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The Only Hope - Part 1 1977

“K A H A N E”

The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea

Nissan -5737   April-1977


“And He gave them the lands of the nations… that they might keep His statues and observe His laws.” (Psalms 104)

The willful refusal to recognize calamity is the surest guarantee of its not being realized.  And so, those who truly love Israel are obliged to be willing to look, to see, and recognize the potential calamity that is almost immutable unless immediate, radical action is taken.

Like some Biblical déjà vu, set against a backdrop of prophecy, the words echo across the ages: “From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness…” The state of Israel that just two decades ago, in the wake of an incredible war of Six Days, saw its Jewish armies sweep away enemies, sweep across the lands of the Bible to close the circle of history.  The state of Israel that twenty years later, has plunged from a height of spiritual certainty, confidence, vision, and sense of destiny, to the depths of gloom, depression, and, yes, real fear.  “She has that was great among the nations…how is she become tributary.” (Lamentations 1)

More than a year of rioting and uprising in the liberated territories – as the army of the Six-Day miracle is, inexplicably, incapable of putting down rock-throwing youths.  A Jewish State that was so supremely confident in its power and future, in its allies and support in the international community, in the twinkling of an historical eye, finds itself condemned, isolated, become the proverbial Biblical lamb surrounded by seventy (say, rather 150 and more) wolves.  The nation that was so certain of both its power and its internal support becomes a state gripped by real fear of the future, of isolation, of fear itself.

The Arabs.  But two decades ago, they sat in fear and terror as they waited for the Jew to expel them, and worse. And the Jew – fearful of the world and lacking in faith in G-d to the end – allowed the golden opportunity to slip through history.  And so, today, a new “Palestinian” has arisen who knows not the fear of the Jew but whose confidence in his ultimate ability to destroy Israel grows as the bumbling, bungling, confused Israeli policy of no-policy stumbles along.  To the Arab stones and firebombs, there is nothing but a confused, contradictory Jewish policy that ties the hands of soldiers, frustrates them, endangers them and even puts them on trial for reacting normally.  To the political and diplomatic initiatives of “Palestinians”, which demand a Palestinian state and “justice”, the hapless and hopeless Israeli politicians offer only a continuation of what is clearly an occupation (as both Right and Left fear to annex the liberated lands of Eretz Yisrael and thus proclaim both justice and Jewish sovereignty).

A “Palestinian” state becomes more and more a reality.  A state that would be a dagger aimed at Israel’s heart, a mere phase in the total Arab dream of Israel’s elimination.  A “Palestinian” state looms ever larger and ever closer as the hapless Israelis frantically discuss “autonomy” and “elections” and “international peace conferences” and “dialogues” – and the “Palestinians” see and hear and understand that all of this has come about only because of Jewish weakness and lack of confidence and growing fear.  Nothing is more calculated than Jewish concessions to insure the continuation and growth of the uprising.  And every Jew murdered and burned and every Jewish vehicle attacked and every time Jewish fear rises to new heights so that Jews fear to walk or ride in yet more parts of their land – the desecration of the Name grows and Arab appetite and confidence leap forward.

And parallel with Arab confidence and hope moves Jewish guilt and despair.  “The stranger within your midst shall climb higher and higher and you shall descend lower and lower.”

A Jewish state that was united in supreme confidence of the justice of its cause now sees segments of its own people, stricken with moral madness and blindness as they flagellate themselves, berating and beating themselves with the whips of masochism.  Incredibly, they compare their state and people to the Nazis!  Unbelievably, they equate the Palestinians who would wipe us out if they could, to their own Jews, the blameless victims of the Holocaust!

In their hands, the news media – including state TV and radio – become brutal and daily-nightly weapons of guilt and self-hate, eroding the morale and moral conscience of the Jew, with a barrage of warped and corrupted condemnation of normal sense of self-preservation.  The murderous Arab becomes an innocent victim of the Jewish-Nazi-like brutality and the sense and certainty of the justice of the Jewish cause becomes less and less clear to the Jewish victim of the left-liberal self-haters.

And thy are joined by fellow-lemmings of the Mosaic faith from the west, who in an inexplicable but ghostly Jewish galut psychosis, have a need to love every aberration that creeps on the earth, including those that would destroy the Jew.

And the deeply troubled liberal intellectual and “artistic” types, who are inevitably to be found moralizing at the expense of others, come out of their holes of ego and self-importance as they prattle and preach “love” and “peace” to the mere mortals of the Jewish people.  The very same liberals who would not allow Jewish “extremists” and “racists” to darken their temple or school or office, fairly fly to embrace the semi-bearded and fully blooded arch-murderer, Arafat.  They spit in the graves of the hundreds and thousands of Jews massacred and murdered by the “Palestinians” and frantically lay the groundwork for a similar fate for many more.

The demon of demography roars with satanic laughter as the huge Arab birthrate and the pitiful Jewish one (with the advice and consent of abortions, an absurdly low rate of aliyah and soaring flights of Israelis to the lands of hope in the west) combine to threaten the continued existence of Israel as a Jewish State.  The Galilee is already majority Arab; the ‘little’ “Triangle” that lies just back of the Mediterranean coast with its Jewish heartland, is a solid block of 200,00 Arabs (Israelis)’ cities such as Acre and Jaffa and Ramle and Lydda are laboratory studies in the transformation of Jewish cities into Arab ones.  That which Arab rocks and bullets have not succeeded in doing, Arab babies can.  Demography and democracy – the catastrophe that hovers over Israel’s future.

A Jewish State, created for a people that suffered untold tragedy because it had no sovereign state of its own that it could control, is faced with the presence of a large and growing minority of Arabs who differ from them in every way and who see the Jews as robbers of their “Palestine”.  These are Arabs who live inside Israel, who are citizens, who vote, who threaten to become the majority or at least an impossibly large minority.  The blunt contradiction between Zionism-Judaism and western democracy is glaring as Israel faces a clear threat to its existence either through Arab bullets or babies.

The economy crumbles, as factories are bankrupt, and kibbutzim, moshavim, and Histradrut enterprises – the pride of Labor Mafia – dip their hands into the national pocket, to cover the disastrous results of their own arrogant polices of robber-barony.  Unemployment zooms; hidden unemployment continues its tragic destruction of the economy; interest rates are outrageous even by the most capitalistic standards; people seek to flee the country and escape anywhere, even as aliyah dries up.

And the Holy Land of the Holy People becomes a social and moral cesspool, the depository and repository of all the moral corruption, filth and perversion of sacred values that were once the province of a people that prided itself on its Chosenness.  Values that are at best shallow, and at worst non-existent.  The people that stood tall at Sinai stoops to gorge itself from the mud of the nations.

And in the face of all this, the cynicism and bankruptcy of the political parties of Israel, reach new heights – lows.  A state cursed with problems of gigantic magnitude is doubly plagued by leaders of impressive tinyness.  Almost two months of the shallowest, most ignominious of back and front-room machinations, promises, lies and cynical pledges followed by even more cynical breaking of the word; and finally a government of national paralysis, as Israel’s two-headed hydra is resurrected.

The state is burning and the political parties are obsessed with narrow party and factional interests.  It is truly a time for weeping as tragedy grips us and there is so little time, so little time.  The destiny of the Jewish people, the iron law that is unbreakable and unmoving, is the cry of, “If you shall walk in my statues…” Then, and only then, is there hope. 

And so, with the time running out there must be a total substantive change in the very form of the government, a radical transformation that will allow those forces that grasp and cleave to the authentic Jewish Idea to save the Jewish State and people from their enemies – and from themselves.  There must be a transfer of power by the people to a new system of strong and forceful government. 

There must be – in these waning moments before tragedy strikes us – a democratic demand by the people to freeze democracy and allow a strong Jewish hand, a truly Jewish hand, to take over the rudder of the ship that, today, d rifts, toward the shoals and rocks of catastrophe.
Continued next week “The National Referendum To Save Israel.
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