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Forty Years - 1983


Rabbi Meir Kahane 1983

Forward to the Second Edition

It was in 1982 that I wrote this book, “FORTY YEARS”.  In the seven years that have passed, the words I wrote and the thoughts I put down here have only been sadly affirmed.  The tragedy, the awful national tragedy and catastrophe I wrote about and that need not be, comes closer and closer.  And my people see nothing and hear nothing.  There are those who, in their tragic ignorance of Judaism and Jewish destiny, simply do not understand what they see and what they ear.  And there are those who do not wish to see and do not wish to hear.  And so it comes closer.
My people, my poor people…
More than 2500 years ago, the Prophet Ezekiel spoke, in the name of G-d, to the people of Israel, saying: “If I shall bring upon the land a sword – the inhabitants shall take a man from amongst them, and they shall appoint him a tzofe, a watchman for them.  And when he seeth the sword come upon the land he shall blow the shofar and warn the people.” (Ezekiel 33)

            The tzofe the watchman.  Appointed to see the sword come upon the people of Israel and cry out; to blow the shofar and warn his people!  That is the role of every Jew who can see and hear and understand – and who loves his people.  To cry out, to sound the shofar, to warn them!

            That is why this book was written.  It is the nation shofar of our times.  One will hear it’s warning by reading it, by studying it, by taking it to heart.  May the Almighty give us the wisdom to understand and the courage to act on that understanding.  For the forty years of which I speak, have passed.
            And the days of Judgment are here.
26 Tevet 5749  -  3 January 1989                                                    Meir Kahane

An Introduction

            It is seven years since I wrote the manuscript, FORTY YEARS, and with the passing of the 40 years of which I speak in the book, with the Jewish State now past its fortieth year, the terrible realities of which I wrote hem, become starkly clear.  Terrible visions become awful realization.  The Jewish State crumbles and shakes and shudders before our eyes as the gentile enemies gather strength and momentum and the Jew stands astonishingly impotent and paralyzed – at best – and deeply divided by defeatism, abnormal guilt and suicidal tendencies from within.  The dream of centuries becomes a nightmare; the hope that was never lost becomes a thing to be questioned, doubted, attacked.

            But, of course, it could never be anything else.  The fate of the Jew, despite the foolish arrogance of the secularists and the unfathomable loss of the way of apparently religious Jews, has always been based upon the iron law of Divine determination:  “If you shall walk in My statutes and keep My commandments … I will give you peace in the land and you shall lie down and none shall make you afraid… But if you will not hearken unto Me and will not do all these commandments, and if your soul abhor My ordinances so that you will not do all My commandments but break my covenant…I will set My face against you and you shall be smitten before your enemies; they that hate you shall rule over you and you shall flee when none pursueth you.” (Leviticus 26)


The idea first entered my head as I sat, one day, in Ramle Prison. It was the eve of Tisha B”AV, the tragic commemoration of the destruction of both Temples, the beginning of both terrible exiles.  I sat, reviewing the book of Jonah, with its message of repentance, on the day of national tragedy.  Jonah enters the city of Nineveh, to which he has been sent by the Almighty, to warn them of impending destruction unless they repent.  And as I read, the words of Jonah to the people suddenly leaped out at me:  “In forty years, Nineveh shall be overturned!”

            Forty.  The thought suddenly struck me:  How many times, again and again, does that number arise in connection with sin and punishment?  “And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights.” (Genesis 7:12), the punishment of a world flooded for it s sin.  Forty.  And centuries later, as the Jews of the desert “despised the pleasant land” and wept over their “home” in Egypt, the Almighty angrily decreed that the generation of the desert would not enter the Holy Land saying: “And your children will wander in the wilderness forty years and bear your faithlessness.” (Numbers 14:33).  Again, forty.  And the punishment of stripes, whipping, is one of “forty shall he strike him, he shall not increase”, and the atonement for sin and the purification process begin with a study of Torah given forty days at Sinai, continuing in a mikva, ritualarium, whose water must be a minimum of forty S’ah.

            Forty.  Again and again, the number forty connected to sin and punishment.  Why forty?  I do not know except to quote the rabbis in Bamidbar Rabah 5:5: “And why does the Torah obligate forty stripes?  For he (the sinner) violated a Torah given in forty days and brought death unto himself (man) who was created in forty days.  Let him therefore, be whipped forty times and be relieved of his punishment, as was done to Adam who sinned, was deserving of death, and was punished with forty.  For the world was cursed, due to his sin, forty curses:  ten for Adam, ten for Eve, ten for the serpent and ten for the land.”

            And in that tiny cell in prison the thought expanded.  Not only was the concept “forty” tied to sin and punishment, it was specifically connected to the warning of G-d to the sinner, a warning designed to avert that punishment.  Jonah warns Nineveh of impending punishment and this gives them a grace period of forty days during which they might search their souls and change their ways.

            In the case of both Holy Temples, the Almighty gave the Jewish people a period
of forty years of grace; time to think and rethink their ways.  Time to return to Him
and save themselves from that punishment.  In the awful final days of the first Jewish
State, the L-rd tells the prophet Ezekiel: “And thou shall lie again on your right
side and bear the iniquity of the House of Judah, forty days; each day for a year,
each day for a year.”(Ezekiel 4:6)

            And the Biblical commentator Rashi declares: “We learn that the time of the
exiling of the ten tribes until the destruction of Jerusalem there was a period of forty
 years.” Forty years:  The Almighty, having brought down His wrath on the ten tribes of
 Israel, begins the countdown to the terrible day of punishment that is decreed for a
 House of Judah that has turned its back on its G-d.  But one final opportunity is given
them, a grace period.  A grace period of forty years.  And so a prophet is chosen, a
 prophet of grace, of final warning – Jeremiah.  And in the words of the rabbis:  “The
 book of Lamentations was more effective for Israel than the forty years that Jeremiah
 prophesied unto them” (Eichah Rabah 4:27)

            And the Second Temple “Forty years prior to the destruction of the Temple, the lot (for the Yom Kippur sacrifice) never was chosen by the High Priest’s right hand; and the red slip outside the Holy of Holies never turned white (as a sign of divine forgiveness) and the western candle would not light and the doors of the Sanctuary opened by themselves until Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai admonished them, saying: “Sanctuary, sanctuary…I know that you are destined to be destroyed…(Yuma 39b).

            And again: “For forty years did Rabbi Zadok sit and fast in the hope that Jerusalem not be destroyed.” (Gittin56a)

            And again: “For forty years prior to the destruction of the Temple, the Sanhedrin exiled itself (from the Temple) and sat in the market place.” (Avoda Zara 8b)

            Once again, the period of grace.  Forty years.  The final hope of the Almighty that, perhaps, His final warning would be heeded.  The countdown of forty years, the last chance.

And it was then that the full impact of the thought stuck me:  if it is true that in the first Jewish state and in the second, the Almighty granted us a grace period of forty years – is it possible that the same could be true with the third state?  Our state – the State of Israel?

            The thought has become an ongoing one; call it obsessive, if you will.  After all, the final redemption is one that our rabbis have explained as coming in one of two ways – and there is no third.  “In its time, I will hurry it (the Redemption).” (Isaiah 60).  And the rabbis explain:  “If they, the Jews, merit it I will hurry it.  If they do not merit it, it will come in its time”.

            The difference is more than chronological It is a qualitative difference that goes to the very essence of our existence.  A “hurried redemption is one that comes with majestic glory and free of pain and tragedy.  But one that is “in its time”, by the very fact that it comes despite our unworthiness, is accompanied by terrible destruction and holocaust as the deserved punishment that precedes the final glory and salvation.  How important it is for us to avoid this awful and needless suffering!  And how convinced I am that the Almighty pleads with us to do just that; to replace a redemption “in its time” with one that is “hurried”; to search our ways and return to Him  And how convinced I am that just as in the past He has given us a period of grace, so, too today we have been granted it.
            And it becomes clearer and clearer to me that, once again, it is forty years; forty years of warning, admonition, opportunity.  The final chance.

            The State of Israel, that most incredible of miracles, marked the beginning of the final redemption, a redemption born – not out of the betrothal of Jew to his Maker through faith and return – but rather out of the wedlock of Holocaust that was the depths of desecration of the name of G-d, the Hillul Ha’Shem that was mockery, humiliation, and denial of the prowess or very existence of the G-d of Israel.  It was that Holocaust which broke the patience of a G-d of Israel who watched His name mocked and dragged in the gentile dust for 20 centuries.  “Not for your sake do I do this, O House of Israel, but rather for My Holy Name that you desecrated by the very fact of being among the nations.” (Ezekiel 36).

            And so, a Jewish State rose from the crematoria and ashes, not because we deserved it, but because the gentile did.  Because the punishment and awesome wrath of G-d were being prepared for a world that had mocked and humiliated the name of the
L-rd, G-d of Israel.

            The State of Israel, which rose up in the year 1948, I am convinced, is the beginning, not only of the redemption, but also of the grace period granted us.  In the very marrow of my bones, I feel that the Almighty, in His infinite mercy and goodness, gives us the final beseeching opportunity to turn needless suffering into glorious and instant redemption.
            Forty years. The number may not be exact; it may be a few more, a few less, but the period is clear.  Forty years of warning, of heartfelt cry from our Father in Heaven.  Forty years of grace, of a last opportunity to reverse needles disaster, to bring the redemption with grandeur and majesty

            For make no mistake.  The magnificent miracle of return and rise of a Jewish State is surely the beginning of the Final Redemption, but hardly the end.  The true finality, the magnificent era of the Messiah, comes to fruition gloriously and majestically and breathtakingly only if we cleave to the great axiom “If you walk in My statutes…I will give peace in the land.” (Leviticus 26)

            This is the immutable law of the People of Israel.  There is no escaping it. What will be with the Jew; whether his future will be bright or black; whether he will enjoy peace or horrors, depends only on his cleaving to his role, obligation and mission in this world, upon his bending his neck and will beneath the yoke of Heaven.

            “If you walk in My statues… I will give you peace…  But if you will not hearken unto Me… I will appoint terror over you.” (ibid.).
This is the choice; the only choice. All the rest is nonsense. And time ticks away and the decision is in our hands.
Dear Jew, the Almighty gives us this day life or death.  Will be choose life?

My people; my dear and foolish people!  We speak of your life and that of your seed, your children and grandchildren.  Choose wisely!  Choose life!  The magnificence is yours for the asking.  The horror will be yours for the blindness.  Choose life, but quickly; there is little time left.  The forty years ticks away.
[Time is ticking as the forty years has past giving us daily terror, daily fighting our government for what is rightfully ours.  Jews arrested, while blind eyes are turned to Arab enemies. Jewish homes destroyed, Arab illegal homes allowed to remain.  The Temple Mount where Jew are arrested and Arabs allowed to curse the Jews and desecrate The Mount.  Disruptions by Arabs in the Cave of our Patriarchs in Hebron during Echa.    Iranian Deal with the world against Israel. Allowing a Gay Parade in our Holy City which caused the terrible stabbing.  Fear of the U.S. and the rest of the world.  Time ticks on and we suffer.  When will be wake up? BG]

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Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane HY"D- Tisha B'av Dvar Torah

The Writings of Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane HY"D- Tisha B'av Dvar Torah דבר תורה לתשעה באב
Something Has Happened Since Napoleon...
It is told of Napoleon, that upon passing a synagogue during the Ninth of Av, looked inside and saw Jews sitting on the floor and weeping. When he inquired further he was told the Jews were mourning over the destruction of their Holy Temple. “How long ago did this occur?”, he asked. “About 1,500 years ago”. “In that case”, said Napoleon, “there is no doubt that their Temple will be rebuilt. A people capable of crying for so long over its destroyed Temple and Land will eventually find its way home.”
While the Jewish People remained in the Exile, this was a nice story. Without a doubt, its optimistic message encouraged our people during times of severe hardships. Napoleon was keen enough to realize that a people who relives its past will succeed in conquering its future. Indeed, our sages have already stated that, “He who mourns for Jerusalem will merit to share in her joy”. (Tractate Taanit, 30)
However there exists one little problem. All this mourning was appropriate when we were forced into the Exile, being held at the mercy of the gentile nations and thus unable to forge our national destiny. In such a case, it was fitting to mourn “whole-heartedly” over our destroyed Temple and land. And today? One need not to have a PH.D. In history to see how things have changed since the times of Napoleon. Then – the land of Israel lay desolate; today it is rebuilt. Then – Jews dreamt about coming to Israel; today Jews not only live in Israel, but they rule over it. Then – all we could do was cry...but today???
Is mourning the only imperative for today? Is it not a bit absurd to lament in the synagogue of the Exile, beseeching G-d for a speedy redemption, when all one need to do is pack one's bags and board and eastbound El Al? Is it enough to stand down by the “Wall” of the Temple Mount wailing over the destruction when it is in our hands to erect the fallen city, in our hands to purify the site from the foxes who degrade it, and yes, even in our hands to rebuild the Holy Temple! The historic opportunity to rebuild and renew burns in our hands, and instead we find 101 EXCUSES TO DISREGARD IT!!!???
Fellow Jews!!! Let us open our eyes and appreciate the wondrous miracles that Hashem has granted us – miracles we have not witnessed since the days of our exodus from Egypt!!! He who cried, and only cried in the days of Napoleon did right; his tears were sincere. But today, he who only cries and does not combine his tears with real action – his lamentations leave much to be desired. His entreaties go unheeded, for G-d urges us on as he did to the Jews before their crossing of the Red Sea: “Why do you cry to Me? Speak to the Children of Israel – that they go forward!” What are you crying for? GO FORWARD AND DETERMINE YOUR DESTINY!!!! ARISE AND ACT TO SANCTIFY HASHEM'S HOLY NAME!!!!!
Yes, something has happened since the day Napoleon walked into that shteeble on the Ninth of Av. Let us join those who are ready not only to cry, BUT ALSO TO DO!!!!!

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The Practical, The Rational 1988

“K A H A N E”

The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea

July-August 1988            Tamuz-Menachem Av 5748         

The Practical, The Rational

Breathes there a Jew with mind so dead who never has proclaimed allegiance to rationality, pragmatism and the joys of being practical?  To be a person who speaks of “faith” and belief” is clearly to have one foot in the camp of the Ayatollah and no normal Jew would ever dare be brushed with the tar of “fanatic!”  No, the Jewish people is a “normal” people, a rational one, and thank G-d that the normal people is also the most abysmally ignorant of its own Judaism and teachings – otherwise it would surely burn all the Bibles and Talmuds that babble about “cursed is he who trusteh in man.”

And so it follows that trusting in G-d is a quaint thing, to be jollied over at the Jewish Museum and in lecture series, but only an extremist would take it to the light of modern day.  This is a practical world, one in which tough and pragmatic men understand the real realities and make their plans accordingly.  Prayers are wonderful for the holidays and with which to open conventions but let them attempt to escape to the streets to demand equal time and to be taken seriously, and we shoot them down as dangerous fanaticism.

That is why the sophisticates from Peres to the AJC, from Moment to Olam HaZeh reject the past as key to the future and indeed, hallow only the moment, the “zeh”.  We believe only in the things we can see and touch and feel and understand.  Only the logical and rational play any part in our equations; guns, allies, realpolitik, those are the things and stuff of which the real is made of.

And that is why we dare not annex the “occupied territories” (Judea-Samaria-Gaza); and that is why we dare not even talk of removing the Arabs from the Temple Mount; and that is why only madmen should think of expelling or “transferring” the Arabs; and that is why we dare not ever anger the Americans without whom we would be in the sea.

Very well, I am convinced.  Secular logic is, after all, so compelling.  I have decided to convert.  I have decided to accept the religion of pragmatism.  You now behold, before you, a superb example of rationality and practicality.  But to the bitter end. And here, fellow pragmatists and healthy rationalists is the bitter end.

Of course this religious dependence on G-d is absurd.  Of course the reality is weapon and the United States and allies and good will.  Because it is only this that will stand us in good stead when the Arabs produce or receive their first nuclear weapon or decide to use the chemical-biological weapons that are today’s “poor man’s” nuclear arsenal.

Pakistan is on the verge of producing (and may, indeed, have already produced) its own nuclear weapon.  It does not take very much to produce a “primitive”, outdated, atomic bomb, which is limited in scope, say like the one dropped on Hiroshima… And if Moslem Pakistan develops such a weapon does one believe that its devoted faithful will not share it with their oppressed Arab Moslems and Palestinians?  By all means let us be hard headed and come up with a rational answer to that.  Without the nonsense of faith.

And when the head of the Israel Defense Forces’ Engineers, General Yoseph Ayal tells us (August 17) that certain Arab states are developing the capacity for chemical and biological warfare, there is no doubt that our practical senses will handle the matter with equanimity and without interference from G-d and his faithful.  My only problem is that in all my pious rationality I really do not know how to deal with the above.  Practicality somehow fails to give me answers as to how to deal with Arab nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in the hands of fanatical Moslems.

And bringing back tongue from cheek, the bitter reality is that the realists have nothing but bitter reality and not the slightest answer to the pragmatic and practical problems that defy rational solutions.  The reality is that Israel faces such awesome practical threats just over the horizon, that a normal, practical, rational Jew, would be insane to stay if he could, somehow, leave the country.  It is only the “impractical”, the “irrational”, and the “dreamers” who have any rational reason to remain.  They believe in G-d .  They have faith in an Almighty and a Torah that decreed there never can be a third exile.  They know that perfect faith and trust in G-d, while observing His commandments, will assure victory over our enemies.  That is why they stay. That is why they are undeterred by the certainty of Arab nuclear and chemical and biological weapons.  Because they pray.  Because they do not miss a mincha – and evening service – or any other kind.  Because they do know that “these may come with nuclear bombs and these with chemical warfare, but we shall proclaim the name of the L-rd.” 

A rational Jew?  That is a rational Jew.  Any other kind, the one who decides to trust in Ronald Reagan is mad, fanatic, extreme, a real Khoumeniite.

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From Barbara Ginsberg’s Desktop

Jews and Judaism,
Rabbi Meir Kahane
May 30, 1986


If we would know the heart of tragedy of Israel, of the Jewish-Arab struggle, of the reason why peace eludes a Jewish state that so desires it, of the cause of the ongoing suffering and tragedy, of the immutable rule that there will not be tranquility and peace for the Jew or his state, let me explain.

Some time ago an opinion poll was given to Arabs and Jews by sociology Professor Ephraim Ya’ar of Tel Aviv University.  The professor gave his respondents a list of 14 factors that may or may not influence the course of peace between Israel and the Arab states, and asked each of them to rank the list in importance from one to14.  The results?

The Arabs placed “the will of G-d” first; the Jews placed it last.  Or another example: Yet another Tel Aviv University project was conducted by its Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies.  Respondents were asked to comment on the Biblical verse, “The guardian angel of Israel slumbers not, nor sleeps.”  They were asked who in their minds, represented the Guardian of Israel.  Fifty-seven percent replied “the Israeli army” and 17% declared that it was G-d…

And that, dear Jew, is the reason and the source and the cause of a tragedy that is building up, and that, unless swift, radical change takes place in Jewish thought and action, it will bring down horrors upon the Jew and his state, Heaven help us.

The truth is that the Jew has long since become the most unbelieving of all people, the most atheistic of nations.  Deluded by his intelligence into the most arrogant and proud of men.  Like some modern-day Adam, he has eaten from the tree of Knowledge and dreams of Divinity.

Like some modern-day builder of Babel, he is convinced that he can climb to the heavens and conquer.  His cleverness and brightness that so persuaded him that he is the wisest and most perceptive of men, insures that he will be the blindest and most obtuse.

No people and no faith are so convinced that its destiny is essentially its own, in its own hands.  None has relegated G-d to the bin of antiquity, to the shadow of irrelevance, as the Jew.  There are those who are convinced that He does not exist.  There are those who invent Him as a being, who indeed, has a place, but it is conveniently limited and He has better know it.  There are those who pay prodigious amounts of lip service and ritual to G-d and whose religion fills their lives as long as there is no need to place their “belief” on the line in time of danger.  Few are the Jews who sincerely believe that victory in war is totally in the hands of G-d, who are prepared to take the difficult and dangerous steps their religion demands, lest they have to put their faith where their claims are.

The people that were the most religious of all have become the most indifferent to G-d.  The People of the Book place more faith in that of the check than the Bible.  In time of crisis, the Jew does not believe in anything, except that which he can see, touch, feel.  He can see Ronald Reagan; he believes in him far more than in the G-d of Abraham.  He can feel the Russians; he fears them more than the intangible G-d he pays lip service to as long as there is no crisis.  He can touch the tanks of the Israeli army and so he prays that there will be enough of them instead of believing that One is enough for Him.  “For My people have committed two evils; they have forsaken Me, the fountain of living water, and hewed them out of cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.” (Jeremiah 2)

The truth is that we will swear our belief in the Omnipotence of the G-d of Israel as long as this remains in the abstract, in the realm of theory.  We show our fervent belief in the miracles that happened yesterday, but we shrink from testing them today or tomorrow.  That which we need not do ourselves is easily believed in and avidly taught or sermonized.  Yesterday is always smoothly dealt with – who needs to place himself on the line?  Who must be tested?  The belief in the general Omnipotence of G-d easily fills our hearts.  It is only when we must get down to specifics, to real and actual implementation of faith in our own lives that the hypocrisy becomes a stench which is overpowering.
The G-d of Israel is not a “Santa Claus.”  The religion of Israel is not a plaything.  If there is one thing above all that the Almighty desires of us demands of us, it is faith.  “Therefore, the L-rd heard and was wroth; and a fire was kindled against Jacob and anger also came up against Israel; because they believed not in G-d and trusted not in His salvation.” (Psalms 78)

That is the Jewish iron Law:  Belief and trust in G-d. rather than looking to and raising Jewish eyes unto the gentile.  There can be no greater Hillul Hashem, desecration of the Name of G-d than when the Jew places his faith in the power of the gentile.  For what he is saying is that there really is no G-d; and this is the end of Judaism, and this is the end of any reason for the existence of the Jews.

Jews have long sighed, “It is hard to be a Jew.”  As with most things, this too is a statement of hypocrisy.  They do not really believe it.  They really do believe that they can mold for themselves a good and happy life and at the same time gild it with a thin covering of comfortable Judaism.  Of course, it is nonsense.  Of course, it really is hard to be a Jew, the kind of Jew that the Almighty demands; the kind of Jew who is the son and daughter of Abraham, who faced the furnace for this belief and did not flinch; the kind of Jew who is the son and daughter of Mordechai who faced the gallows and did not bow; the son and daughter of the Jew whose entire Torah rests on the commandment: “And the righteous shall live by his faith.”

That is difficult.  That is a Jew.  King David turned, in his day to G-d and lamented: “My G-d, my G-d, why has thou forsaken me?”  If one listens carefully, the voice of the G-d of Israel can be heard in the era of Jewish neo-atheism, calling softly: “MY people, My people, why have you forsaken Me?” 

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So You Shoot The Messenger (Rabbi Kahane's last speech, last warning)

Rabbi Meir Kahane's last speech  How many Jews listened and understood the Rabbi’s warnings – warnings to save Jews with the last breath that he took. 
“…So You Shoot The Messenger”

[Twenty four years after the Rabbi spoke the warnings written in this article was the start of a severe economic crises in America. Morality is at its lowest level. Racial tensions are high. Anti-Semitism took a dangerous escalation- the Jews fear for their future.  Will they come home to Israel?]

Rabbi Meir Kahane’s last speech urging American Jews to make emergency Aliyah (excerpts of speech) November 5, 1990 – Cheshvan, 18, 5751

I was born in this country, and I can’t recall ever, in my life, as much open and vicious Jew-hatred as I have seen in our time right now, in this country.  I travel around from city to city, and in every city Jews tell me it is unbearable.  Attacks upon synagogues, attacks upon Jews, all of which are of course buried.  Because the synagogue doesn’t want it to be know.  The ADL wants to report “there were 55 incidents this year in the United States”, when actually, there were 55 incidents in one hour in the United States.  On radio programs which I am on – the telephone calls – open, open (anti-Semitism).

Two Reasons for Increased Anti-Semitism
            What has happened?  What has happened in natural terms?  Of course, in divine terms, the Almighty is ending it for us.  But what is happening in natural terms?  Two basic changes have taken place in this country over the last twenty years.  It began slowly, now it is reaching its crescendo.  We have seen the death of what I call the “Auschwitz syndrome”.  What is the “Auschwitz syndrome”?  After World War II, it was hard to be an anti-Semite, even for an anti-Semite.  It was just difficult.  And then the years passed – ten years, twenty years, twenty-five years, thirty years, and a generation arose which was not born at that time.  And the “Auschwitz syndrome” began to fade away, and the guilt began to fade away.  No matter how many Holocaust programs were shown on television, every year they had less and less impact.  Indeed, they reach a point whereby they encourage anti-Semitism, whereupon the anti-Semite says: “ Hey, you know, I know Jews, and the Nazis, and they were probably right.” That’s what happens today.  It fades away.  And to help things along, there was the rise of a strong Israel. Suddenly, Israel was winning.  And that allowed the anti-Semite to cut the albatross.  Now it was OK.  You see, the Jew are Nazis, and they persecute the Palestinians, and now it was OK.  So the “Auschwitz syndrome” faded, and it’s gone for all practical purposes.  And you hear people speak about the holocaust that the Israelis are perpetrating upon the Palestinians. A Holocaust…So all the Israelis and all the Jews who ever called me a Nazi and didn’t realize that when you call a Jew a Nazi, you cheapen the Holocaust.  And you cheapen the concept of Nazi, which is a very unique thing.  And by you calling a second Jew a Nazi, what you are telling the world is” Jews can also be Nazis.  Foolish people and tiny dwarfs and pygmies, grasshoppers.     

            So the “Auschwitz syndrome” is gone. And another thing has happened.  After World War II, and until perhaps ten years ago, the American people lived in an economic luxury such as we have not seen ever in world history.  No Roman emperor lived as well as the average American did from World War II on, until fairly recently.  Life was good.  And when life is good, the anti-Semite hates Jews quietly.  It’s not a big deal to him.  He hates Jews, but he’s too interested in the Monday night football game.  I myself am amazed that so many people are here tonight that don’t want to see the Giants massacre the Colts…

The Economic Crises
            So when times are good and he has his job, he has his beer and he has his TV set, he has everything – he hates Jews, but it’s not that important to him.  But as the economic sands of time begin to run out, and as things get bad and they get worse and suddenly there is a chill, there is a fear.  I can sense a fear in this country – people are afraid of what is going to happen, and they have every right to fear it.  This is a country which is on the verge of economic horror, horror.  In two years they expect the national debt to go from 3.7 trillion to 5 trillion dollars, so they work for months and months – this fiasco between Congress and this administration – and they say, “we are going to cut 500 million dollars in five years”.  Five years!  It is a joke – It’s a drop in the bucket.  This is a country which is dying because the thing that was saving it was the fact that the Japanese are buying Rockefeller Center, Rockefeller Plaza – don’t be angry.  If they stopped buying  it, no one is going to cover the national debt.  And they are stopping.

The dollar is a weak dollar today.  Can you imagine: The Israeli shekel has held its own against the dollar now for a year.  Don’t clap!  It doesn’t mean that the Israeli shekel is strong.  The shekel is weak; the dollar is just as weak.  The Japanese don’t want dollars anymore, they want German marks.  And they’re investing now in South Korea, Thailand, Singapore.  The banks here are shaking, they’re tottering.  In their greed, in the 1960’s and 70’s, they gave loans to anybody.  The Congo came – you want money, take the money.  Mexico came – take 100 million dollars – take, take it, take.  Suddenly, the Congo couldn’t pay back.  If that’s what a banker is…did he expect the Congo to ever pay back in total?  So hundreds of millions of bad loans are being held by major banks:  Chase Manhattan, Citicorp – and they are in deep, deep trouble today.  And on top of that, suddenly the real estate market has collapsed and they are now holding several more hundred million dollars of bad mortgages.  That’s the tragedy.  That’s why suddenly, there’s a hurry talk bout Chase merging with City. 

There’s a myth that your money is insured for $100,000. If the FDIC had 60 cents for every hundred dollars that you have, I’ll swim back to Israel.  There is a myth that they are going to bail out the Savings & Loan with 40 billion dollars.  If they can make it with less than half a trillion, it will be a miracle.

So for years, the new economists said, “Don’t worry about deficits, it doesn’t matter.  Deficits don’t matter?  I know that when my bank account is in deficit, it matters to me.  The bank calls me up and says, “Rav Kahane, we have a little problem.  Would you like to come and cover it?”  A city can go a little deeper into debt than I can, and a state deeper yet, and a country can go a little deeper yet; but, in the end you have to pay the piper.  So, America has lived beyond its means – extra credit, credit cards – and give anybody credit, give kids credit cards – anybody.  Now it’s time to pay the piper, there is no money, there is no money.  And should the economic collapse come it is the Jew who will be blamed.  It is the Jew.  You can hear it already. You can small it in the air.

The Racial tension – In all Colors
            I was on a radio program in Chicago.  Every single caller blamed the Gulf oil crisis on the Jews.  Every single call.  What you have now is the getting together of all these crises – the economic crisis, the racial crisis – and there is a serious racial crisis in the country.  It’s a serious one.  It is a dangerous one. Whites hate Blacks and Blacks hate Whites and they both hate Jews.  It is a terrible, terrible thing.  It’s not just Whites and Blacks.  Now in the West, it’s the Hispanics and the Anglos – tremendous crises, which only proves all the more the myth of the melting pot. Uh nechtiga tag –what melting pot? A melting pot is fine until there is a terrible crisis and then two “objects’ occupy the same job at the same time.  That’s a law of physics, which I’ve changed a bit…
            So it’s not an accident that Jesse Helms is now putting on TV ads talking about the unfairness of quotas.  Quotas are unfair.  Of course, that is his trump card.  People are angry about quotas and affirmative action, etc.  And Blacks are angry.  You think that Blacks have no argument?  You think they are all bad? – that everything the Blacks do is wrong?  You think that Bob Grant is your kind of guy?  G-d forbid!  This Jew-hating fascist type.  That he says something good many, many times –you’re right.  You think that bad people don’t often say correct things?  Of course they do – but watch him, watch him and be careful of such people!  People who are anti-Black will always be anti-Jewish too.  One doesn’t have to love Farrakhan or Jesse Jackson to realize that he should be careful of racism of all kinds – White and Black – be careful, because we get stuck in the middle.  Because the Whites and Blacks hate us both.

The Pre-War Depression: Not a Criteria
            We have a serious problem – the economic crisis cannot be averted. There is no way.  This country is in for terrible, terrible times.  People tell me in the depression it was also bad.  It’s true.  But first of all, who knows what would have happened in this country if World War II had not ended the depression?  If you think that Roosevelt ended it, you don’t know history.  World War II ended it.  It gave jobs finally, but more to the point, it was a different era back then.  The American people at that time were a much stronger people in character.  Today, after 40-50 years of good life and soft life, and the materialistic life, people are into themselves.  Unbelievable ego. Everything is me, me – my life, my body, my-me, my-mine.  People are incapable today of making sacrifices and that’s the great, great difference between today and what happened in the depression.  The person who is fairly poor and gets poorer – not so terrible. The person who has it and lost it becomes a wild animal, a raging animal. He’ll not accept it and will look for a scapegoat.  He’ll look for some target to blame.  We Jews are the most visible, the most highly visible in terms of power, in terms of money.  Of course, Wasps have more money than Jews have.  Certainly, Jews are not into U.S. Steel and banking and so on, and the real, real money is not Jewish money, but that doesn’t matter because Jews are in those professions that are most visible.

How to Gauge anti-Semitism: Go to a Bar
            So in the bars, it sits the jealousy and the envy of the Jews which leads to hate.  The tragedy as I’ve said a million times is that the average Jewish leader in this country has no idea what people say ago about Jews in bars, because the average Jew doesn’t go into a bar – and he should; he should be compelled to go into a bar.  Every rabbi before getting “smicha”, before being ordained, should be compelled to go into a bar and find out what the real world is like. It isn’t a joke.  I’m serious.  To hide in some little ghetto, you never know what the world is.  They hate us with a passion out there, with a virulence which is frightening to see and to hear.  On every radio program I go on, I hear, “why should we give you guys three billion dollars a year”?  Anytime some fellow from the Israeli consulate is asked that question, he comes up with the answer, “well, we help you too, etc.”  Baloney!  The only way to get rid of that question is to answer as I do, “I don’t want the money!  I want Israel to be a free enterprise state and allow private enterprise to flourish and then we don’t want your money, I don’t want your charity.”  So, that of course gets rid of the question, but it doesn’t get rid of the anti-Semite.  He’ll go home mutter in his beer and pretzels. He’s still there.  He’s still there.

Role of the Prophet – To See It and say It
            The rabbis tell us that G-d told Moses and Aaron.  “I’ll make you Jewish leaders on one condition that if they throw stones at you, you’ll accept it.”  Rather to be pelted with stones and not with dollars.  That’s what a Jewish leader has to be!  Say the bitter truth, even though they won’t like you.  They won’t like you; they’ll attack you, but tell the Jews the truth if you love them.  If you love Jews, tell them the things which will make them angry, but which can save their lives.  That’s what you have to do!  Think carefully about what I’m saying, and that is why we created this group called ZEERO, Zionist Emergency Evacuation Rescue Organization.  It’s a name that provokes.  And we hope that as we spread this idea it will provoke Jewish leaders to attack so we can debate the controversy that arises.  People will say he’s right; he’s wrong, and so on.  Of course, this is probably the worst thing you can ever tell any Jewish leader, any Federation leader – that he should leave here, and go to Israel.  What’ill do there? .
            The rabbis say: “Who is wise?  He who sees the future”.  It’s no big deal to see “today.”  A Jewish leader has to see tomorrow.

Living in Israel – Difficult; Living Elsewhere – Impossible
            It is coming here!  It is coming here!  Friday night I spoke in Brooklyn in shul, and I had to walk through Bensonhurst, a white neighborhood – nice people, because they’re white…Watching the people, the kids, you can smell the violence, you can see the hate, you can see the envy – frustrated, bored, looking for action.  You can see it.  Those are the potential mobs.  And G-d forbid, we will see it.  So ZEERO is a very serious project of Kach, and I mean a serious one.  And I know how hard it is to go to Israel – it is really hard.  Hard to make a living.  My son goes into the army every single year.  It’s dangerous and so on.  All of it is true.  Everything that’s all true.  That’s all true.  It’s hard to live in Israel, but it will be impossible to live here, and if we go to Israel, at least there we can change the country.  Of course we can change it and make it better and make it tremendous and make it safe.  Of curse we can do that if we have the power in the government, but here there is nothing you can do to change it, it’s out of our hands.  We are a minority and we are strangers here.  We’re stranger in this land, no matter how many years we’ve been here.

            It’s not an accident that so few German Jews survived the camps.  The Polish Jew did better.  Why?  Because the Polish Jew wasn’t surprised.  It didn’t shock him that gentiles could behave like this.  It didn’t surprise him, so he wasn’t shattered inside, he wasn’t’ broken.  But the German Jew was psychologically shattered.  How could this be?  I’m a German. I’m a German.  How could it be?  How can you do this to me?  The Pole knew he was a Jew.  The German was broken because his whole illusion was shattered.  And that’s how the American Jew lives.  “I’m an American”.  It’s the gentile who will teach you so quickly that you’re a Jew.

            It’s no just in the bars, in the working class bars the anti-Semitism that you see.  When you see the news media and their attitude towards Israel; it’s not anti-Israel – it’s anti-Semitism.  Do you know why they hate Jews?  Because among intellectuals there is a jealousy of Jews.  When Truman Capote, the famous author, a sickness, a disease who represents all that is sick about Western culture – when he spoke about the publishing business being a Jewish mafia – you can see the jealousy.  [He writes] how Jews are over represented in publishing, in broadcast, in movies, etc.  Of course it’s so – they have talent.  Untalented people don’t like to think it is because of talent.  They like to think they run it because their friends, their uncles, their aunts and so on and so forth.  The hate runs across the board.  You can see Peter Jennings’ anti-Semitism.  You can see it!  And when I hold press conferences in Israel and I see them sitting around, you can watch them all – the hatred.

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