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Rabbi Kahane's last speech "So...You Shoot The Messenger"

This article is sent to you on the occasion of the 22nd Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Meir Kahane's z"tl assassination. May G-d avenge his blood.
Rabbi Meir Kahane's last speech

“…So You Shoot The Messenger”
[Twenty two years after the Rabbi spoke the warnings written in this article was the start of a severe economic crises in America. Morality is at its lowest level. Racial tensions are high. Anti-Semitism took a dangerous escalation- the Jews fear for their future. Will they come home to Israel?]
Rabbi Meir Kahane’s last speech urging American Jews to make emergency Aliyah (excerpts of speech) November 5, 1990 – Cheshvan, 18, 5751

I was born in this country, and I can’t recall ever, in my life, as much open and vicious Jew-hatred as I have seen in our time right now, in this country. I travel around from city to city, and in every city Jews tell me it is unbearable. Attacks upon synagogues, attacks upon Jews, all of which are of course buried. Because the synagogue doesn’t want it to be know. The ADL wants to report “there were 55 incidents this year in the United States”, when actually, there were 55 incidents in one hour in the United States. On radio programs which I am on – the telephone calls – open, open (anti-Semitism).

Two Reasons for Increased Anti-Semitism

What has happened? What has happened in natural terms? Of course, in divine terms, the Almighty is ending it for us. But what is happening in natural terms? Two basic changes have taken place in this country over the last twenty years. It began slowly, now it is reaching its crescendo. We have seen the death of what I call the “Auschwitz syndrome”. What is the “Auschwitz syndrome”? After World War II, it was hard to be an anti-Semite, even for an anti-Semite. It was just difficult. And then the years passed – ten years, twenty years, twenty-five years, thirty years, and a generation arose which was not born at that time. And the “Auschwitz syndrome” began to fade away, and the guilt began to fade away. No matter how many Holocaust programs were shown on television, every year they had less and less impact. Indeed, they reach a point whereby they encourage anti-Semitism, whereupon the anti-Semite says: “ Hey, you know, I know Jews, and the Nazis, and they were probably right.” That’s what happens today. It fades away. And to help things along, there was the rise of a strong Israel. Suddenly, Israel was winning. And that allowed the anti-Semite to cut the albatross. Now it was OK. You see, the Jew are Nazis, and they persecute the Palestinians, and now it was OK. So the “Auschwitz syndrome” faded, and it’s gone for all practical purposes. And you hear people speak about the holocaust that the Israelis are perpetrating upon the Palestinians. A Holocaust…So all the Israelis and all the Jews who ever called me a Nazi and didn’t realize that when you call a Jew a Nazi, you cheapen the Holocaust. And you cheapen the concept of Nazi, which is a very unique thing. And by you calling a second Jew a Nazi, what you are telling the world is” Jews can also be Nazis. Foolish people and tiny dwarfs and pygmies, grasshoppers.
So the “Auschwitz syndrome” is gone. And another thing has happened. After World War II, and until perhaps ten years ago, the American people lived in an economic luxury such as we have not seen ever in world history. No Roman emperor lived as well as the average American did from World War II on, until fairly recently. Life was good. And when life is good, the anti-Semite hates Jews quietly. It’s not a big deal to him. He hates Jews, but he’s too interested in the Monday night football game. I myself am amazed that so many people are here tonight that don’t want to see the Giants massacre the Colts…

The Economic Crises

So when times are good and he has his job, he has his beer and he has his TV set, he has everything – he hates Jews, but it’s not that important to him. But as the economic sands of time begin to run out, and as things get bad and they get worse and suddenly there is a chill, there is a fear. I can sense a fear in this country – people are afraid of what is going to happen, and they have every right to fear it. This is a country which is on the verge of economic horror, horror. In two years they expect the national debt to go from 3.7 trillion to 5 trillion dollars, so they work for months and months – this fiasco between Congress and this administration – and they say, “we are going to cut 500 million dollars in five years”. Five years! It is a joke – It’s a drop in the bucket. This is a country which is dying because the thing that was saving it was the fact that the Japanese are buying Rockefeller Center, Rockefeller Plaza – don’t be angry. If they stopped buying it, no one is going to cover the national debt. And they are stopping.

The dollar is a weak dollar today. Can you imagine: The Israeli shekel has held its own against the dollar now for a year. Don’t clap! It doesn’t mean that the Israeli shekel is strong. The shekel is weak; the dollar is just as weak. The Japanese don’t want dollars anymore, they want German marks. And they’re investing now in South Korea, Thailand, Singapore. The banks here are shaking, they’re tottering. In their greed, in the 1960’s and 70’s, they gave loans to anybody. The Congo came – you want money, take the money. Mexico came – take 100 million dollars – take, take it, take. Suddenly, the Congo couldn’t pay back. If that’s what a banker is…did he expect the Congo to ever pay back in total? So hundreds of millions of bad loans are being held by major banks: Chase Manhattan, Citicorp – and they are in deep, deep trouble today. And on top of that, suddenly the real estate market has collapsed and they are now holding several more hundred million dollars of bad mortgages. That’s the tragedy. That’s why suddenly, there’s a hurry talk bout Chase merging with City.
There’s a myth that your money is insured for $100,000. If the FDIC had 60 cents for every hundred dollars that you have, I’ll swim back to Israel. There is a myth that they are going to bail out the Savings & Loan with 40 billion dollars. If they can make it with less than half a trillion, it will be a miracle.

So for years, the new economists said, “Don’t worry about deficits, it doesn’t matter. Deficits don’t matter? I know that when my bank account is in deficit, it matters to me. The bank calls me up and says, “Rav Kahane, we have a little problem. Would you like to come and cover it?” A city can go a little deeper into debt than I can, and a state deeper yet, and a country can go a little deeper yet; but, in the end you have to pay the piper. So, America has lived beyond its means – extra credit, credit cards – and give anybody credit, give kids credit cards – anybody. Now it’s time to pay the piper, there is no money, there is no money. And should the economic collapse come it is the Jew who will be blamed. It is the Jew. You can hear it already. You can small it in the air.
The Racial tension – In all Colors

I was on a radio program in Chicago. Every single caller blamed the Gulf oil crisis on the Jews. Every single call. What you have now is the getting together of all these crises – the economic crisis, the racial crisis – and there is a serious racial crisis in the country. It’s a serious one. It is a dangerous one. Whites hate Blacks and Blacks hate Whites and they both hate Jews. It is a terrible, terrible thing. It’s not just Whites and Blacks. Now in the West, it’s the Hispanics and the Anglos – tremendous crises, which only proves all the more the myth of the melting pot. Uh nechtiga tag –what melting pot? A melting pot is fine until there is a terrible crisis and then two “objects’ occupy the same job at the same time. That’s a law of physics, which I’ve changed a bit…

So it’s not an accident that Jesse Helms is now putting on TV ads talking about the unfairness of quotas. Quotas are unfair. Of course, that is his trump card. People are angry about quotas and affirmative action, etc. And Blacks are angry. You think that Blacks have no argument? You think they are all bad? – that everything the Blacks do is wrong? You think that Bob Grant is your kind of guy? G-d forbid! This Jew-hating fascist type. That he says something good many, many times –you’re right. You think that bad people don’t often say correct things? Of course they do – but watch him, watch him and be careful of such people! People who are anti-Black will always be anti-Jewish too. One doesn’t have to love Farrakhan or Jesse Jackson to realize that he should be careful of racism of all kinds – White and Black – be careful, because we get stuck in the middle. Because the Whites and Blacks hate us both.

The Pre-War Depression: Not a Criteria

We have a serious problem – the economic crisis cannot be averted. There is no way. This country is in for terrible, terrible times. People tell me in the depression it was also bad. It’s true. But first of all, who knows what would have happened in this country if World War II had not ended the depression? If you think that Roosevelt ended it, you don’t know history. World War II ended it. It gave jobs finally, but more to the point, it was a different era back then. The American people at that time were a much stronger people in character. Today, after 40-50 years of good life and soft life, and the materialistic life, people are into themselves. Unbelievable ego. Everything is me, me – my life, my body, my-me, my-mine. People are incapable today of making sacrifices and that’s the great, great difference between today and what happened in the depression. The person who is fairly poor and gets poorer – not so terrible. The person who has it and lost it becomes a wild animal, a raging animal. He’ll not accept it and will look for a scapegoat. He’ll look for some target to blame. We Jews are the most visible, the most highly visible in terms of power, in terms of money. Of course, Wasps have more money than Jews have. Certainly, Jews are not into U.S. Steel and banking and so on, and the real, real money is not Jewish money, but that doesn’t matter because Jews are in those professions that are most visible.

How to Gauge anti-Semitism: Go to a Bar

So in the bars, it sits the jealousy and the envy of the Jews which leads to hate. The tragedy as I’ve said a million times is that the average Jewish leader in this country has no idea what people say ago about Jews in bars, because the average Jew doesn’t go into a bar – and he should; he should be compelled to go into a bar. Every rabbi before getting “smicha”, before being ordained, should be compelled to go into a bar and find out what the real world is like. It isn’t a joke. I’m serious. To hide in some little ghetto, you never know what the world is. They hate us with a passion out there, with a virulence which is frightening to see and to hear. On every radio program I go on, I hear, “why should we give you guys three billion dollars a year”? Anytime some fellow from the Israeli consulate is asked that question, he comes up with the answer, “well, we help you too, etc.” Baloney! The only way to get rid of that question is to answer as I do, “I don’t want the money! I want Israel to be a free enterprise state and allow private enterprise to flourish and then we don’t want your money, I don’t want your charity.” So, that of course gets rid of the question, but it doesn’t get rid of the anti-Semite. He’ll go home mutter in his beer and pretzels. He’s still there. He’s still there.

Role of the Prophet – To See It and say It

The rabbis tell us that G-d told Moses and Aaron. “I’ll make you Jewish leaders on one condition that if they throw stones at you, you’ll accept it.” Rather to be pelted with stones and not with dollars. That’s what a Jewish leader has to be! Say the bitter truth, even though they won’t like you. They won’t like you; they’ll attack you, but tell the Jews the truth if you love them. If you love Jews, tell them the things which will make them angry, but which can save their lives. That’s what you have to do! Think carefully about what I’m saying, and that is why we created this group called ZEERO, Zionist Emergency Evacuation Rescue Organization. It’s a name that provokes. And we hope that as we spread this idea it will provoke Jewish leaders to attack so we can debate the controversy that arises. People will say he’s right; he’s wrong, and so on. Of course, this is probably the worst thing you can ever tell any Jewish leader, any Federation leader – that he should leave here, and go to Israel. What’ill do there? .

The rabbis say: “Who is wise? He who sees the future”. It’s no big deal to see “today.” A Jewish leader has to see tomorrow.
Living in Israel – Difficult; Living Elsewhere – Impossible
It is coming here! It is coming here! Friday night I spoke in Brooklyn in shul, and I had to walk through Bensonhurst, a white neighborhood – nice people, because they’re white…Watching the people, the kids, you can smell the violence, you can see the hate, you can see the envy – frustrated, bored, looking for action. You can see it. Those are the potential mobs. And G-d forbid, we will see it. So ZEERO is a very serious project of Kach, and I mean a serious one. And I know how hard it is to go to Israel – it is really hard. Hard to make a living. My son goes into the army every single year. It’s dangerous and so on. All of it is true. Everything that’s all true. That’s all true. It’s hard to live in Israel, but it will be impossible to live here, and if we go to Israel, at least there we can change the country. Of course we can change it and make it better and make it tremendous and make it safe. Of curse we can do that if we have the power in the government, but here there is nothing you can do to change it, it’s out of our hands. We are a minority and we are strangers here. We’re stranger in this land, no matter how many years we’ve been here.

It’s not an accident that so few German Jews survived the camps. The Polish Jew did better. Why? Because the Polish Jew wasn’t surprised. It didn’t shock him that gentiles could behave like this. It didn’t surprise him, so he wasn’t shattered inside, he wasn’t’ broken. But the German Jew was psychologically shattered. How could this be? I’m a German. I’m a German. How could it be? How can you do this to me? The Pole knew he was a Jew. The German was broken because his whole illusion was shattered. And that’s how the American Jew lives. “I’m an American”. It’s the gentile who will teach you so quickly that you’re a Jew.

It’s no just in the bars, in the working class bars the anti-Semitism that you see. When you see the news media and their attitude towards Israel; it’s not anti-Israel – it’s anti-Semitism. Do you know why they hate Jews? Because among intellectuals there is a jealousy of Jews. When Truman Capote, the famous author, a sickness, a disease who represents all that is sick about Western culture – when he spoke about the publishing business being a Jewish mafia – you can see the jealousy. [He writes] how Jews are over represented in publishing, in broadcast, in movies, etc. Of course it’s so – they have talent. Untalented people don’t like to think it is because of talent. They like to think they run it because their friends, their uncles, their aunts and so on and so forth. The hate runs across the board. You can see Peter Jennings’ anti-Semitism. You can see it! And when I hold press conferences in Israel and I see them sitting around, you can watch them all – the hatred.

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More Than a Cartoon - The Real Face of Ishmael 1990

“ K A H A N E ”

The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea
September - October 1990   Ellul 5750 - Tishrei 5751


 The cartoon that appears on the cover of this issue is far more than a mere cartoon.  It represents a mindset, a culture, a way of life that is steeped in cruelty and savagery and blood. It is the real face of Ishmael.
It is a cartoon that appeared in a major Jordanian newspaper (Al Rei, August 8, 1990) following the brutal murder of two youngsters in Jerusalem by Arabs who stabbed them tens of times and mutilated their bodies.  The cartoon, which glorifies the deed, shows the two in the form of long-nosed, Star-of-David-hatted Jews impaled on a bloody scimitar that makes up part of the Arab name of Jerusalem, Al Kuds.
It is more than a cartoon.  It is the graphic and naked face of Ishmael, of the Arab mentality and mindset, of an Islam-Araby that is at total odds with the moral values of a civilization grounded in the Divine seven commandments of the children of Noah.  How easy, how obscene, for the liberal-left and humanist twisters of morality to sit in the shadow of Lincoln Center or the Golden Gate or Beverly Hills or Harvard Square or the salons of elitism and discourse on a world they know nothing about.  How gratifying to comfortably discourse on a world they know nothing about. How gratifying to comfortably babble about ethics and morality and humanism when it is so safe (so very safe) a theory, and when it is the other person who is called upon to be “moral.”

How satisfying to the parlor-cafĂ© liberal to bandy about the phrases we all so love to rail against: “racism,” “intolerance,” ad nauseum.  The cartoon is the reality, the liberal humanists are the caricature, living in their own plastic, egotistical world.  Unwilling to make real sacrifices of money and body, they pay instead a huge lip tax to “humanism” and “morality.”
The reality lies well without them. It exists in the fresh graves of two young Jews of Jerusalem brutally and terribly murdered by a people that glorifies the act with a cartoon of blood.  One thinks back just a few years ago to the steps of a Cairo government building, where lay the Foreign Minister of the very same Jordan.  He had just been shot by a “Palestinian,” another cultural product of Islam-Araby.  The “Palestinian,” having shot him, now proceeded to drink his blood.
Spare us your morality and your indignation both.  Those of us who are normal and Jewish, truly Jewish, know exactly how to deal with the cartoonists of blood.  Because we have no intention of being the subject of any others.
[These are our peace partners.  Insanity thrives. bg]  

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A Treaty with the U.S. - Is He Good for the Jews - On YoYoism

 “Beyond Words” is a newly-published seven volume collection of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s writings from 1960 – 1990 that originally appeared in The Jewish Press, other serial publications, and his privately-published works.

“Beyond Words” also includes a number of extra features:
Chronology of Rabbi Kahane's life.

“Beyond Words” now can be bought at  On the search line, type…  Beyond Words Kahane.
Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 3
“A Treaty with the United States,”
Jewish Press May 5, 1978
As the pressure grows on Israel to commit suicide, the United States – through carefully planned leaks – has begun to wave a trial balloon and a seductive proposal to Israel, and more important, to the Jews there and without, who seek any “reasonable” solution.  The seduction is called a formal treaty between the United States and Israel by which the Americans would guarantee the survival of the Jewish state.

Who in possession of even a modicum of common sense would trust the United States to carry out a treaty obligation that would involve the use of American troops and possible heavy losses?
Who will trust the Americans, whose “faithfulness” to their South Vietnamese allies is legendary?  Who does not realize that a treaty will only tie Israeli hands as every decision to retaliate against terror raids or wars of “attrition” will be vetoes by the senior partner?
Let the Americans keep their treaties and let the Jews renew theirs with the ALL Mighty. And never were the words of the prophet (Isaiah 30:2-3) more true: “Who go down to Egypt and have not asked of My mouth . . . to trust in the shadow of Egypt!  Therefore shall the strength of Paraoh be your shame, and the trust in Egypt your confusion.”  The L-rd, only the L-rd.
“Brzezinski: Is He Good for the Jews,”
Kahane Magazine, September 1978, pp20-22

 The United States surely acts upon its own interests and this is most legitimate.  But Washington conceives of its interest in ways very different from the Israeli ones.  The State Department and the Pentagon (and there is no basic difference here between Democratic and Republican administrations) look at American interests in terms of oil, potential business contracts and investments in the Middle East, and, above all, to increase American influence in the Arab world.  When the presidential advisor says “a settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict is in the American interest,” what he is really saying is that a solution that the Arabs will find relatively favorable is in the American interest, and if that solution conflicts with Israel’s security or moral obligation, that is unfortunate.
The historical record shows an America that refused obstinately to give weapons to the beleaguered Jews in 1948, that attempted to shelve the U.N. plan for a Jewish state in favor of a trusteeship and that pressured Ben-Gurion not to declare a Jewish state.  It shows American pressure forcing the Jews to give up the northern Sinai after it was captured from the invading Egyptians in 1948 and to surrender the Sinai and the Gaza Strip in 1956 after Israel had smashed the Nasser noose that threatened to strange it.  It shows an America that pledged to keep the Gulf of Aqaba open and the United Nations peace-keeping forces between Israel and Egypt, and that then reneged on its promise in the terrible two weeks that preceded the June 1967 war.  It shows an America that refused to sell Phantom jets to Israel all through 1971; that prevented Israel from striking a pre-emptive blow on the eve of the Yom Kippur War (that, not Israeli intransigence, was what cost 2,5000 lives); that held up arms shipments to a bleeding Israel so as to prevent their routing the Arabs; that forced Israel to accept a cease-fire when it was on the verge of wiping out the Egyptian Third Army; and that brutally pressured Israel through “reassessment” – cutting off arms shipments and economic aid – into giving up the vital Sinai passes and all Israel’s oil.
. . . Who believes that America will do better for Israel than it did for its formal ally, South Vietnam?  The only reality is American pressure to force Israel to do what is good – in the Administration’s eyes – for America, regardless of whether it is suicidal for Israel.

“On Yo-Yoism,”
Jewish Press, February 3, 1978

Let us stop the nonsense of: We will not talk to the PLO but only to other “Palestinians.”  What madness!  To begin with, such talk legitimizes the concept of “Palestinians” when it is imperative to cry out that there is no such concept, that there is no “Palestine” or “Palestinian” people.  For if there is indeed a “Palestine” people, surely they have a right to a state of their own.  The PLO is no more dangerous than Assad of Syria with whom Begin is willing to meet, and indeed, the Syrians are a great deal more dangerous with their tanks and MIG-25s.  The PLO is no more dangerous and desirous of throttling Israel than any of the other Arabs of East Jerusalem or Shchem and Hebron.  And end to the differentiation which only puts us into a dangerous trap.  Let us place all the Arabs in the same role: that of wanting, through different measures and tactics, to put an end to Israel.  There is nothing wrong with sitting with all of them, including the PLO, and saying: NO  

[We put ourselves into this dangerous trap that Rabbi Kahane warned us about. bg]

The above articles came from 1978 Quotes

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Togetherness in Israel 1981

[Today, Monday, October 1, 2012, "Hizbullah threatened to conquer the Galilee", as riots spread throughout Northern Israel. MK Tibi was in agreement and inflamed his Arab brethren bg]

Togetherness In Israel

March 30, 1976. Nine A.M. The Galilee, northern Israel, home of 300,000 Israeli Arabs. The village of Sakhnin, a model of social and economic progress since 1948. It has good roads, electricity, water, schools, appliances, television sets in every home. It has “greatly advanced its integration into all fields of life of the State of Israel.”
More than 1,000 equal citizens of Israel-Arabs-are in the street facing a small number of police and soldiers. It is “Land Day,” and the crowd grows larger by the minute. Falastin, Falastin!”(Palestine, Palestine!”), the mob roars. Other chants and shouts are heard: “The Galilee is Arab!” We will free the Galilee with blood and spirit!” Rocks are suddenly thrown in the direction of the soldiers and police. The small group of security men stare in disbelief and growing nervousness. A fiery Molotov cocktail smashes against a wall a few yards away. More and heavier stones, flaming torches, lighted cans of gasoline, and by now the soldiers are surrounded by a growing circle of hate-filled faces. “Our villages do not belong to Israel,” shouts a young Arab. “We belong to the state of Palestine!”
The Israeli papers report what happened:
“The dam, burst. ‘We are all Fatah,’ men and women shouted in chorus, even as they threw stones and other objects at the police. The police fired warning shots into the air which only increased the agitation. The rioters began to move toward the police and soldiers, threatening to trample them. Not even the pointing of the rifles at them stopped the mob. ‘They’re overrunning us,’ the police shouted into their radios” (Maariv, March 31, 1976).
“The mob wandered through the main street, raining stones, torches and firebombs on the military and police vehicles. Some of the excited youth wanted to set up roadblocks. Others moved closer to the security forces-with clear intent to burn the vehicles. In face of the dangerous situation the soldiers fired into the air, but it seemed as if no one in the crowd of burning passions paid any attention.
The mob of demonstrators noticed the Israeli force beginning to withdraw. The large crowd began close pursuit of the Israeli forces. Running hysterically, they threw stones and roared: ‘Charge them-Eleyom!’ Thousands moved toward the soldiers, and at that critical moment, the commander of the force gave orders to fire…” (Yediot Aharonot, March 31, 1976).
An Israeli journalist who attempted to get past a roadblock in the village was attacked by Arabs shouting: “Get out of here! This is Palestine!” He later reported: It was terrible there. I do not remember such chaos since 1948. Every Jew was a candidate for murder. I saw them with the lust for murder burning in their eyes. Slogans such as ‘Eleyhom’and Itbach Al-Yahud’ [“slaughter the Jews”] are moderate in view of what I heard. From all sides came the cries for the liquidation of Israel, to destroy all the Jews, for a jihad [holy war]. It is difficult to believe that such a scene could take place in the State of Israel, 1976.
The journalist added: Such hatred of the state and the Jews is difficult to comprehend. What happened there was not mere rioting or chaos. It was a revolt. The Arab revoltof 1976…It was a revolt in the full sense of the word.” Maariv, March 31, 1976)
The revolt spread to villages and towns, throughout the Galilee and the “Triangle,” the two main centers of Arab population in Israel. In Sakhnin, Araba, Deir Hama, Beth Netora, Tira, Tayba, Kalansuwa, Kfar Kana, Nazareth, and dozens of other places, violence and rioting occurred. For the first time in Israel’s existence, as Arab citizens had called a political general strike. When quiet was finally restored, six Arabs were dead and more than thirty-five Israeli soldiers and police injured. In the worlds of Maariv correspondent Yosef Valter, returning from the Arab village of Umm al-Fahm: “It was not pleasant for a Jew to wander there….”
The pamphlet issued by the Israeli government in 1973 attempted to give the impression that the Arabs of Israel feel themselves part of the state and that the years since 1948, years that have brought them social and economic benefits, have also made them loyal to Israel, have made them see their destiny and that of the Jewish state as mutual. It is a devoutly desired illusion that every Israeli leader and official spreads. It is a persistent delusion that grows louder and more frantic, the more obvious its patent falsehood. It ranks among the hoariest of legends and myths of world Jewry. To look at reality and to think otherwise is imply too unbearably painful.
]Today in year 2010 this delusion and myth continues to grow, and rocks and Molotov cocktails have turned into guns, missiles and kassams].
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