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Memoir to a Murderer - 1989

Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 6

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Memoir to a Murderer

Who murdered them?  Who really murdered them?

There are 14 of them, as of this moment.  Fourteen murdered Jews and many others who will bear the scars of the horror on their bodies for life.  More Jewish victims of the Hillul Hashem, the desecration of the Name, that the State of Israel has become.  More Jewish victims within the State of Israel, who make a mockery of the lie and fraud emanating from the Ministry of tourism, travel bureaus and cynically deceitful Jewish leaders who babble about how much safer it is in Israel than in Harlem . . .

Jews murdered on a Jewish bus traveling the main Jewish highway between Tel
Aviv and Jerusalem.  Jews murdered by an Arab passenger who seized the wheel and drove the bus 90 feet down into a ravine.  Jews murdered in the state that promised them the opportunity “to be a free people in their own land . . .”

And the question of questions, the one that must thunder out and silence all the tiny dwarfs who regurgitate the nonsense of attacking the Arabs, and condemning the Arabs, and railing at the Arabs who have only done what only normal human being could expect of them, is:

Who really murdered the Jews on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv road in the Jewish state?

Who murdered them?  Who are the partners, the accomplices in the murder of these Jews?  Whose hands are stained with their blood?  Whose souls will forever be marked with the guilt, the sin, the crime of the murder of Jews?

Why, surely as G-d is our witness, the very same whose hands are stained with the blood of each and every other Jew murdered in cold blood  within the Jewish state over the last 18 years, to whom I have been crying out my demand.  “Expel them!  Expel the Arabs! Expel them before they murder Jews!”

Who murders Jews in Israel?  I will tell you, so that you will know and cringe and be ashamed.  Who murders Jews in Israel?  I will tell you, so that Jews will weep with broken heart for their part in it and ask G-d forgiveness and plead for atonement with the souls of the murdered Jews whose blood they helped shed.

Who murders Jews in Israel?

·        Every Jew who worships at the altar of gentilized, Hellenized, foreign culture that stands as a monument to the pagan gods of false “morality” and “humanism” and “ethics.”  Every Jew who ever babbled about “racism” and “fascism” and who obscenely compared the call for the expulsion of Arabs who would murder, massacre and exterminate Jews to the acts of Nazis, of cursed memory.  Every Jew who ever called Kahane a “Nazi,” and who called out his solidarity with the Arabs in the name of a perverted and twisted “morality” and “humanism,” murdered the Jews of the bus and every other Jew who has been murdered because the Arabs were allowed to remain in the country, thanks to them . . .

·        The governments of Israel who refused to expel the Arabs, and who, instead, banned and arrested and persecuted Kach members, murdered those Jew.

·        The leftist-controlled Israeli news media that barred Meir Kahane and that launched a jihad against him and propagated the myth of Arab-Jewish coexistence, murdered those Jews.

·        The leftists and intellectuals and the kibbutzim and those who comprise the political parties of Israel that march and demonstrate and protest and write and screech about “democracy,” and  who swear to climb the barricades and to fight Kahanism as they swear fealty to their Arab cousins, murdered those Jews.

·        The Likud and Tchiya and Shamir and Sharon and Gush Emunim, the “right-wing” and the “nationalists” who joined in the condemnation of Kahane and expulsion of Arabs, and who spread the myth of Jewish-Arab living together, murdered those Jews.

·        The American Jewish Establishment, with its condemnation of Kahane and of my demand to expel the Arabs, murdered those Jews.

·        The American liberal and leftist Jews, suffering from the Michael Lerner disease, who attacked Jews as “fascists” and embraced Arab murderers, murdered those Jews.

·        The UJA Federations and Jewish Community Relations Councils and Jewish Community Centers that poisoned the minds of the Jews of their communities with lies and slander and libel against Meir Kahane, and which refused to allow me to speak even as they invited Arabs sworn to wipe out Israel, murdered those Jews.

·        The Temple rabbis who along with their Boards and directors, refused to allow Meir Kahane a platform, and instead condemned the plan to expel Arabs as “Nazi” and “un-Jewish,” murdered those Jews.

·        The religious Jews, of Beverly Hills and Manhattan and Boro Park and everywhere else, who refused Meir Kahane a platform and who, in sublime ignorance, babbled condemnation of my plan to expel the Arabs (“We dare not antagonize the nations”), murdered those Jews.

·        The Jews of the synagogues and temples and community centers, who sat by passively and allowed me to be barred and who refused to demand my right to be heard and to convince Jews, murdered those Jews.

·        The Jews of silence, the “good and simple ones” who “support Kahane,” quietly, timidly, fearfully – and who never gave of themselves for me, who never gave me the money or public support that would have allowed me to win and expel the Arabs and save Jewish lives, murdered those Jews.

And if you who read this are one of the above, know – you helped murder Jews.  And worse, you will murder more Jews in the future.

So be ashamed.  And stop condemning Arabs, lest the wrath of the All Mighty overflow against the hypocrisy of people whose hands are red with Jewish blood and who blame others for it.  Look in the mirror and think of the murdered Jews and cry out in anguish for forgiveness.  Because in that mirror you see the murderer.
Written – July 14, 1989

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