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The Destruction Of The IDF - 1984

The Magazine of the Authentic Jewish Idea
Spring 5744 – 1984

The news that at least 20 Israeli soldiers were sentenced and jailed for refusing to serve in Lebanon and/or the territories, comes on top of the sentencing by a military court of four soldiers for the “crime” of  “excessive force” against the Arab rioters in the territories.  They both emerge in the context of the horrendous Kahan Commission report.  The entire scenario adds up to one of the slow but efficient destruction of the Israeli Defense Forces as an effective and moral force in the defense of Israel against the extermination.
The only weapon our enemies possess to destroy the superior forces of the I.D.F. is the one of internal corrupting of the Jewish soul. The rot of propaganda aimed at questioning the moral and ethical stands of Israel has begun to bear fruit and we are witness to the same inner destruction of the Israeli army and sense of self-confidence in the justice of the Jewish cause, as occurred in the United States over Vietnam.  And that which occurred to the United States – today a paper tiger unable to screw up the courage to take any kind of a military stand that calls for deep sacrifice – slowly builds up in the Jewish State that lost its Judaism, then its Zionism and, today, thanks to the anarchists of the Liberal-Left, its very belief in itself.
 When one fights the enemy, let it be clear that the purpose is to destroy him.  The alternative is just as clear:  He will destroy you.  War is not immoral, per se; at times it is a mitzvah, a commandment, hence the Jewish concept of milchemet mitzvah, a war of obligation or commandment.  To destroy evil is a commandment.  To defend Jewish lives is a commandment.  To defend the territory of the Land of Israel is a commandment.  To destroy those who humiliate and desecrate G-d’s name is a commandment.
And not to understand this is to guarantee that we will lose our wars because we have lost our sense of real justice and the righteousness of our cause.  The Kahan Commission is only the latest and worst of the blows but the price is not new.  For years, Israeli soldiers have been held back and punished when attempting to use the only language that rioting Arabs understand.  Tens of Israeli soldiers have died, needlessly, as the result of the gentilized concept of “tohar haneshek” (purity of arms) that forced them to fight without airpower or artillery because civilians were in the area.  Let it be clear; the civilians were enemy civilians.
One can see the handwriting on the crumbling walls.  The gentilization of Israel breeds a lack of faith in its own righteousness.  The IDF will fall victim to all the gentilized conceptual trash that destroyed the U.S.  The lesson is clear.  The real Jewish enemy is the Hellenism within the gates.  Destroy it.
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