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Hillul Hashem and My Son Was Arrested - 1988

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July-August 1988      Tamuz – Menachem Av 5748

Hillul Hashem and My Son Was Arrested

Hillul Hashem, desecration, profanation, humiliation of the Name of the G-d of Israel, of the People of the G-d of Israel!  There is no more terrible abomination in the world that the G-d of Israel created, because the act of Hillul Hashem is the ultimate denial of G-d as the Creator of the world, of G-d as the Mover and Decreer of History and the fate of all humans.  Hillul Hashem is more than atheism; it is atheism with contempt and disdain!  It is Man defying and denying his Father; it is the axe boasting itself against him that heweth therewith.  There is nothing in this world more abominable than Hillul Hashem for there is nothing that more destroys any reason for the existence of the world than Hillul Hashem.

The tragedy is that, thanks to the intellectual and ideological perversion of Judaism by the Moderdox, the very concept of Hillul Hashem in terms of the Jewish people vis-à-vis the nations of the world, has been perverted.  The national concept of Hillul Hashem for the Jew has been twisted and destroyed by a combination of ignorance and deliberate counterfeiting Hillul Hashem, in national terms of the Jewish people, in terms of G-d and the Nations, in terms of G-d’s relations to the world, is the denial and rejection by the gentiles of the reality and very existence of the L-rd, G-d of Israel, as the Divinity.  When the Christian raises his banner of the divinity of Jesus and the Moslem raises the flag of Allah and when the Buddhist and pagan claim as Divine the ones to whom they pray and thus deny the Divine Oneness and exclusivity of the L-rd, who is G-d of Israel and giver of the One and only true Law – this is Hillul Hashem.  That is proclaiming that the L-rd, G-d of Israel, as defined Judaism, does not exist.  This is Hillul Hashem in the precise, exact definition of the Hebrew word “Hillul”, coming from the root “halal”, vacuum or space.  It is the proclamation that the L-rd, G-d of Israel, is emptied, disappeared, missing, non-existent when the gentile denies the definition of G-d as the L-rd, the G-d of Israel as defined in the Torah, he proclaims that definition, that G-d to be non-existent, to be emptied from this world.  He commits the ultimate sin of Hillul Hashem.

And the ultimate contempt for the G-d of Israel the ultimate way of gentile Hillul Hashem is the deliberate attack and humiliation of the Jewish people – the people of the L-rd, G-d of Israel.  The gentile who insults and humiliates the Jew, declares with open contempt that he has no fear of the L-rd, G-d of the Jews, for he denies His very existence.  The gentile who tramples upon, who persecutes, who murders the Jew, expresses his conviction that he has nothing to fear from a G-d of Israel who does not exist.  The gentile who massacres and exterminates and Holocausts the Jew, stands by the gas chambers and crematoria and mocks the Jew by roaring: “Where now is your G-d?  It is the ultimate Hillul Hashem!  It is the underlining of the worlds of the Biblical commentator Rashi: “The degradation of Israel is Hillul Hashem!”

Not since the ultimate Hillul Hashem, the Nazi Holocaust, has there been such a desecration, humiliation and denial of the existence of the L-rd, G-d of Israel, as there is today in the State of Israel.  And is not that the ultimate of the ultimate humiliation!  The Jewish State becomes the repository of the most extreme and elemental of humiliation of G-d!  How little we understand the real meaning of the events that are taking place today in Israel!  How little we understand the Jewish, Judaistic meaning of the State of Israel!  How gentilized have become the Jews, how gentilized have become even so many upon whose heads bob yuppie yarmulkes and wondrous wigs.

The State of Israel itself came into being through G-d’s hand as an expression of Kiddush Hashem, as His answer to the contemptuous gentile Holocaust that was the ultimate expression of the contemptuous Hillul Hashem.  To the gentile, to the Holocausters who sneered, “Where then is your G-d?” the State of Israel was meant to roar: “Here, in the Jewish power and victory and return exactly as pledged by the L-rd, G-d of Israel, in His Book of Books!”

And the Jew, the gentilized Hebrew, the Jew of Hellenism, understood nothing.  Himself a denier of the Almighty as his own G-d; himself a person to whom destiny and events are totally unrelated to the G-d of Israel and Jewish belief in Him – everything that occurs is “political” and part of man’s decision and human plans.  And so he understands nothing about the nature of what is happening today in Israel, he cannot begin to fathom that each day and each event reeks of Hillul Hashem.

Likud Minister of Labor Moshe Katzav proposed to deal with the plague of stoning and firebombing of Jewish cars by erasing the present system of dual license plates, one kind for Israelis and the other for Arabs of the liberated lands.  Katzav says that under the present system, the Arabs can tell which is an Israeli (read Jewish) vehicle and which is an Arab one and they know which to stone or firebomb.  And so, says the proud Likud Jewish nationalist, if we make all the license plates the same, Arabs, will not know which cars to stone or firebomb.

What is far more important is the Hillul Hashem that is in this.  Twenty-one years ago when the Israeli Hellenists decided to set up the system of separate license plates the reasoning was that we so controlled the situation that we should insure that Arabs who would wish to pass for Jews should have identifying plates.  Today, after 21 years of Hellenist rule (including 11 of Likud), things are so bad that we have decided that for our own safety we should allow the Arabs to look like us so that they will not stone us.  Hillul Hashem with a vengeance!

Every stone that is thrown at a Jew in the Jewish State; every firebomb; every Jew who is beaten and attacked and insulted by an Arab; every Jewish forest and field that is burned, is an example of Hillul Hashem. It is not the Jew alone who is being attacked.  It is the L-rd, G-d of Israel, the G-d of the Jews who is no longer feared, no longer believed in, who is humiliated and denied That is what the intifada is – a huge mass of Hillul Hashem!

Every day that goes by that sees the accursed Moslem Wakf controlling the sacred Temple Mount of the Jewish people, is Hillul Hashem.  Every day that the accursed mosques stand upon the Mountain of the G-d of Israel, is Hillul Hashem.  Every day that the Jew stands quietly and allows this horror is in itself the very apex of Hillul Hashem!  And we will pay for it.  Terribly.

That is why I thank G-d and I am overjoyed that my son, walking through the Old City of Jerusalem with his fellow Kach Yeshiva students, rose up against Arabs who dared to attack Jews and fought them and beat them.  I am filled with despair as I see the Exile in full bloom in the Jewish State; as I see a state that arose in order to sanctify the Name of G-d, turn into a crude and horrible example of Galut desecration of it.

And that is why I thank G-d for a son who, in a little, little way, wiped away that humiliation, added just a little Kiddush Hashem to the present humiliation.  My son was arrested in Jerusalem last week.  He spent a day in prison.  Thank G-d for such a son.  Please G-d, if I am given power, such a thing will never have to occur again.

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