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The Bulldozers Of Hate -1987





This is the background.  That is the record of people and parties who screech in hate against Kahane.  And it is that background and that record that help so much to explain the sickness of soul and the capacity of these people today.  Those who killed and trampled on Jews yesterday are clearly capable of repeating it today in their unadulterated, blind, psychopathic hatred of Kahane and of what has come to be called “Kahanism.”  Not the slightest willingness to meet and intellectually discuss the very real issues.  Hate, only hate.  And murder, in the eyes and in the souls of the haters.  The hate and murder that come from a long left liberal-humanist tradition.  The hate and murder that blind and block all reason, logic, normalcy.  The hate and murder that turn man into a savage beats, lusting and yearning to lash out and kill.

The hate and murder that lays bare the sheer hypocrisy of “democrats” who call for the shutting of mouths and the utter fraud of “humanists” calling for physical violence against those they oppose.  The naked contradiction of soul of liberals who call for the end of rights and freedoms for those they consider dangerous to their views.

And so, the Kach Movement prepares for its annual convention.  It applies for a hall in Jerusalem’s Convention Center, owned by the Jewish Agency, the public body set up to coordinate Zionist activities between Israel and Jews in the exile.  Arye Dulzin, the chairman of the Jewish Agency, a corpulent, wealthy Mexican Jew refuses the application.  He bitterly differs with Kach’s policies, will not allow the public hall to be rented by a Zionist political party that sits in the Knesset.  The night before the scheduled convention, the Communist Party has the hall for a concert featuring a Soviet Moslem singer.  No doubt a radical Zionist.

The court forces the Jewish Agency to rent the hall.  That, it turns out, is the easy part.  The second half of the problem, the storm troopers of the left, is not so easily disposed of.

: Large ads appear in all the papers.  They read:  “There is no place for Kach in our country.”  Peace Now and a host of other leftist groups, including one called Ma’ane – an umbrella group formed to fight Kahane – openly proclaim their intention to stop the convention; thousands of leftists are bused in from kibbutzim and other cities.  A large PLO flag is carried as well as banners against Kahane, Kach and “racism.”  Leftist and Arab Knesset members speak; Teddy Kollek brays.  The message is the same: Stop the “fascists.”

As Kahane arrives, the leftists grow mad with rage.  The police succeed in getting Kahane through the crowd into the hall, but Kach members are attacked and physically beaten.  The police, after an hour of indifference, now give the Border Patrol, the tough special police force known for its sympathy to Kahane, orders to push the leftists back.  In a letter to the Histradrut paper, Davar, one of the leaders of the anti-Kahane crusade, veteran leftist Dov Yirmiya writes: “I am a criminal; I broke the law when I burst the barriers near Convention Center to stop the arch-racist.  I broke the law and am proud of it.”

Gideon Rafael, former director-general of the Foreign Ministry writes in the Jerusalem Post, calling for a mass violation of the law in order to stop Kahane.  He says: “A human wall of non-violent but steadfast resisters can make the slogan, ‘Kahane shall not pass’, an irresistible reality, a wall that stands firm even if confronted by baton-wielding mounted police.”  And Rafael exemplifies the babbling and dangerous “progressive democrat” as he continues: “It is unthinkable that the political authority responsible for the police would permit it to trample down non-violent defenders of Israel’s democracy.”  Translation:  Since we have decided that Kahane is dangerous, we expect the political minister who runs the police to give orders to them to allow us to break the law and prevent Kahane from speaking.

A leaflet at a Kahane rally, issued by the Israeli socialist left, is headed: “He has no right to speak!”  Its operative sentence reads: “Preventing Kahane and his associates from their racist incitement is a remarkable example of civic action and no factor, government or other, has the right to stop us.”

Young children are mobilized by the leftists to come to Kahane rallies with whistles and to shout him down.  Leftist writer Teddy Preuss, writing in the newspaper Davar, says: “In view of the apathy of the Knesset, citizen organization is the last barrier to fascism.  By organizations, I mean the taking of steps more practical than whistles.  How the mounted police will behave is not difficult to imagine, but this is the danger that the supporters of democracy must take upon themselves.”

The call is to smash the law and destroy the opposition. All this I have seen.  The twisted faces, the obscene gestures, the curses, the hate.  The face of those who want a civil war.  Once again, the face of The Season.

How important, how terribly important it is for all to know them, as they truly are.  No one can even begin to understand their awesome sickness of soul and thus learn to discount their vicious lies and wild, savage defamation, unless he really knows their past, their awful crimes, their terrible readiness to stop at nothing to crush those who stand in their way.

And those in the Exile.  The Jewish leaders, the feudal barons of the Exile.  How they hate and fear Kahane and move heaven and earth to silence him there.  How they frantically use their awesome money and power that has created such a feudal empire, to attempt to prevent Kahane from appearing before Jews.  They who control Jewish public funds and disperse to only those institutions they see as acceptable. Through the weapons of fear and monetary blackmail, they rule unfettered, never elected by the community, never questioned by the bleating flocks.  Benevolent despots, they move patronizingly among their fawning serfs, dispensing favors and honors, sure of both their power as well as of the timidity, apathy, fear and docility of the serfs.  But when a rebel rises up and when he dares to cry out the truth of their nakedness, their ugliness, their threat to the very existence of the sheep, the flocks, the Jews – then the fangs are bared, the ugliness revealed.  Then the fascists arise!

They are frozen at the thought of Kahane describing their own Establishment’s emptiness, of their having sat quietly by during the Holocaust, of their apathy concerning Soviet Jewry, of their policies of “the melting pot” and interfaith and all the rest that led to the spiritual destruction of hundreds of thousands of Jewish youth.

They are terrified at having Jews asked by Kahane the simple question:  Do you agree that Arabs have the right to democratically, peacefully, quietly and non-violently become the majority in Israel and vote the Jewish state out of existence?  They shudder at Kahane describing the weekly murders of Jews in Israel; the incredible assimilation and growth of intermarriage in Israel between Jews and Arabs; the clear, logical, painfully obvious fact that Arabs in Israel do not want to live in a Jewish state and will do everything possible to make sure that their national anthem will not be the “Hatikva” that speaks of “the soul of a Jew yearning.”  They resent Kahane’s laying out of the basic contradiction between western democracy and a Jewish state.

Above all, their blood chills at the Kahane message to his Jewish audience:  Who elected your Jewish leaders?  Who elected the feudal barons who control Jewish funds; allocate Jewish moneys, run the community as their fiefdom?  They, who are so bankrupt, can never allow Kahane to tell the Jewish community: Your Jewish leaders are bankrupt!

And so they must attempt to silence Kahane, and the methods they use do not matter.  You ask:  If Kahane is so insane and so wrong, why not debate him and before millions of people, destroy him once and for all?  A magnificent question. Why not debate Kahane; he will destroy him.  And so, when Kahane comes to any Jewish city and demands a debate or meeting, they run in terror.  Of course they tell the news media that their that their reason is that they do not wish to “legitimatize” Kahane.  But the truth is clear.  The same ones who will meet with Arabs because “one must meet with those with whom we differ….”; the ones who, if Farrakhan wrote and asked for a meeting to “dialogue,” would fall all over themselves – these can never meet with Kahane.  For the Arabs and Farrakhan are really not threats to the Jewish feudal barons.  Kahane is.  He rips away their pretensions.  He tells the sheep:  Look at your shepherds, your murderers…

The feudal barons are terrified of Kahane.  The thought of the Knesset member being heard by Jews is so nightmarish to them for the sublimely simple reasons that they know that once Kahane has an opportunity to meet and speak with Jews, the ugly and false image that ahs been so perfidiously constructed will melt away as snow in the warm spring sun.

The fat, the powerful, the frightened.  Kahane frightens them more than any Jew since the rise of Israel.  For he speaks of a total change of society.  The remaking of Israel into a Jewish state.  The permanent remaking of values to Jewish ones, the creation of new and permanent generation of Jews.  The promise that the feudal barons, the Hellenists, the mixed multitude, the Hebrew speaking gentiles in Israel and the foreigners in Jewish Establishment clothing in the Exile will be forever thrown out of power.

That is the greatest of all fears, and as we see that fear coming out of their pores, the vicious smell of their natural reactions, fascism, fills the air and the nostrils.  They will stop at nothing.  They have in the past murdered, bodies and souls.  Why not the same now, when their very kingdom is at stake?

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