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Only Thus - 1984

The Magazine of the Authentic Jewish Idea
Spring 5744 – 1984


Only Thus
The waves of religious insurgence grow higher in Islam and in Christianity, too.  And the gentilized Jews, who kneel daily at the altar of secularism and pagan Schindlerism, call it “fanaticism”.  Hopeless and hapless Brickners; what can they know?

The days are moving toward their appointed climax; the era of redemption is at hand it.  It is immutable, nothing can change it, and it is only for us to understand what is happening – and why.

There is a G-d.  The L-rd, G-d of Israel. He is the G-d of history, the One who created the world and who ordains what will be.  He created it, and for a purpose.  That Man shall know Him, shall worship Him, shall recognize that the L-rd is G-d.  “For then will I turn the peoples a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the L-rd to serve Him with one consent.” (Zephaniah 3).

The history of the world is one of those who “know not the L-rd.”  “Who is the
L-rd that I should hearken unto His voice… I know not the L-rd!”  The words of Pharaoh, words that I have echoed down the corridors of history, the words of those who refuse to recognize that the L-rd, G-d of Israel, IS the G-d, the only ONE.

The struggle has been a long one, a might one, against the imposters and worshippers.  Baal, Ashtoret, Kmosh, Ra, Dagon, Jesus, Allah.  All the pretenders, all the false idols and spirits and names.  And only until the final struggle is joined and the L-rd emerges in direct war with the followers of false gods, will He be One and His name One.

And so, as long as we babbled about the struggle in Israel being one between Israelis and Arabs and even Jews and Arabs, as long as the Ebans and Schindlers and other pagan ignoramuses joined the pitiful pundits in discussing the POLTIICAL, problems in the Middle East, we held back the Messiah.

But that is changing.  The spirits of Islam and Christianity arise; the Pope meets with the Moslem and they speak in RELIGIOUS terms!  Ah, that is the beginning of the end.  Welcome the Khoumenis and the Popes.  Nod as the conflict becomes a religious one. For on the day that the religious battle is joined and Moslem and Christian war on Israel in the name of their gods – on that day will the anger of the L-rd be fierce. On that day, will He destroy His enemies so that they forever know that “Unto the L-rd is the kingdom and dominion over the nations.”

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