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The Great Sabbath - 1989


“K A H A N E”
The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea
Nissan -5749   April-1989

D I V R E I  T O R A H


It is the necessary, the indispensable preface and introduction to Passover.  It is the explanation that cries out the ultimate message of the holiday, the basic lesson of the feats of our freedom.  It is the foundation of foundations that raises Passover from an insipid, saccharine social custom beginning and ending with recipes printed in the New York Times women’s section; from a golden opportunity for Manischewitz to return to Jewishness through capitalist Passover profits even as the truly frum, raise their level of religiosity by raising the level of prices; from a Jewish people that marches on its Seder stomach even as it moves on to the annual national lie. “Next Year in Jerusalem.”  It is the Great Sabbath, which attempts to save Judaism from myopic ritualism, to make the Jew, Jewish and the Orthodox, religious.

Sabbath Hagadol, the great Sabbath.  The Sabbath preceding the Passover, the Sabbath that cries out the basic, the ultimate message of the enormous Exodus from Egypt, of Passover itself.  Sabbath Hagadol that gives us the lesson without which Passover, the Jewish people itself, lose all reason for being.  Sabbath Hagadol commemorating the basic lesson of Judaism: Faith, real faith, faith in G-d who really is greater than the mighty Pharaoh, or the regal Reagan or the burningless Bush – Sabbath Hagadol. The great Sabbath, that began more than 3,000 years ago on a Sabbath in Imperial Egypt.

“Speak unto all the congregation of Israel, saying: In the tenth day of this month, they shall take to them every man a lamb…”

It is a special, an awesome commandment, one that is given to every Jew; hence the unique words “Speak unto all the congregation.”  Take a lamb and bind it up for four days.

You believe that this is a simple commandment.  Hardly.  The lamb is more than an animal; it is the very god of Egypt.  It is a deity, a hallowed creature before whom the Egyptian bows and whose meat dare not touch his mouth.  And the Jews, “every man” thereof, are commanded to take this lamb, this Egyptian god, the deity of their masters, and tie it to their beds, to their posts, bind it up.  And when the astonished and outraged Egyptian masters will ask: “What are you doing?” The answer shall be: We shall soon slaughter this lamb, the deity, your god, and eat it.

Do you still think this is a simple, bland commandment?  It is a commandment fraught with danger to life, a commandment that surely sent fear down the spines of the Jewish slaves, that, without a doubt, led scholars to rush and ponder whether pikuach nefesh, danger to life might perhaps demand the postponing of the dangerous commandment.

Nor does the Almighty stop there.  He insists on a policy of extremism, of goading the gentile.  Not content with a commandment that cries desecration of the Egyptian god, that taunts him with the sight of his deity bound up, the G-d of Israel insists that the Jew add salt to the wound.

“And they shall eat the flesh in that night, roasted with fire… eat it not partially cooked, nor boiled in water, but roasted with fire, its head with its legs and with its insides complete.”

Awake and consider!  This is what Passover is all about; only this! This is Judaism what Judaism is all about; only this!  This is what the duty and the role and the essence of the Jew is all about; only this!  To affirm to the world, but first to ourselves that the L-rd, the G-d of Israel, is.  That He truly does exist, that He is the One, the only One, that He, only He, directs the world, the fate of man, the destiny of His people.  That whatever will be for the Jew will be only because He so decrees.  That the gentile has no relevance to the Jewish fate, that the Pharaohs of all time, the ones in Egypt and the ones in Washington are utterly irrelevant to what will be with the Jew.

On the Great Sabbath in Egypt, the L-rd taught us the lesson that we trampled in the dust, the dust of secularism and the dust of the yeshiva world alike: The lesson that the Jew must raise high, must flaunt the glory and Omnipotence of his G-d.  That the world must be compelled to see their deities, their gods and idols, bound up and humiliated and destroyed.  That one must goad the gentile in order to raise high the banner of the L-rd.  That Kiddush Hashem, the sanctification of the Name of the G-d of Israel, demands an open, fearless, flaunting sacrifice of the idols and deities of the gentiles that deny the uniqueness of the G-d of Israel, His exclusiveness, His Oneness!  The lamb is openly tied and those who tremble and whisper: “But we dare not goad the gentile,” are silenced with thunderous contempt.  The lamb is slaughtered and roasted whole and fully and openly.  It cannot be hastily covered in a pot where it will not be seen.  Its identity cannot be disguised by cutting its body into pieces.  We cannot escape the danger of the gentile by avoiding confronting and goading him.  No.  Precisely the opposite!

The same gentile who thundered and thunders: “Who is the L-rd?  I know not the L-rd and will not let Israel go!” must be taught the eternal lesson of: “The L-rd is G-d, the L-rd is G-d!”  The gentile does not wish to know G-d, to acknowledge His exclusive kingship.  He must be taught that lesson in an open and bold and humiliating way.  He and his idols must be humbled and broken.  The lamb is taken openly.  The lamb is slaughtered openly.   And those who cringe in populism and whisper:  “But one dare not goad the gentiles…” are silenced by the thunder of the L-rd, whose commandment is eternalized by the Rabbis of the Great Sabbath, Sabbath Hagadol.  So, let that Sabbath be understood and appreciated and embraced.  For without it, there cannot be a Passover, an understanding of what that Passover really is.  And without that, when the Jewish child asks for the meaning of this night, the pathetic father who knows not what to tell him will doom his child to become a pathetic as he, practitioner of Jewish ritual, but never, never a religious Jews.

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Wanted: A Jewish State - 1973



Wanted: A Jewish State

WHEN all is said and done and all the causes are separated from the effects, it becomes clear that the ultimate sin of the people who rule the State of Israel is that they have done everything to remove the significance, the magnificence and the sweetness of victory from the great miracle of Return and resurrection of the Jewish state.What they have done and do daily is to turn the miraculous into the ordinary, the hallowed into the profane and the truth of the matter is that, because of this all the miracles and wonders that have occurred to us in the nature of rebirth of the Land have come about, not so much because of the ruling circles, but despite them.

The decision by the government of Israel not to allow Jews to purchase land in that part of the Land of Israel known as the ‘territories’(those lands liberated in 1967) is as grotesquely absurd as it is obscenely outrageous.Not since the Nuremberg laws and the years when their legislators held sway, has there been a land in which Jews, per se, have been singled out for a ban on land purchase.A Moslem, a Christian or a Buddhist may buy land in the Land of the Bible, but not a Jew. In the lands wherein strolled Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the children of Ishmael may do what they will with land but not the children of the Patriarchs.The thing becomes an unfunny joke.A Jew from Tel Aviv asks to buy land and is turned down.He turns around, enters a Moslem religious court and declares his fealty to Allah, emerges as a Moslem and can now buy land in Eretz Yisroel.At least Nuremberg had the logic of anti-Semitism behind it – the hatred of the gentile for the Jew.The madness of the present situation is that the ban on Jewish purchase comes from Jews. All that is needed to complete the farce is for an appeal from the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Committee, to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, citing the State of Israel for discrimination against Jews . . .

It is no answer to say that the political situation in the world demands that Israel act as she does. That very argument is the one that strips naked the secularism and the un-Jewishnesss of the Jewish government in Israel.For it is not true that the ghetto mentality of the Jew exists only in the Galut, the Exile. It is alive and sick in the Jewish State in the forms of a Jewish government which – on a dozen issues –reacts according to the yardstick: “What will the goyim say?”It is the measure of their galut minds and their utter failure to understand the nature and destiny of the Jewish people.

When the government of Israel refuses to allow Jews to purchase land in the Land of Israel; when the government of Israel extradites Jews to non-Jewish areas, even when they are citizens, Israeli soldiers and Jewish freedom fighters; when the government of Israel refuses to ban missionaries who daily prey on the poor and the economically weak; when the government of Israel is stricken daily by the disease of Ebanism (from the root‘Eban’ as in Foreign Minister)

It is a symptom of Galut mentality and the desire to create in Israel a carbon copy of the Western, liberal, assimilated ideological state.Israel has become a state with Jewish people, not a Jewish State. Its reactions are assimilated ones for it has become like all the other states, learning from them, influenced by them, slavishly following their philosophical, ideologically a slave to the goy – but because of the ghetto mentality that makes it reject Jewish exclusiveness – in the end, a political subject too

The roots of the ultimate sin of the leaders of the State of Israel lie in that they do not recognize and never did recognize that the incredible survival of the Jewish people through two millennial of incredible exile was a simple miracle. (Usually, it is the miracle that is the more simple explanation rather than the torturous explanations that go into denying it and finding some other answer).Because they do not really believe in G-d (and let us not be put off by their evasive attempts to deny their denials) they also do not believe that the Jewish people are a people of G-d, whose past survival in the midst of seventy hungry wolves of the world was accomplished only through His power and whose incredible return to the Land, after centuries that saw the passing of every nation that once existed together with the Jews in ancient times, was part of the Jewish destiny as dictated by the hand of the All Mighty.

Everything that was miraculous, holy and special about the Jews was discarded and turned into an ordinary and profane story.Because they did not believe in G-d or in the Jewish destiny as being A Divine one that MUST be and that WILL be, regardless of “natural” or “logical” obstacles, these rulers fought against all the dreamers and the visionaries and id everything to impede the Return.

When the Nordaus demanded that Jews be thrust into the Land of Israel by the hundreds of thousands, those who then and who today, still, rule the Zionist Establishment – mocked him and exclaimed: “Impractical! Where shall we put them all?How will they live?”So they died.

When Jabotinksys demanded that Jews march out of the Exile and flee the ghettos and that the aim of Zionism be declared, openly, to be that of a Jewish State, the disbelievers, the men of “practicality”, “logic”and political secularism brought forth all their mockery, the statistics and their skepticism to defeat the dreamers.

When the freedom fighters of Irgun and Stern demanded that the Jew rise up and fight for the Land of Canaan, the ruling circles of disbelievers condemned them – and condemned the entire people

In 1948, the ruling circles seriously considered putting off the declaration of a Jewish State and in 1956 they retreated from Sinai and in 1967 they listened for days to Eban and others not to go to war but rather trust the nations of the world.

The truth is, that the State of Israel, the return from Exile, the breathtaking miracles of three victorious wars, and the return to the Wall, to Jerusalem, to Hebron and to the Land of Israel, have all been miracles that have come to us not because of the rulers of Israel but despite them.For Israel is not blessed with the deep desire to be Jewish but rather with the disease of Ebanism.

Ebanism is that disease that sees Israel as a model Western, liberal, progressive state but that has no connection with the exclusive Jewish Destiny that is based upon a Jewish G-d, a Jewish heritage, a Jewish reaction and a Jewish Destiny that transcends Washington and Moscow, both.

Because Ebanism looks at the world through secular eyes, it also sees Israel’s destiny in that world as a secular one.Because there is no place for G-d and the miracle of the Jewish destiny, every political question is based not on “what should Jews do and how should a Jew react,” but on “what will the goyim say?”Because the Ebans of the Israeli cabinet do not really believe that there is a G-d, let alone a Hand of G-d that has returned His people and that will preserve their state under all circumstances, they refuse to allow Jews to buy their own land because of fear of Nixon.They return Jews to gentile prisons because of fear of Nixon.They refuse to limit the soul-snatchers of the Missions because of fear of all the Nixons, Catholic or Protestant. There is really no need to go to the trouble and expense of electing a new president of Israel.We already have one and he resides in Washington. . .No, there is no need for a new president of Israel – we need the old G-d.

We waited so long for the miracle of return and, finally, when it occurred we were cheated. We were robbed of the sweetness and the deliciousness of tis pleasure.The state for which we waited centuries became just as any other state, and the uniqueness of the Jew does not lie in a tank or jet – even if they are better than those of the gentiles. We waited for the return to the true lands of the Bible and now we have them – and no Jews can live there.Ebanism has taken a miracle and profaned it, taking it an ordinary thing.It has taken Eretz Yisroel, the unique and special land of the Jews and made it into any state, acting and reacting on the basis of realpolitik and power politics, making decisions on the basis of western secularism rather than on Judaism.This is what happens when Ebanism rules, when the waters that sprinkle the fields of policy making are drawn from the wells of Oxford and Cambridge rather than Jerusalem and Hebron.

The time is long overdue for the malady of Ebanism to be overcome with the healing herbs of Judaism.It is time for Israel to believe in G-d so that it can stop fearing man.On that day we will begin to allow Jews to purchase land in their own country; on that day we will allow Jewish freedom fighters to arrive in Israel without fear of extradition; on that day Israel will return to its true role – its only role – the servant of the Jewish people.

Written: May 18, 1973

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Light on Purim - 1986

Beyond Words” is a newly-published seven volume collection of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s writings from 1960 – 1990 that originally appeared in The Jewish Press, other serial publications, and his privately-published works.
“Beyond Words” now can be bought at On the search line, type… Beyond Words Kahane
Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 5
I have always been bemused and amused at the delightful sight of gentiles attending Jewish religious affairs and being asked to don yarmulkas, there not being the slightest reason in the world for imposing headgear on a goy.(Fortunately for the Pope and the Jews of Rome, there will be no need for such a thing on his historic, exciting, breathtaking, joyful, spine-tingling visit to the Great Rome Synagogue since, as opposed to Alexander Schindler, the Pope always wears a yarmulke)nevertheless, the yarmulking of the goy, for me, has always been an apt symbol of American Judaism itself, especially on the part of the Moderdox. I refer to the taking, not of the gentile, but of the gentilization, and the yarmulking of it, i.e., taking gentile concepts, gentile values and turning them into “Judaism.”

One stands in sheer awe at the perversion of Judaism and Jewish values by the Hellenists, the gentilized and the Moderdox, in their desperate efforts to prove to the gentile and, of course, to themselves, that western civilization with all its secularized gentilized values, is Judaism.
They whip out their semi-verses, these semi-learned, and “prove” that evil is good and good evil, darkness light and light darkness (and is that not also a verse?).
Born into Western gentilization and denizens of the fleshpots of those values, they join to decry such “non-Jewish” concepts as vengeance, joy over the destruction of the enemy, basic difference in status between Jews and gentile, and the claim that democracy and Judaism are at opposite polls.

And so, what better time than Purim to shed a little light on the fog and dark ages of the Hellenists and Moderdox alike, for few holidays more clearly emphasize all the authentic Jewish values that the yarmulkasizers of the Jewish earth so desperately attempt to bury and forget.

So, if on Purim for the Jews there was “light and gladness and joy and honor,” let us indeed shed a little light on real Judaism as seen from the holiday itself.

Lesson One:We must never seek vengeance or be happy at the fall of our enemy.
(Megillah 16a) [When Haman came to lead Mordechai on the king’s horse] “He said to him: Get up and ride.Said Mordechai: I am weak from fasting.Haman thereupon bent down [to allow Mordechai to climb on him].When he bent down, Mordechai kicked him.Haman then said: does it not say in your books ‘when your enemy falls, be not glad’?] (Proverbs 24:17)/Said Mordechai:That concerns Jews [when a Jew has an enemy who is a Jew], but with you [gentiles] it is written, ‘And you shall trample on their high places’(Deuteronomy 33:29).”
What is the Talmud saying?One, joy over the fall of a gentile enemy of the Jewish people is permitted, more, it is a mitzvah. Indeed, the whole nature of Purim, the rejoicing over the death of Haman, the stamping of the feet at the mention of his name, is rejoicing over the fall of the enemy of the Jewish people.And that is because of the next lesson: that vengeance against the enemy of the Jewish people – an enemy that is per se, the enemy of the G-d of the Jewish people – is a joy and commandment because only through vengeance, through the fall of the enemy, is G-d vindicated.For the same enemy who crowed when success smiled upon him, “There is no G-d in Israel”, by his fall proves that there is indeed One!And what does King David say?“The righteous one shall rejoice when he sees vengeance, he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.And men shall say:There, indeed, is a G-d that judges in the earth!” (Psalms 58:11-12).

But what does that do to the Hellenist-Moderdox lesson?Answer: It destroys it.And at the Purim feast, as we rejoice in the vengeance against Haman, let us drink a toast to the demise, too, of this gentilized nonsense with the yarmulka perched on its empty head.
Lesson Two:Since all people are made in G-d’s image, they must be totally equal and treated with mercy.
(Megillah 11a): “Rabbi Levi would begin [his introduction to the Megillah] with the verse: “And if you shall not drive out the inhabitants of the Land [of Israel] from before you, they will be as thorns in your eyes’ (Numbers 33:55).”
To the obvious question, what does this verse have to do with Purim, Rashi says: “So were these Jews of Persia punished because Saul had pity on Amalek [and allowed their king Agag to live].”
What is the Talmud saying?It is emphasizing that the mitzvah to drive out the inhabitants of Eretz Yisrael was a Divine, Jewish commandment and that failure to observe it would lead to punishment. It teaches that a similar injunction to wipe out Amalak, also brought down Divine wrath in the era of Purim, because it was not followed.In short, in the struggle against the enemy it is a mitzvah to fight without mercy, for as the Rabbis say: “When you go out to battle against your enemy, know that they are the enemy and not your allies.As they would have no mercy on you, have not mercy upon them” (Tanchuma, Shoftim 15).
But you say, does this not contradict the teaching of the three L’s that we must always have mercy on all people?On our enemies?The answer is, yes, it does contradict it. Because there was never such a teaching in Judaism.Mercy and pity are reserved for people who are not our enemies. For those who are, Purim teaches us something very different.

And a final less from Purim:
The Rabbis ask (Hullin 139b): “Haman min haTorah minayin?” (“Where is there a hint as to Haman in the Torah?” And they answer from the verse (genesis 3:11): “Ha’min ha’eytz asher tziviticha l’vilti echol mimenu achalta?”(Have you eaten from the tree from which I forbade you to eat?”)
The obvious question is: Why in the world must there be a hint of Haman in the Torah when Haman’s story occurred long after the Torah was written?And more – because the word “Haman” and the word “ha’min” sound alike, what is the connection between them?

The answer is, what the Rabbis are really asking is: Where in the Torah is the lesson of Haman hinted at?And the answer is that G-d, in His totality of wisdom, placed a word that sounds like “Haman” into a Torah passage that carries with it that central lesson.The passage is G-d speaking to Adam and chastising him because he disobeyed the one law that G-d gave him. He followed the dictates of his own heart and cast off the yoke of Heaven.And this, indeed, is the central lesson of Purim: The whole rise of Haman, his threat to wipe out the Jews, the near-Holocaust, came about because the Jews refused to obey G-d’s law – the wiping out of Amalak.
And of course, they disobeyed it because of ethical and moral reasons!Of course, it was because they could not believe that Judaism would ever countenance such a thing!And so, the Rabbis tell us that all that night Saul fought with himself, saying:“If the men, why the women; and if the women, why the children; and if the children, why the animals?”(Pirkei d’Rabbi Eliezer 43).Saul, a Jew who had his own ethical sense of values and concerning whom the Bible thunders: “Do not be overly righteous” (Ecclesiastes 7:16) – “Do not be more righteous than your Maker …” (Kohelet Rabbah 7).The yoke of heaven!Whether we “agree” with a mitzvah or concept or not.This is the central lesson on Purim.This is where Saul failed.
How many Sauls are there today!The Sauls of the world still live, good people, righteous people, more so than their Maker. And they too will bring down on us Divine tragedy.
Written April 11, 1986
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The Savior-The Annual Fix - 1987


The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea

September-October 1987Elul –Tishrei 5748


“He who removes from himself the yoke of Torah is given in its place the yoke of kingdom: (Avot 3)
It is an axiom that no rational Jew dare even contemplate questioning: Without the United States, Israel could not survive.It is an axiom that is repeated so often by Jewish shepherds and sheep alike, that it has succeeded brilliantly in inviting the worst kind of American pressure on the Jewish state and turning us if not into the 51st state, certainly into a pliant protectorate.The concept of the American savior has begun its inevitable metamorphosis into American extortionist – and enforcer.
And could it be different?It is only natural that an American President, hearing from the Mouths of Jewish leaders that Israel is dependent on the Unites States, sees in it a tempting door to enter and to pressure and use the leverage that this shtetl mentality gives him.And so, littler wonder that a United States that sees in Israel more and more, a vassal that cannot say “no” leans heavily and more arrogantly on it than ever.
This year alone, there were a number of outrageous, insulting infringements of Israeli sovereignty by Washington and its High Commissioner (a.k.a. Ambassador) Thomas Pickering.Any normal country with a modicum of self-respect (say, Togo or Zimbabwe) would have given Mr. Pickering his walking Pickering papers and warned the United States never again to dare use either the tone or the substance in dealing with the Jewish State.But the State of Israel, the supposed last of the ghetto and first of the new, proud Hebrews, in reality, is merely the largest of the shtels, comprised of an entire host of leaders who would put the shtetl beggar and shtadlan to shame.No ghetto Jew ever absorbed more humiliations and desecrations with greater smiling countenance, with greater ability to turn all his cheeks.No ghetto Jew ever could have performed better than the Odd Couple government in absorbing humiliation without missing a fawning beat.
First there were the tourists.On the one hand Arab-Americans and on the other the Black Hebrews.Both shared little in common except for the fact that they were American citizens who hate Israel and the Jews.Both believe that the land does not belong to the Jews. Both worked assiduously to guarantee that it will be taken away from the Jews.Both are deadly enemies of the Jewish people and the state
Little wonder that Israel looks upon every such tourist arriving in the country with deep suspicion. Little wonder that each is questioned at length and with greater care than the ordinary tourist.And so, they screamed, did these Jew-haters, screamed in protest to the American government.And Thomas Pickering’s employers ordered him to issue a stiff and outrageously arrogant protest to the Israeli government. Protest?Say, rather, an ultimatum.An affront to any government with a modicum of self-respect. Ah, but we are speaking of the Odd Couple… In a matter of days, the New Hebrews had properly groveled and announced a new set of regulations guaranteeing that Jewish enemies would no longer be harassed, would be allowed to enter the country as all others.
But then there was the question of drilling for water near Bethlehem.Israel, whose existence depends on dwindling water resources, had planned to drill just outside Jerusalem in what the Americans, Alexander Schindler, the New Jewish Agenda, Yossi Sarid and Yasir Arafat called the “occupied territories.”The Arabs set up a howl and could the Americans be far behind?Along came Pickering with yet another vigorous protest and down went Israel without even a parting shot at the High Commissioner. The drilling will not be.The cavity will continue to pain.
And with this glorious roll call of protestations, it was only a matter of time for the turn of the Lavi. A project of years into which Israel poured a billion of its own dollars (aside from U.S. ones); in which were involved some of the finest engineers and minds in Israel; which was well on its way to producing the finest plane in the world; which would, in turn, have freed Israel from its agonizing dependency on American largesse and threats (every time there is an Israeli action that particularly displeases the Americans they threaten to cut off spare parts for F-14s) - was cancelled.
Forget all the “reasons” given.Forget the nonsense and lies.Israel gave up the finest plane in the world; gave up on a billion dollars that went down the drain; gave up on hundreds of engineers who will now leave the country to find work in Italy, South Africa and the West; gave up on military independence – only because it gave in to American pressure.Only because it showed how far it has gone down the road to being a vassal-state, a protectorate, a country that cannot, in its little secular and unfaithful mind, ever say “no” to the United States on any vital issue.
And the United States, which saw in the Lavi a dangerous competitor for its own aircraft industry, understood more clearly than ever before how dependent and suppliant the state of confusion and this is how the State of Israel sees itself.It is a lesson that, one may be assured has been learned well in Washington, and the conclusions will be rapidly drawn.
The scrapping of the Lavi by the hapless government of Israel is a tragedy for Israel in every way. It deepens the terrible dependency on the gentile; it opens Israel up to many worse pressure, and above all, it shows more clearly than every before the gentilization of the Jewish state.For only a state that lost its faith in G-d and that ripped from its neck the yoke of Torah could ever have opened itself up to willingly accepting – like some dumb ox – the yoke of the gentile kingdom. A nation of faith, a government of deep belief in G-d, would have sent Pickering packing; would have turned to the Jewish people throughout the world for support and would have completed the finest plane in the world.And, of course, G-d would have helped.He always helps those who turn to Him and say: I believe, I believe.
All of which leads us directly to the subject of:
If the citizens of the United States do not feel that their interests are being served by Israel, then their obligation is to stop this economic aid.If, on the other hand, they believe that Israel serves a vital interest of the US, they should then put an end to their whining and deal with Israel as one would an equal partner who gives as he gets.
Of course, the nonsense about helping Israel because it is“the only democracy in the Middle East,” has to be stopped.Nations do not help other states because they are “democracies” or “progressive” states, or “good”.Nations have self-interests that lead them to ally themselves with other states. Those self-interests and not“morality” of the state are what determine foreign policy decisions.
It is Israel alone that gives the United States a guaranteed and safe base whenever needed. It is the Haifa naval harbor that is open to the US Sixth fleet regularly.It is in the Negev that the US stores tons of military equipment for use when needed.It is Israel that provides the Voice of America an area in which to build new, powerful transmitters.It is Israel that works hand in hand with the US to actively crush terrorism.It is Israel that flies US F-16 planes in real combat, to tell the Americans what defects exist.It is Israel that puts out of commission Soviet missiles given to the Syrians and then explains to Washington how it was done.It is Israel that captures a Soviet T-72 tank and shows it to the CIA for the first time.It is Israel whose Jericho missile makes Moscow nervous enough to protest a weapon that can reach its territory.It is Israel that has the brains, the technology, the ability to create; things that no other nation in the region has.And it is Israel that has the innate common hostility to the Soviet and other anti-western totalitarian states, shared by America.
If that is not worth the money –then stop it. Indeed the Administration has an obligation to stopwasting” American money.But, if all that ads up to a priceless asset, then let the weepers and wailers shut up and pay for what they are getting and count themselves fortunate.
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