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And Fifth Avenue - 1976


And Fifth Avenue (March 19, 1976)
If the return to the Land is a key obligation and precondition to the hurried final redemption in this era of Kiddush Hashem, then let us understand yet another basic axiom for our time.
The situation for the State of Israel by any “logical” and “realistic” yardstick is grim.  I read a statement by Israel Ambassador Haim Herzog some time ago, in which he cheered the results of the U.N. anti-Zionist resolution, saying: “I saw the Zionist resolution as a fatal error on the Arab’s part. The PLO, who proposed it, were too dense to appreciate what it meant.  But, I think many Arab states realize their mistake now…”
Indeed.  Another few such “victories: and we are undone.  The Arab states so realized their mistake that immediately thereafter they were able to push through a General Assembly resolution threatening Israel with sanctions by the lopsided vote of 84-17.  This followed another Herzog statement “there is a ground swell (in the UN) against expulsion or suspension.”  The anti-Zionist resolution was such a boomerang against the Arabs that the PLO was invited to sit in at a Security Council session and the United States did not veto it.  Herzog has been known in the past to make equally clever statements.  On the David Frost show when we appeared together, he criticized an Arab for wanting to dismantle Israel and create a Palestine State by saying: “One cannot turn the clock back.”  The remarkable comment that Arabs could not turn the clock back 25 years came from a Zionist who applauded the Jewish turning back of the clock of history a mere 2,000 years…
What am I saying?  I am saying that we are dealing with Jewish leaders in Israel and in the United States who understand nothing about what is happening.  Who have become so assimilated in their ideas, so “gentilized”, that they simply are incapable of understanding the Jewish view of our era.
Rationally and realistically it is time to stop listening to the mad, blind Jewish leaders who whistle in the dark as they lead us down to the chopping road to tragedy.  The facts are as follows:
The Arabs are growing stronger daily.  They will not go to war tomorrow but they slowly prepare, all the while their numbers growing, the quality of soldiers improving, their vast oil funds buying arms from East and West, the huge arms purchases of Arabia and Kuwait being at the disposal of the Arab “confrontation” states.  Israel faces a huge and powerful enemy that is committed to the total destruction of a Jewish State of any size or shape and Arab oil and influence have isolated Israel in the political and economic arena; the Untied States inexorably moves to disengage itself from a position of Israeli ally to a neutral state that places great pressure on Israel to make suicidal concessions.  Very soon, the “Palestine” question will move front – and center and America will give de facto recognition to the PLO, which will lie and say that it recognizes Israel, with conditions.  That will be enough for Ford (and it is time that we stopped concentrating merely on Kissenger, who is on his way out) and Israel will face brutal blackmail to sit with the PLO and to withdraw from ALL the liberated lands.  Israel’s economy is in worse shape than anyone realizes and this, plus the treat of extinction, drives and will drive evermore Israelis to leave the country while Aliya will continue to nosedive.
Facts, dear Jews, facts. Facts that add up to an isolation of Israel and a hopeless forecast.  Hopeless, but only if you think like the gentiles that we have become.  G-d!  Faith in the Jewish G-d of history.  This is the answer; this is the only rationale answer. All the rest is nonsense and self-deception.  A return to Him and His Torah and a return to the faith that calls upon us to stand firm in the face of the nations who “know not the L-rd” and who desecrate His name by refusing to acknowledge His dominion. Faith that is manifested in a refusal to recognize a “Palestine” which is a contradiction of Zion.  Faith that refuses to violate Jewish Law by giving up the liberated lands (let us stop using that obnoxious term “occupied territories” or “conquered territories” that Orthodox Rabbis on Fifth Avenue do).  Faith that demands immediate, unlimited settling of Eretz Yisrael – Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan.  Faith that recognizes that retreat in the face of pressure and fear is a diminution of the miracle of 1967 and the Sanctification of G-d’s Name.  Faith that understands that no armies and no amount of weapons can defeat the Jewish people and Jewish State that stand by G-d and has Him stand by them.  Faith that if we return to Him, He will return to us.  “Not one inch” and “There is no Palestine” are more than political slogans.  They are religious commandments and affirmations of Jewish faith.  There is no other way.  And as we follow this path, redemption and glorious salvation will be ours tomorrow.

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