the rulers of Israel but despite them.  For Israel is not blessed with the deep desire to be Jewish but rather with the disease of Ebanism.

Ebanism is that disease that sees Israel as a model Western, liberal, progressive state but that has no connection with the exclusive Jewish Destiny that is based upon a Jewish G-d, a Jewish heritage, a Jewish reaction and a Jewish Destiny that transcends Washington and Moscow, both.

Because Ebanism looks at the world through secular eyes, it also sees Israel’s destiny in that world as a secular one.  Because there is no place for G-d and the miracle of the Jewish destiny, every political question is based not on “what should Jews do and how should a Jew react,” but on “what will the goyim say?”  Because the Ebans of the Israeli cabinet do not really believe that there is a G-d, let alone a Hand of G-d that has returned His people and that will preserve their state under all circumstances, they refuse to allow Jews to buy their own land because of fear of Nixon.  They return Jews to gentile prisons because of fear of Nixon.  They refuse to limit the soul-snatchers of the Missions because of fear of all the Nixons, Catholic or Protestant. There is really no need to go to the trouble and expense of electing a new president of Israel.  We already have one and he resides in Washington. . .  No, there is no need for a new president of Israel – we need the old G-d.

We waited so long for the miracle of return and, finally, when it occurred we were cheated. We were robbed of the sweetness and the deliciousness of its pleasure.  The state for which we waited centuries became just as any other state, and the uniqueness of the Jew does not lie in a tank or jet – even if they are better than those of the gentiles.  We waited for the return to the true lands of the Bible and now we have them – and no Jews can live there.  Ebanism has taken a miracle and profaned it, taking it an ordinary thing.  It has taken Eretz Yisroel, the unique and special land of the Jews and made it into any state, acting and reacting on the basis of realpolitik and power politics, making decisions on the basis of western secularism rather than on Judaism.  This is what happens when Ebanism rules, when the waters that sprinkle the fields of policy making are drawn from the wells of Oxford and Cambridge rather than Jerusalem and Hebron.

The time is long overdue for the malady of Ebanism to be overcome with the healing herbs of Judaism.  It is time for Israel to believe in G-d so that it can stop fearing man.  On that day we will begin to allow Jews to purchase land in their own country; on that day we will allow Jewish freedom fighters to arrive in Israel without fear of extradition; on that day Israel will return to its true role – its only role – the servant of the Jewish people.

Written: May 18, 1973

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