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Rabbi Meir Kahane z'l by Paul Eidelberg

Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 7

“Beyond Words” is a newly-published seven volume collection of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s writings that originally appeared in The Jewish Press, other serial publications, and his privately-published works.
“Beyond Words” also includes a number of extra features:
Chronology of Rabbi Kahane's life.
Index of articles by subject, title, and Torah sources.
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Rabbi Meir Kahane, z”l
Written by Paul Eidelberg

He told the truth, and he died for the truth.  He told the truth about the implacable Arab-Islamic hatred of the Jews and of Israel.  He told the truth about Israel’s government, that this government is the greatest enemy of the Jewish people.  He told the truth about the many Reform and Conservative and Moderdox rabbis who feared the truth and prevented him from appearing and speaking the truth at their temples and synagogues.
It was because he told the truth about the Arabs, who now applaud Saddam Hussein and scream “Itbach al-Yahud” – “Slaughter the Jews” – that he was called a “facist.”  It was because he told the truth about the many rabbis who betrayed Torah Judaism for the baubles of popularity that he was called a “Khomeini.”

He told the truth, and he died for the truth.  He told the truth about the countless Arabs, including Arab citizens of Israel, who keep not one of the Seven Noahide Laws of Universal Morality.  He told the truth about Moslems who blaspheme against the G-d of Israel, who worship blood and glory in bloodshed, who murder and rape and mutilate each other, as well as Jews.

He told the truth about a government that lacks the courage to protect its own people from the stones and firebombs and knives of Arabs.  He told the truth about a government steeped in falsehood, a government that speaks peace, peace with a people that knows only war.  He told the truth about a government that enacted a law making it illegal to tell the truth about that people.  For this reason only was he barred from the Knesset – yea, with the help of a High Court of Injustice that allowed PLO spokesmen to remain in that miscreant assembly.

He told the truth, and was vilified by liars.  He spoke with courage, and was attacked by cowards.  He was barred from universities that welcomed PLO propagandists.  He defended Jews and justice, and was treated as a pariah.  His voice in the Knesset was a voice in the wilderness, but his words reached beyond its walls and enlightened the minds of honest Jews.

He worked tirelessly for Klal Yisrael .  He helped countless Jews in Israel and abroad.  He spoke words of Torah and brought Jewish souls back to Judaism.  His gifted articles – alas, we shall have them no more – illuminated events obscured by official darkness.  He articulated the hopes and sentiments of normal people.  He lifted their hearts, he rallied them to a cause, and he died for that cause.

He suffers no more.  But we who mourn our loss, we who feel the emptiness created by his passing, we who were strengthened by his words, let us keep his faith and carry on the struggle for which he died – the struggle for Truth.

Editor’s note:  Paul Eidelberg (Ph.D. University of Chicago), is a professor of political science at Bar Ilan University and the author of many books.
Written in The Jewish Press, November 9, 1990

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