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Arab-Jewish Partnership In Eretz Yisrael - 1981


Rabbi Meir Kahane

Arab-Jewish partnership in Eretz Yisrael 

There are scores of variations on the theme of de-Zionizing and de-Judaizing Israel.  Each of them involves making the state less Jewish, in the absurd hope that that will satisfy the Arabs.  Thus, a group called Shutafat (“Partnership”) is established by a Jewish intellectual as a “union for creating conditions of partnership between Arabs and Jews.”  Question:  How does one create a “partnership” in which one of the partners insists that he be the senior one?  Surely by making both equal co-owners in the business – and there goes Zionism.  Is that what shutafut wishes?

Of course, the true absurdity in this is that the Arabs do not want partnership in the land they sincerely believe is theirs, especially when they believe that time and conditions are on their side.  Why, the very rise of such a group convinces them that the Jews are fearful of the future, for otherwise why should they who control the state-bother to try to make the Arabs “partners”?  Certainly, the Arabs, would never do such an insane thing if they were a majority.  The Arabs do not want shutafut, partnership: they wish to control the land they will call Palestine.”

In reality, Shutafut’s political program is vague or nonexistent.  For all practical purposes, it reverts to the old “head-and-stomach” philosophy of helping Arabs to a better life as a means of having both sides reach “goodwill” and coexistence.”  Nevertheless, although its “program” is political vague and meandering, its entire spirit breathes “de-Zionization.”  Almost instinctively, the group seems to understand that a Zionist Jewish state and Arab-Jewish “love” are contradictions.  And so, while its practical projects are those of “head-and-stomach,” the real goal is the surrender of the exclusively Jewish state in favor of “equal” partnership in which Arabs will love Jews. The inevitable failure of the effort will stem from the fundamental contempt that the gentile has for a Jew who, having no self-respect, can clearly never respect him.

The Arab-Jewish problem in Israel has nothing to do with lack of integration, jobs, education, or toilets.  It has nothing to do with stomachs or heads.  It is the desire of a minority (once a majority) that was humiliatingly defeated to be sovereign in what it considers its own land.  It is the problem of a Jewish state that says nothing emotionally, spiritually, nationally, or culturally to the non-Jewish Arabs.  It is a question of a state with a bewildered Declaration of Independence drafted by confused and bewildered men-whose universal values, clashed with their Jewish ones, leaving them troubled and guilt-ridden.  It is the problem of a democratic option that can eliminate the Jewish state at the ballot box.

It is a question of democracy.  It is a question of demography.  It is a question we must ask ourselves: Are we prepared to commit national suicide?

No two peoples so different in every way can possible share the same country.  The world is filled with examples of the rise of nationalism and separation that promise for Israel the horrors that today are international realities.  We need only look at a world torn by particularism to realize the folly of the belief that Jews and Arabs can coexist in Eretz Yisrael

There is nothing new or startling about this.  The signs of Arab intellectual hatred of
 Israel and deep desire for the dismantlement were obvious to all who wished to see.

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