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The Wise and the Foolish - 1975

M e i r  K a h a n e
W r i t i n g s
 Years   1974-6    5734-5-6


“Surely this nation is wise and understanding people.” (Deuteronomy 4);
“Will you thus repay the L-rd, O foolish people and unwise. . . “(Deuteronomy 32)

How is it that a wise people can be so incredibly foolish?  We were given free will to choose either of the two above paths, and incredibly we chose to be a people, foolish and unwise. . .  the government of Israel – and by conditioned reflex, the hapless Jewish Establishment in the United States -  is up in arms.  Confusion, anger, indignation.  Why?  The U.S. State Department has issued a study that concludes that the Palestine Liberation Organization is the sole representative of the “Palestinians.”  And the Rabin government is fuming.  The foolish men of Jerusalem who raised their eyes unto Washington and looked for salvation from Kissinger and Ford and the Pentagon; the gentilized Hebrew speakers who placed their faith and trust in the bruised and shattered reed of America.  Mass confusion and dismay now reigns.  How can the United States which just last week refused to entertain the PLO as a party to talks; which eloquently defended Zionism from the UN; which had Dr. Kissinger say that the security of Israel is the cornerstone of American foreign policy in the Middle East, now come dangerously close to endorsing the PLO as the spokesmen for the “Palestinians?”
O foolish people and unwise.  Doubly foolish, unwise ten times over!  Foolish to have ever trusted the United States and unwise to have ever believed that eventually Washington would not recognize the existence of the PLO.  WORSE!  Foolish to have ever claimed that the PLO does NOT represent the views of the “Palestinians” and unwise, mad, insane and lunatic to think that one can admit to the existence of a “Palestine” people and then insist on choosing their leaders for them.
Let it be clear that the United States is tired of Israel and the political headache she represents.  Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger know that all the charades surrounding Egypt and even Syria will be meaningless if the “Palestine” question is not resolved.  And they mean to resolve it no matter how shattering that is to Israel.  They mean to resolve it within the context of the Rogers Plan and that means the complete withdrawal of Israel from ALL the lands liberated in 1967 and the establishment of a “Palestine” in the areas of the West Bank and Gaza.  And this means that “Palestinians” will be invited to peace talks and this means that the United States will seek representatives of the “Palestinians” and as much as the unwise gnash their teeth over it, the State Department is quite correct and the Israelis are wrong and mad self-deluders.

Stop the nonsense from the mouths of Rabin and Peres and Eban and all their foolish Miller, Jacobsen, Blumberg, and Fisher followers.  Stop the foolish babbling that the PLO does not represent the thinking of the Arab dwellers of the liberated lands, the “Palestinians.”  The fact is that if the Israeli government would allow an election to take place and the PLO to run, the terrorists would win an overwhelming majority and among the young and the intellectuals they would have almost unanimous support.  The absurd denial of this is almost as absurd as the Israeli statements that it will not recognize the PLO because it is a “Terrorist” group.  (How well that will go over with the United States that sat in Paris with the Vietcong, the British who negotiated with the MauMau and the French who settled with the Algerian FLN!)

The clear fact is that the PLO DOES represent the great majority of the Arabs in the liberated lands and the foolish and frantic efforts of Peres, Alon and Rabin to dig up elderly Arab Uncle Toms and Quislings of the effendi-sheik Ja’abri strips are doomed to ridiculous failure.  Let us understand one thing:

As long as the government of Israel insists on recognizing a “Palestine People” they will have to recognize, sooner or later, the representative of the “people” – the PLO.  It is only the foolish and the unwise who believe that they can, somehow, have their cake and eat it too – recognize “Palestinians” and then tell them who their leaders are and what boundaries of their country will be!  O foolish people and unwise. . .

Those who follow this course will not succeed in convincing the world but will succeed grandly in confusing their own people, Jews in Israel and abroad.  It will only take one little word (false) or recognition of Israel under the most absurd terms by the PLO to have Jewish liberals and other confused types screaming for Israeli recognition of the PLO.  The cold, harsh, logical fact remains immutable:  IF YOU RECOGNIZE A “PALESTINE” PEOPLE YOU MUST RECOGNIZE THOSE THAT THEY INSIST REPRESENT THEM.  And if the Israelis keep telling the Jews of the world that there is a “Palestine” people then those Jews will believe it and will insist that self-determination eventually be given them – along with the right to elect the PLO.
The solution?  To become wise and understanding. To know that there is no “Palestine” and no “Palestine people” and that neither PLO nor anyone else can represent a thing that does not exist.  Arabs in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan?  Certainly, but no “Palestinians” a concept that cannot be unless Zionism died.  But if Zionism did indeed live all the years of exile and if Jews never gave up their hope to return, then every non-Jew who ever set foot on Jewish soil was nothing more than a trespasser.  He remains what he was before he arrived.  A Bedouin, an Arab, a Turk, what have you. But a “Palestinian?”  That can only be if there is a “Palestine” and that can never be as long as the hope of the Jew to return to Zion –Zionism – was and remains alive.
Written - November 28, 1975
[This was the beginning of what we are living with]

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