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Interests, Not Allies - 1977

K A H A N E 

The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea

 Shivat, 5737 – February, 1977


Interests, Not Allies

The simple and simplistic Jewish instinct when examining gentiles – especially those in government – is to ask whether they are friends of the Jews, or not; anti-Semites of  “lovers of Zion…”  It is time that we buried this absurdity and realized that, one, most gentiles dislike Jews and, two, in achieving that which is good for the Jews, one need not work only with Jew-lovers since even the greatest Jew-haters can be “good for the Jews” if they can be convinced that it is also good for them.  What I am saying is that the De Gaulle axiom that there are no friends in politics, only interests, and that alliances are only temporary, is quite true.

The same DeGaulle who aided Israel so much in the early ‘60s (France was the only ally of Israel them) turned upon them brutally in 1967.  He had not changed.  When he helped Israel it was not because he loved Jews, but because he loved France and the Arabs were the enemy.  When he turned on Israel and to the Arabs seven years later, it was because he still loved France and now saw her interests with the Arabs.  Interests, not allies – this is the way the world looks at politics and let us stop whining over the French release of Arab terrorists, support of the PLO etc.  It is logical from their selfish standpoint and let the lickers of gentile boots recognize that this will not help us.  The Divine irony is at play here.  The Jew who rejects G-d and runs to the arms of his gentile, finite lovers, MUST pay the natural consequences of that foolish sin – the betrayal of the Jew by his gentile “lover.”

Let the Jew get it through his head.  The interests of the gentiles are NOT those of Israel and the Jewish state is a growing nuisance and obstacle to the United States and other countries.  When Aramco chairman, Frank Jungers, told the London magazine “Events”:  “I must condemn any (anti-boycott) laws that are opposed to American interests” and blamed “Zionist elements” for perhaps a future shift of business companies” from the US to Western Europe or elsewhere,” he was saying what the vast majority of Americans will be thinking.  Time and interests are not on Israel’s side and as long as we persist in being gentilized prostrators before the gentiles, we ill drink deeply of the bitter cup.

This winter has been called the “winter of the century” in the United States as bitter cold, heavy snows and arctic conditions have paralyzed parts of the country and brought home to Americans how important the Arab oil is to them.  When, last October, the New York Times carried a long story that quoted experts as saying that an Arab embargo would hurt America even more today than in 1973, it had nowhere nearly the same impacts as the bitter winter’s proof of American vulnerability.  Should the Arabs threaten to cut off oil by virtue of a Middle East stalemate, rest assured that this year’s bitter memories will come to the fore in the American mind.

It is told that when a rabbi went to get a donation for a poor, freezing Jew from a wealthy miser, he purposely stood in the cold so that the open door would allow the freezing weather to bring home to the miser the sufferings of the pauper.  This winter has been a lesson for Americans and a Divine warning to Jews that there will be no escape from the problem until and unless the Jew drops his naïve faith in the gentile and returns to the Almighty.

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