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Of Russians And Syrians And All The Rest -1983

“ K A H A N E”

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Summer 5743 -1983



Of Russians and Syrians And All The Rest

A remarkable thing is happening on the northern borders of Israel.  There have always been Arabs there but today there are others, indeed, a whole host of peoples from north, south, east and west.  And Russians and Americans.

The gropers and other blind will see in this the ordinary, the shallow, the starkly obvious.  The presence of the Americans is seen as a natural extension of Reaganism.  The entry of the French and Italians is understood as a necessary adjunct to the entry of Americans as part of the multinational force.  The Irish, Fijis, Norwegians and Dutch are part of the normal Untied Nations intervention.  The Russians have appeared as part of their political need to prevent western influence in the Arab world.  All logical and clear.  Except for those who have Jewish eyes to see.

If one does not even bruise a finger in this world except that it is ordained above, what shall Jews, who really believe, say about what is unfolding in the Middle East?  What we see is the beginning of the final act of the final era.  The beginning of the redemption that unfolded with the rise of Israel in 1948 has entered the final stage and the end approaches.  Those who never saw the beginning of the redemption can, of course, not understand its final stage.  But it comes and the Russians and Syrians and all the nations that suddenly appear on the borders of Israel, are harbingers of the terrible and needless suffering upcoming.

The babbling blind who rush about searching for peace and tranquility must somehow be made to understand that there can be no peace now or ever except in one way; that the final redemption can come about in only one of two ways and there is absolutely no other way.  And that the Jew and the world are bound by a destiny that they cannot escape and that they must bow to, and that from these iron laws of history there is no flight. “If you walk in my statues… I will give peace unto the land.” Those are the thunderous words of the Torah and there is no escape from them.  Peace and tranquility and escape from suffering can come only by our bending our neck beneath the yoke of G-d.  There is no other way.  And the redemption can finally come in only one of two ways.  If we bow to G-d and follow His laws it will come immediately and majestically.  If not, it will come, but only preceded by the terrible anguish and pain that He has warned against.  This is the iron law of G-d; there is no other way.

The awful gathering of the hordes of Gog and the nations that shall accompany him, has begun.  The Russians are coming, and the Syrians and all the others.  The world has discovered the Jews.  The entire world is gathering against us.  We can destroy them utterly and with glorious majesty – if we deserve it by bowing to His will.  If not, it will soon become clear even to the blindest that the Prophets spoke of our very times. The Russians are here, and the Americans, and it is the beginning of the end.

The Flood That Cometh

Ronald Reagan will surely go down in history as the Avon Man, the great Cosmetic salesman of our time.  Rarely has a man so shallow in both intellect and policy been more successful in covering up his emptiness and a cosmetic façade of success.  And never was that more evident than at the ludicrous Williamsburg summit which avoided every conceivably difficult and crucial issue in the name of some remote concept called “unanimity” whose origins lay in the Reagan need to show glittering success so that his campaign for a second Presidential term will be successful.

Thus, the Grand Canyon of Presidential shallowness uses all the clever tricks of the acting trade, a device that every great political actor, such as Menachem Begin, so well knows will capture the minds of the mindless Golems called “the people.”  So who speaks about the real problems of the West – the insoluble unemployment question, and issue that now increasingly includes millions of intellectual proletarians, the harvest of too many university graduates who cannot find the too few jobs, the result of liberal insanity that agrees that everyone must go to college?  Who speaks about the issue of western deficits which can never be cut because the people would never stand for it and the weak politicians give the mob all they demand lest their refusal to do so result in their ouster from power?  Who speaks of the inexorable rise in interest rates that are the result of this insanity, a thing that will abort any recovery before it begins?  Who speaks of the fact that the west has permanently priced itself out of world markets and ahs lost forever jobs and industry to the cheap-labor Third World? Who speaks of the greed of people encouraged by the cynical politicians who then become victims of their own rhetoric and who cannot tell the people the bitter economic and social truths?

And so the tiny politicians and the frightened ones remain silent in a mass case of Louisltis (“Apres mol le deluge…”)   And that flood surely cometh in overwhelming measure as part of the Divine hand of Fury at the nations.  There is no stopping it and for the Jew who remains behind in the exiles there is only the prospect of utter calamity.

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