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The Murderers Are Us - 1983

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Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 4

The Murderers Are Us
November 11, 1983

As I write, the number is 29.  Twenty-nine Jewish lives.  Twenty-none more Jewish lives. Shall I say that I am shattered?  But, you will reply, we are all shattered.  Ah, but I am shattered for a different reason.  For all the rest merely weep over the deaths while I mourn for the way they died.  For all the rest gnash their teeth in fury at the Arabs while I stand in fury with a finger pointed at someone else.

What happened to 29 Jewish soldiers in Lebanon last week is merely a new link in an old chain of tragedy.  Their deaths were ordained in a Jewish policy of fear of the gentile and trembling before Washington.  The Jewish deaths are but the latest of the obscenely needless ones that began when a government in Jerusalem, fearful of the gentile, ordered the army of Israel to refrain from using its air and firepower against PLO outposts situated in civilian areas. Tens of Jewish boys died needlessly, sacrificed on the altar of fear of the nations.  And now, another 29.  And yet another sacrifice to the god of prostration before the nations. 

When the Israel army was forced to ignominiously retreat from Beirut to the present Awali River line, an incredible thing happened.  Having been targets of terrorists in the old line; having been victims of attacks by Arabs who drove freely and who live and ran freely through the streets near the Israeli outposts – the government of Israel decided to continue to allow Arab automobiles and civilians to freely cross from the north into the new Israeli-held positions in the south!  Every day, no less than 12,000 vehicles moved freely south, carrying whatever horrors and explosives they wished to.  Can anyone surmise what possessed the government of Israel to purse this madness, which guaranteed the tragedy that occurred last week? 

The answer was given by the government itself.  Closing the bridges and sealing the borders would have led to suspicion in the world that Israel was planning to annex southern Lebanon.

And so I weep for the murder of 29 Jewish boys, but my tears are different.  For I know who the real murderers are, and they are far the more painful to me than the Arabs.  Twenty-nine more Jewish soldiers fell because of Jewish fear of the goy, and for that, the ALL Mighty will never forgive us.  We are victims.  Not of the irrelevant gentile but of the Jew of little faith, the blind and fearful.  Shamir and Arens will rarely be seen praying in a synagogue, but they pray three times a day in the Temple of Fear of the gentile.  On their arms and as frontlets between their eyes they daily wear the tefillin of prostration before the goy.  And so, Arens, the man whose hands are still sullied with the blood of Aharon Gross, even as he refuses to drive out the Arabs of Hebron, bombs the Syrians and vows retaliation.  He is as dishonest as he is guilty of murder of Jews.  No bombing of the Syrians will prevent Jews from being killed by the Arabs who, daily, mingle with the Israeli soldiers.  Seal the border; annex southern Lebanon, and more.

From the beginning, I called for a policy of faith in G-d that demanded the driving out of the Arabs from the Lebanese enclave that Israel holds.  If we are not prepared to do this, we guarantee the death of our own soldiers.  Enough anger at the Arabs.  They do what is best for themselves.  It is time for us to point the finger of guilt at the real culprits.  The Arenses and Shamirs and ourselves

Twenty-nine more deaths.  Twenty-nine more stripes for mardut, rebellion.  We have rebelled against the ALL Mighty by fearing the gentile more than Him.  And so we have been whipped.  Twenty-nine times more.

[Today in our war against Hamas we have reached 60 soldiers dead and numerous injured as I write this article.  This is not counting the civilian population of Israel.

Today in our war against Hamas we drop fliers send SMS and telephone the civilian population to run as we are coming into their area.  No surprise that our enemies are waiting for us and booby-trapping the houses we are going to enter which cause many Jewish deaths. Hamas is waiting for us to start their slaughter.

Today in our war against Hamas, we have cease-fires (again frightened of Obama, Kerry and the world) to show how humanitarian Israel is.  The cease-fire is a one-sided cease-fire with Hamas continuing the war.  How many soldiers are killed because their guard was down during these so-called cease-fires?

Hamas is our enemy and this is a war and Israel has to learn to fight a war as a war.  No warnings! No cease-fires!  No fear of the nations!  Fear and trust in the ALL Mighty only!  BG]    

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