Monday, November 22, 2010

Listen World Listen Jew -1980

Rabbi Meir Kahane


Written in 1980

A certain resolution on Zionism has been passed at the United Nations.  In reality, it is a resolution on Judaism.  It is important that a reply be give.  It is important that the world know precisely what Zionism is and what the Jewish people are:

It is important that the nations hear our proclamation: Listen world; I am Zionist, I am a Jew!”

And listen too, Jew.  Listen so that you will understand yourself who you are and what and why.  For there is no escape from it even if one should be so foolish as to desire to flee the greatness and majesty of the Jewish destiny.  Listen so that you will be able to stand proud and tall and know what to reply with dignity and not hesitant defensiveness.  So that you will know from where you came and to where you go, without the former to is impossible to know the latter.

“Our feet are standing within thy gates O Jerusalem.” – and they will never leave.  This is Zionism, and the Untied Gentiles call it “Racist” and debate how to take my city away from me.  Foolish world; sooner will the sun fail to rise tomorrow.  The Jews have come home to their Zion and have welded their city together with a fierce tightness that none least of all the humor that is the United Nations can sunder.  A people which patiently bides its time for millennia will not easily – ever – give up its state and capital.

[This article’s last paragraph speaks directly to the Popes and Obamas of the world.] B.G.

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