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Arrogance of Ignorance - 1989

The magazine of the Authentic Jewish Idea
March-April 1989   Adar-Nissan 5749

Arrogance of Ignorance

In day days when men were humble enough to know what they were – and what they were not; what they knew – and what they did not, the ignoramus knew his place.  Whatever arrogance existed was the province of those who were, at least, nominally scholars.  And so, while ignorance and arrogance are both attributes to be shunned, their separation was at least a small favor for which to be grateful.  But, times have changed and we are today, victims of the ultimate curse – the arrogance of ignorance.  The unabashed and haughty readiness to display one’s abysmal and absurd ignorance before people and congregation is the symbol of our wretched times.

The latest exhibitionist of sheer nescience is one Yitzhak Ro’eh, a leftist writer for the Histadrut Daily Davar.  What prompted his latest outburst of superficiality was anger.  Mr. Ro’eh is angry.

And why is Mr. Ro’eh angry?  Because, following an attempt by four Arab terrorists to infiltrate into Israel and murder Jews, the Israeli Army superbly met them and eliminated all of them. And then – and this is what causes the blood to rise in Mr. Ro’eh’s head – and then, photographers were allowed to snap photos of the dead terrorists who had sought to murder Jews. 

“Gevald!” shouts Mr. Ro’eh who – as we will soon see, is a very moral person.  What an outrage against decency and morality to rejoice and exhibit the bodies of four people who attempted to murder Jews and were killed by the Jewish army.  Or in his words:

“Every person and his own associations.  When I saw the large color photos of the four terrorists who were eliminated in Lebanon, the following line from the Passover Hagada, began to ring in my ear: ‘The work of my hands are drowning in the sea and you sing?’”

And Mr. Ro’eh then spends the next four paragraphs detailing all the things that were outrageous about those photographs, and concludes:  “All this adds up to a growing insensitivity, a deepening dulling of the senses… The one who wrote ‘do not rejoice when your enemy falls,’ would, probably, agree with me:  When your enemy falls do not be photographed with him.

One hardly knows where to begin to plough through this trash heap of utterly foul ignorance and arrogance.  But we shall try.  To begin with, the words, “the work of My hands are drowning in the sea…” do not appear anywhere in the Hagada but are to be found in the Babylonian Talmud (Megila 10b and Sanhedrin 39b), an area of Jewish knowledge that remains for Ro’eh the ignoramus, a dark, exotic, virgin area, untouched by him or his study.  Indeed the utter superficiality of the man leads one to wonder whether, when he writes “the one who wrote ‘do not rejoice,’ etc…,”  does he really know who did write it.

In any event, one more thought before disposing of the arrogant ignoramus.  I am always impressed by the intellectual fraud that is an inevitable part of all the secular haters of Judaism of observant Jews.  They are blessed with an amazing ability to selectively choose what they wish from the very same books of Judaism that are filled with verses, sayings, concepts and laws that run counter to the most basic things in which they believe.  The very same religious books they despise for “racism,” “cruelty,” “barbarity” and “obscurantism,” suddenly become proper repositories of truth when they spy in them a thing that apparently agrees with their own warped concepts.  Intellectual honesty was never the strong suit of the schizophrenic secularists, leftists and Hellenists who lack the courage to entirely drop the Jewishness they so desperately despise.

In any event, back to Mr. Ro’eh, so that we can dispose of him before the same people and congregation in whose presence he so arrogantly displayed his naked ignorance.  The need to do this is compounded a thousand times over by the fact that the ignoramus Ro’eh is joined not only by so many semi-ignorant others, but worst of all – by so many tortured Moderdox types who cannot bear to accept the stark truth of authentic Jewish values

As always, the Ro’ehs (and others) of the world selectively and very partially quote the Talmud.  The selection they bring down really begins with R. Yeshoshua ben Levi starting his lecture on Megilat Esther with the verse “As the L-rd rejoiced over you (“sas”) to do you good, so the L-rd will rejoice over you (“yasis”) to cause you to perish.” (Dvarim 28).  And the Talmud asks: Does the Almighty then rejoice over the fall of the wicked?  And to prove that he does not rejoice, the story of the angels asking to sing praise is brought.  And this is where Ro’eh, the ignoramus, stops.  But there is more.  The Talmud continues with answers as follows:

“Rabbi Elazar said:  it is true that He does not rejoice, but he causes others to rejoice.”

Ah, what a difference.  And a clear answer to the obvious question:  If G-d does not want us to rejoice and praise Him when our enemy falls why in the world does it say:  “Then Moses and the children of Israel sing this song unto the L-rd…?” (Shmot15) 

And a clear answer to why the rabbis say:  (Mechilta, B’shalach, II):  “The L-rd shall perform for you miracles and glories and you will stand and do nothing?  Said Israel unto Moses: What are we to do?  Said he unto them:  You will glorify and praise and give song and glory and greatness to the One to whom wars belong.”

Of course the Almighty, the totality of compassion, the Father of all, grieves for His children – all of them.  He does not sing.  His angels, who are not of this world, do not sing.  But the Jews do.  Not only are they allowed to, they are commanded to… For the very same reason that the very same Almighty, though He does not sing, does destroy the work of His hands because they are evil.

Yes, of course He grieves.  He grieves that those who were made in His image have so perverted and destroyed the greatness of that image.  That those who were made in the image of good, were so evil.  And so, He grieves for the perversion of His purpose in making the world, for His works that have so gone astray.  And in His grief He does not have pity:  He destroys them: He knows that evil and He cannot share the same world, as our rabbis say:  “As long as the wicked rule in the world, the Holy One Blessed be He, so to speak, cannot sit on His throne.” (Yalkut Tehilim, Chapter 47).

And so, because the arrogance of the enemy of the Jewish people, their brazen persecution of the people of G-d with no fear of G-d, is the very essence of Hillul Hashem, the Almighty in wrath destroys them and the Children of Israel must sing and glorify G-d.  And thus do the rabbis declare (Shmot Raba 23):  “then did Moses and the Children of Israel sing,” this is what is meant by the verse (Psalms’ 9):  “The L-rd is known by the judgment He executes.”  This speaks of Egypt whom G-d smote at the Red Sea.”

The seal of the Almighty is truth and only that truth will emerge from His lips and His teachings.  One imagines the agony of the soul that Ro’eh must endure every Purim as all the misguided and insensitive and sense-dulled Jews celebrate, rejoice and drink to the death of their enemy, Haman.  One sees the lonely Ro’eh the lost of the Just sitting gloomily alone in his apartment, bemoaning the spiritual fall of the Jew and the spread of Kahanism among us all.  Even as the Jewish people rejoice on Purim. Mr. Roe’h sits with the following ringing through his ear:  “The work of My hand…”

Donkey,  Immoral Moralist, Arrogant Ignoramus.  He opposes rejoicing over the death of those who would destroy us.  The Donkey of Morality – Yitzhak Ro’eh.

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Arab-Jewish Partnership In Eretz Yisrael - 1981


Rabbi Meir Kahane

Arab-Jewish partnership in Eretz Yisrael 

There are scores of variations on the theme of de-Zionizing and de-Judaizing Israel.  Each of them involves making the state less Jewish, in the absurd hope that that will satisfy the Arabs.  Thus, a group called Shutafat (“Partnership”) is established by a Jewish intellectual as a “union for creating conditions of partnership between Arabs and Jews.”  Question:  How does one create a “partnership” in which one of the partners insists that he be the senior one?  Surely by making both equal co-owners in the business – and there goes Zionism.  Is that what shutafut wishes?

Of course, the true absurdity in this is that the Arabs do not want partnership in the land they sincerely believe is theirs, especially when they believe that time and conditions are on their side.  Why, the very rise of such a group convinces them that the Jews are fearful of the future, for otherwise why should they who control the state-bother to try to make the Arabs “partners”?  Certainly, the Arabs, would never do such an insane thing if they were a majority.  The Arabs do not want shutafut, partnership: they wish to control the land they will call Palestine.”

In reality, Shutafut’s political program is vague or nonexistent.  For all practical purposes, it reverts to the old “head-and-stomach” philosophy of helping Arabs to a better life as a means of having both sides reach “goodwill” and coexistence.”  Nevertheless, although its “program” is political vague and meandering, its entire spirit breathes “de-Zionization.”  Almost instinctively, the group seems to understand that a Zionist Jewish state and Arab-Jewish “love” are contradictions.  And so, while its practical projects are those of “head-and-stomach,” the real goal is the surrender of the exclusively Jewish state in favor of “equal” partnership in which Arabs will love Jews. The inevitable failure of the effort will stem from the fundamental contempt that the gentile has for a Jew who, having no self-respect, can clearly never respect him.

The Arab-Jewish problem in Israel has nothing to do with lack of integration, jobs, education, or toilets.  It has nothing to do with stomachs or heads.  It is the desire of a minority (once a majority) that was humiliatingly defeated to be sovereign in what it considers its own land.  It is the problem of a Jewish state that says nothing emotionally, spiritually, nationally, or culturally to the non-Jewish Arabs.  It is a question of a state with a bewildered Declaration of Independence drafted by confused and bewildered men-whose universal values, clashed with their Jewish ones, leaving them troubled and guilt-ridden.  It is the problem of a democratic option that can eliminate the Jewish state at the ballot box.

It is a question of democracy.  It is a question of demography.  It is a question we must ask ourselves: Are we prepared to commit national suicide?

No two peoples so different in every way can possible share the same country.  The world is filled with examples of the rise of nationalism and separation that promise for Israel the horrors that today are international realities.  We need only look at a world torn by particularism to realize the folly of the belief that Jews and Arabs can coexist in Eretz Yisrael

There is nothing new or startling about this.  The signs of Arab intellectual hatred of
 Israel and deep desire for the dismantlement were obvious to all who wished to see.

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The Deadliest Retreat Of All - 1977


The Magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea

Adar- 5737  March –1977


The deadliest retreat of all took place in Israel this month and made clearer why I am running for Knesset on an independent ticket and not on that of Likud.  The Likud platform has now changed its former policy of opposition “to the re-partitioning of  “Eretz Yisroel” to one that merely opposes giving up land in “Judea and Samaria.”  It is a retreat on the part of the one major party that, until now, had stood firm on the principle of the totality of the Land of Israel, and it is not only a betrayal of the many Jews who stood loyally at the side of  Menachem Begin for decades but will aid, immeasurably, the proponents of Jewish retreat on all sectors.

The Likud, the leading opposition group in Israel, came into being in 1973.  It is today composed of four factions: the Herut Party of Menachem Begin (who is also head of the Likud bloc); the Liberals, a capitalist group which includes in it many dovish as well as anti-religious members; La’am, made up of former members of the Labor Party who originally defected to form the Rafi party of Ben Gurion and Moshe Dayan and then left Rafi when it rejoined Labor; a new faction led by Hillel Zeidel, late of the Independent Liberals. There is not the slightest doubt that Begin’s partners and internal Herut forces have pressured him to agree to retreat from the principles of total opposition to partitioning of any part of the Land of Israel, a principle that is an integral part of the Jabotinsky teachings on which Begin was nurtured.

Begin, after successive defeats in his effort to become the leading party of Israel, defeats that never brought him more than 17 seats of the Knesset’s 120, agreed years ago to form an election bloc with the Liberals who were the former General Zionists.  The Liberals were hardly a hawkish group, being more interested in free enterprise than free settlement, but since they were a colorless group with a bleak future they agreed to adopt the Herut’s views on the Land of Israel, in order to assure for themselves a future in Israeli politics.

Thus, Gahal (Gush Herut Liberalism or Herut-Liberal bloc) was formed and was able to become the second largest political constellation in Israel.  But with less than 30 seats they were still light years away from any hope of taking power.  And so, a group within Herut, led by Ezer Weizman, demanded that Begin to widen the political bloc.  This, together with the appearance on the civilian political scene of Ariel Sharon, led to the formation of the present Likud grouping.

Thanks to the Yom Kippur War and a growing revulsion against the Labor machine that has dominated the country for nearly half-a-century, Likud won some 38 seats in the 1973 election, by far the highest total a Begin-led group has ever achieved but still far from any possible government opportunity.

Frustrated by the failure to oust the Labor Party after the Yom Kippur War (the typical comment was, “If Begin could not win now he never will”), Weizman and others stepped up their demands for the Likud (read: Herut and Begin) to “improve their image.”  What they meant was that Begin with his ideological view against giving up any part of the Land of Israel had built for himself an image of a man who would guarantee war (no one asked why, despite the fact that Labor had been continually in office, there had been four major wars and 28 years of no-peace).  Weizman aided by disgruntled young people who looked upon Begin as a man who did not allow “new blood” to come into the party leadership, finally persuaded Begin that this was his last chance to achieve power and that there would be a flood of demands for his resignation as Likud leader if he failed in this election, too (the ninth defeat).

Begin realized that his Liberal partners were not above breaking up the Likud coalition in the event of a defeat and that their own leader, Ehrlich, had called for concessions on land.  When Zeydel, a member of the dovish and anti-religious ILP now joined, it was clear that Begin had a bare majority for his views in the Likud.  At some point this past year, he agreed to modify his lifetime views and Weizman returned to the Herut Party as number two man and heir-apparent.  It is Weizman, a former general and pragmatist, one without the Jabotinsky or religious ideology, who has started to change the image.  At the Herut convention held a short time ago, he attacked the settlers of Elon Moreh (Kadum) for “illegally” establishing their settlement against government opposition and condemned Rabbi Moshe Levinger for defying an army ban on his entering Hebron.  The convention then heard a declaration that Herut was prepared for concessions in the Golan and Sinai.  This has now culminated in the official Likud change of policy in regard to retreat from the liberated lands.

For those who question why I have not joined Likud, this is only one reason.  A second – and more important one – is that the concept of no retreat even when uttered is meaningless unless it is based on religious trust in the All Mighty.  A People that does not have faith in the G-d of Israel will not be saved, though we stand on borders that stretch to the Nile and Euphrates.  The importance of no retreat lies in the fact that it is a Biblical prohibition and that retreat from lands out of fear of the gentiles is a desecration of G-d’s name.    That is the real reason for my opposition and not mere military of political motives. For those can change at will, as we have seen in the case of Begin’s Herut and Likud groups.  “Not one inch” of retreat is not a political question, it is a religious one.  A secular party such as Likud cannot grasp this and not from it can salvation come.


And there is yet another reason why it becomes impossible for a religious Jew to vote for Likud.  The question of territories is, of course, one of the most basic ones.  But there are other issues, and many of them, as important.  On these issues, there are members of the Likud who are as dangerous to Judaism as any within Labor and we saw such a bitter example just recently as the murderous Abortion Bill was passed by the Knesset.

Despite the fact that the Knesset parties are bound by tight discipline and that the party line effectively binds individual Knesset members, a number of Likud Knesset representatives voted for the abortion bill. This was so because the Likud leadership allowed a free vote on the measure.

One asks:  Would the Likud leadership, would Begin, allow a free vote on whether to give up Hebron to the Arabs?  Clearly not.  But the abortion bill that legalized murder of Jewish children was suddenly seen as a bill that Likud members could vote as their consciences dictated.  I put it that the murder of Jewish children – the totality of the Jewish people – is at least as important as the totality of the Jewish Land.  Likud is not a religious party and no religious Jew can in good conscience vote for it.  Increasingly, nationalist secular Jews will have to overcome their own qualms as expediency takes over the Likud.

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It Cannot Continue -1979 Part 1

Rabbi Meir Kahane
On Jews and Judaism, May 11, 1979

Inflation has a numbing psychological effect.  After a while, as the numbers grow and multiply, people who until recently were aghast and angry at relatively small rises begin to fatalistically accept horrendous increases. They learn to live with the inflation of costs – and they pave the way for learning to perish because of it.

That is what is happening in Israel today, but it is not of that kind of inflation that I write.  There is a second kind of inflation that grows today in Israel and it too has begun its terrible effect.  It is the inflation of terror.

Not a day seems to go by nowadays without an act of terror or attempted terror.  Terrorists cut through the fence in Lebanon and Jordan; by the grace of G-d they are caught and stopped before they can commit mass murder.  Terrorists are stopped as they attempt to attack an El Al plane in Brussels; twelve passengers in the general terminal area are wounded. A terrorist ship is caught off the coast of Israel on its way to murder as many men, women and children as possible. A katyusha rocket aimed at downtown Jerusalem is found and dismantled seconds before it is to go off.  All these are things that failed and the Almighty grants us more time and more time to do the things we should, to return to him in faith and sacrifice and courage.  But how much longer will he wait and aid?

And then there are the bombs that did not fail to go off. A bomb goes off in the marketplace of Lydda; a Jew is killed and many wounded.  How many buses are targets for Arab bombs?  The number 12 line in Jerusalem’s Bayit Vegan area runs into East Jerusalem.  More than 5 bombings have resulted in the deaths of innocent young Jews.  The reaction of the authorities is to urge greater security; to take out the back seats on many buses; to add a number 39 line in Bayit Vegan…  They are measures that are not calculated to have any effect on the terrorists.  They guarantee more Nahariyas.

And the public grows numb. It has come to accept as natural. Life with terrorist bombs.   That which, years ago, led Jews to angrily attack Arabs and demand action, now leaves them apathetic and fatalistic in the acceptance. It is the inflation of terror. The more attacks, the greater the acceptance of them as a way of life.  The more dead, the less we seem to be able to look upon them as individuals who lived and left behind families.  Their very repetition makes the bombings lose their “newness” and the radio and television reports no longer are “exciting” or “fresh.”

But, it cannot continue.  We cannot allow the situation to continue.  Every victim is a beloved one who leaves behind loved ones and sorrow and tragedy.  Every victim is a fellow Jew.  Every death and outrage is a Hillul Hashem, a desecration of the name of the L-rd, G-d of Israel.  Our apathy, our acceptance of the situation, only guarantees further and worse inflation of terror.  It guarantees further deaths, cripples, and agony and anguish.  It cannot continue, and it must as long as Arabs are allowed to live and wander freely in the Land.  The solution is ultimately only one:  the removal of the hostile and dangerous Arab minority from the Land of Israel, and until then, an immediate program that includes:
1)      The death penalty for all terrorists for whatever the crime, and a policy of not taking prisoners.
2)      The expulsion from the land of a fixed number of Arabs after every     terror incident; the number to be greater in the event of physical injury.
3)      Terror against terror.  Retaliatory terror in Arab areas on the part of a special anti-terror group.  The government need never acknowledge its existence or it can deal with it on the same basis as the relationship between the PLO and the Arab host governments. 

There will surely be those who will speak of this as “immoral.” To these products of gentilized culture, one can only recommend the words of the rabbis: “He who is merciful at a time when he should be cruel, is destined to be cruel at a time when he should be merciful.” (Kohelet Raba, 7:16)
And “When one comes to slay you  – slay him first” (Sanhedrin 72a) This is Judaism, this is the religion that destroys the merciless before they ravage the innocent.
(To be continued next week)

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It Cannot Continue -1979 - Part 2 conclusion

On Jews and Judaism, May 11, 1979
 Rabbi Meir Kahane

It Cannot Continue - (Part 2)

A message from Rabbi Meir Kahane and the Kach Movement (JDL of Israel) to: The Arabs of Eretz Yisrael.

The Almighty, G-d of Israel, who created Heaven and Earth and all that is in them; who guides history and in whose hands are the souls an destiny of all men; chose the People of Israel to be His unique and special people; who created all lands and chose as His most desired one, the Land of Israel – gave the land, Eretz Yisrael, unto His people, in order to build there a chosen state and society that would be a light unto the nations.

Arabs of Eretz Yisrael!  We live today in a time of destiny.  Through the mercy of the Almighty, the Jewish people have returned home and we live today in the beginning of the Final redemption, may it come swiftly.  And at the same time, there has begun a struggle.  It is a struggle between the people of Israel on the one hand, and the Arab people, Ishmael, on the other.  Both claim the Land.

We wish to speak to you about this struggle, because we know that so many others speak to you nonsense.  We want you to know for yourselves what Jews of real faith and real Judaism believe, intend to do and why.  Above all, we want the Jewish-Arab struggle placed within its true perspective.  Let the world understand the religious nature of this struggle.

The pity is that most Jews do not understand you or your true feelings.  People really believe that you can be bought  with economic or social “progress.”  What contempt for you lies in a person who expects you to give up your national and religious demands in return for electricity and television!  Not by bread alone does the Arab live.  You are a proud people that truly believes that we have stolen the land from you.  The fact  that this is not true and that the land is Jewish does not change the fact that you truly believe otherwise.  You will never give up that claim in return for being bought with materialism.

We know that the issue is not Hebron, or Sh’chem, or Judea or Samaria.  We know that it is JERUSALEM, east, and west.  We know that it is Tel Aviv and Haifa.  We know that it is, ultimately, the very existence of the Jewish state you see as a foreign body in the so-called Arab homeland.  We know that only a fool or a knave expects you to agree to take half of what you believe to be your entire land.  Above all, we know that the struggle for the land, Eretz Yisrael, is a struggle between the truth of Judaism or Islam.

It is not we who “incite” you.  It is not “extremist” Jewish groups who cause you to hate Israel, as foolish politicians and writers say.  We know that it was Herzl who incited you and Ben Gurion.  And Golda and Begin.  And the Kibbutzim of Hashomer Hatzair.  And Zionism itself.  It is the Israeli soldier and flag and very sate that infuriates you and moves you to vengeance.

We know, despite all the self-delusion, that no Arab feels equal in a state whose national anthem speaks of the “soul of a Jew” Yearning, and of Hatikva, the Jewish hope of return that was, for you, a nightmare.  We know that a state in which the Law of Return applies to Jews, and not to you is, for you, an alien land.  We know that Israel, which was quite rightly and properly formed as a Jewish state so that we might have what you have in 20 of your own – can never be home for you.

And we remember how you tried to strangle this state at birth.  We remember your refusal to even accept the U.N. Partition Plan of 1947 that would have created a tiny, grotesque state with a population already one-third Arab.  We remember the 6,000 Jews who feel in that war you began, and we remember the 600 Jews who died in your riots of 1936-38 when there was no Jewish state.  And we remember the Mufti, of cursed memory, and al-Kaukji.  And we remember the Hebron pogrom of 1929 and the massacres of Jews in Jerusalem,  Jaffa, Safed and all the others in 1920 and 1921.  And we remember Trumpeldor and Tel Hai.  And we have not the slightest doubt that you would do it again if we were ever so foolish to allow you.  AND WE UNDERSTAND.  AND WE UNDERSTAND YOU.

And because we are the few who are willing to see and understand, we know, above all, that there can never be real peace.  Unlike those who think they can deceive you and who succeed only in deluding themselves, we know that no concessions short of the elimination of Israel will suffice for you.  For you, there cannot be peace as long as there is a Jewish state, for the main issue in your minds is NOT peace but what you consider to be your rights, your entire land, your national destiny, your religious victory.

All this we understand and we understand you and how you think and why, and because we do, we will not move to commit national suicide in the manner of so many others.  We know that every concession and every failure to assert our Jewish rights and obligations is seen by you as weakness and this only emboldens you.  We know that our failure all these years to transfer Arabs from Eretz Yisrael has left in our midst a proud and hating people that is a time bomb waiting to explode.  We know that as long as you are here there will be many more bombs in our streets.  We know that the Arab birthrate guarantees the creation of yet another Cyprus or Northern Ireland here, as well as threatening the Jewish majority of Eretz Yisrael.  We know that education makes you more dangerous, not less, and that the PLO leaders of the future will come from the universities we all you to attend.  We know that our liberal weakness leads to bolder attacks on Jewish women and men, assaults on Jews in Jerusalem.  We know that the insane “autonomy” plan must lead to a “Palestine” entity that will be a magnet for the Israeli Arab and his radicalization.

And so, understanding your national and religious pride; knowing that you believe us to be thieves and the land to be yours; certain that there can never be any real peace between us – we hereby proclaim to you our words of halacha and true Judaism  Listen to the beliefs of Jews of true and deep faith.
1)      Eretz Yisrael, in its entirety was given by G-d, the creator of all lands, unto His Chosen people, Israel.
2)      There is no “Palestine” or “Palestinian people.”  We recognize you to be part of the Arab nation who settled illegally in our land when, against our will, we were forced into an Exile of 2,000 years, during which not a day went by without the Jew praying for the Great Return.
3)      Jews have an OBLIGATION  to reclaim all the land of G-d and to declare Jewish sovereignty over any part that ahs been reclaimed.  We have an obligation to settle everywhere in the Land, including the cities of the Bible.  We have an obligation to reclaim Jewish property seized by the murderers of Jews in the days of Jewish weakness.
4)      Failure to assert Jewish rights and obligations, especially through fear of the gentile, is a Hillul Hashem, desecration of the name of the L-rd.
5)      By Torah law, we offer you the status Ger Toshav  (resident stranger) in the Land, if you wish to remain.  If you accept upon yourself the sovereignty of the Jewish people and G-d over the land of Israel in its entirety, you are welcome to remain with remain with religious, cultural, social and economic rights but no political ones.  If you are unwilling to accept this, we will do our utmost to complete the transfer of population begun in 1948 when hundreds of thousands of Jews fled Arab lands.  We will move to transfer you to  your own countries so that both peoples can live separately in peace.
6)      We will seek to have Arab students unwilling to accept Jewish sovereignty removed from universities and ask that a fixed number of Arabs be expelled after every terrorist bomb outrage.
7)      We call upon you to help end attacks on Jewish women and men in Jerusalem and elsewhere, for we will put an end to them.  We will also act to end the relationships between Arab men and Jewish women that is now growing and that so desecrates the Name of G-d.
8)      We will seek to remove all strangers from the Temple Mount until the time that the Holy Temple is rebuilt.
Again, we repeat our understanding of your views and beliefs.  It is not in order to incite that we write these words.  It is rather that we agree with you that a great religious struggle is being fought here and the proof of the L-rd, G-d  of Israel, will be seen in total victory of the Jewish people in their entire land.


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There Are No Allies - 1972

WRITINGS (5732-33) (1971-73)



August 4, 1972


“Assyria will not save us, we will not ride on (Egyptian) horses.”

                                                                               -Hosea 14:4

     Fifteen years ago, in the midst of a military crises, Israel found for herself a good friend and ally, France, in the midst of a bitter struggle with Algeria, Morocco and the Arab world, extended aid, military supplies and all manner of needed help.  Paris became a beloved name inside Israel and Jews from Ben Gurion to Peres  to the Jew in the street – blessed the memory of La Belle France.  Here was a staunch ally, our rod and our staff, our fortress in time of need.  Friendship missions and societies sprouted and endless toasts were drunk to the eternal friendship of the Jewish and French people that was irrevocable and would endure for years to come.
   To a differentiate a thousand times, the Franco-Israel alliance was no more enduring than Hitler’s dream of a Third Reich destined to stand for a thousand years.  Within the space of a few years the alliance was not only in tatters but France had become the closest friend of our enemy and by realpolitick extension – our own enemy.
   The arms shipments, the jet planes, the diplomatic support all stopped and the friendship Societies stood embarrassingly naked.  In place of love there was now mutual recrimination and the Grand alliance was dead.    
  There is a lesson to be learned from this, one that is hardly new nor very complex.  It is indeed a lesson in realpolitick that is universal but much more so to the Jew.
   Nations pursue foreign policies that are based not upon love, admiration or respect for the particular political, social or economic structure of a fellow state.  They do not plan their relationships on the basis of pity for a small state or sympathy for its plight.  Self-interest is the key to policy decisions and, regardless of the ideology of the government; there is only one question that is asked when a decision must be made as to relationships:
   “Is it good for us?”
   Fanatically Marxist Peking will oppose freedom seeking Bangladesh and support oligarchal , imperialist Pakistan because Chinese interests so dictate.  Trade with racist Rhodesia will be pursued by the “Workers state”, the Soviet Union, because it needs certain materials for its economy.  Alliances and treaties can be made by democracies with Franco Spain and Communist Yugoslavia because the dictates of military needs (air bases) or political considerations (breaching the communist world) so call for.  Deadly enemies of yesterday become bosom friends of today because the perpetually changing conditions so decree.  It is good for a nation to befriend a ‘nice’ country it will do so; if it is beneficial to throw it to the wolves, it will – albeit reluctantly – NOT HESITATE TO DO SO.

France supported Israel not out of love of Mordechai but from hatred of the Arab Haman.  It was a time when French interests dictated a policy of weakening the Arabs, and Israel was the French tool in that process.  Too many Jews, and Israelis, still plagued with the need to believe that goyim love us for ourselves, fell victim to the illusion of French Judophiles.  Such people are continually shocked by their eternal disillusionment.

It is against this background that the abrupt departure of Soviet personnel from Egypt must be analyzed (yes, the same process of political chess takes place among non-Jews, too).  Yesterday there was nothing but love and eternal alliance between Moscow and Cairo; today, there is, at least, a dramatic cooling of the ardor.  Jews are happy; it is a good thing for Israel.  Perhaps.  But perhaps the lesson that we continually forget is put before us through this event.

Just as the Egyptian ally has disappointed Anwar Sadat so could the same thing happen to Israel and, indeed, who can say how much the Egyptian move will impel such a thing?  Who can say with authority, today, what effect the partial reverse for the USSR will have on American policy in the Middle East?  What will happen when Egypt makes approaches to the United States on the following basis:

The Soviets are leaving and the threat to the West in the Middle East has been reduced.  Here is your opportunity to regain Arab friendship (and lessen the threat to your oil).  Here is your chance to defuse the threat to peace in the region.  We are prepared to be reasonable and it is up to you to persuade Israel to do the same.”

Have we so soon forgotten that less than a year ago the Rogers Plan was being forced down Israel’s throat and that NO PHANTOMS WERE BEING SHIPPED TO Israel?  Have we so soon forgotten that little more than half-a-year ago Secretary of State Rogers was bitterly referring to Israel as a state that was internally falling apart?  Do we fail to remember that talk of an imposed peace on the Middle East was seriously engaged in by worried Israelis and that Israel was prepared to pull back from the canal – under intense American pressure?  In short, has the memory of an America and a Richard Nixon pressuring Israel to return to the insane borders of 1967 with precious little firm guarantees, slipped from us?

Richard Nixon, as all national leaders, looks out for what he considers to be national interests.  It is not admiration for Golda Meir that impels him to sell military goods to Israel but rather the hardnosed and carefully thought out deliberations that persuaded him – TEMPORARILY – that American interests coincided with those of Israel.  On the day that Nixon is convinced that this is no longer true our eternal American ally will be a great deal less than that.

Of course, McGovern is a disaster for Israel under ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES since his idea of what is good for America is a policy that would throw small states like Israel to the wolves.  But to recognize the menace of a McGovern is not to persuade ourselves that Nixon is the friend of the Jews.  Nixon is the friend of America and primarily the friend of Nixon.  He does and will do what all-national leaders do- what is best for himself and his own country.

That policy dictates a readiness to shift any given policy line at a moment’s notice (witness the incredible political betrayal of the Japanese who were truly staunch allies of the United States).  America’s Middle Eastern line may have ALREADY begun to veer closer to Egypt and let us prepare for the worst – always.

No nation has any permanent allies.  This is the foundation of foundations of Realpolitick.  For the Jew, the normal process is escalated by his Jewishness and the readiness of non-Jews to look, more than normally, for reasons NOT to support Israel.  Neither Assyria nor Egypt of old were reliable staffs upon which the ancient Jew could lean.  Neither America nor any other state will ever be a permanent or reliable ally.  There are no permanent allies.

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War And Peace

Rabbi Meir Kahane 
The Jewish Idea (Or Hara’ayon)
WAR AND PEACE (Excerpts)

“I will grant peace in the land” (Lev.26.6):  Perhaps you will say, “Well, there is food and there is drink, but if there is no peace then all this is nothing!”  Scripture therefore states, “I will grant peace in the land”  This teaches that peace counterbalances everything.

Its likewise says (Isaiah 45.7), “I will make peace and create evil.”  This teaches that peace counterbalances everything. (See Bamidar Rabbah, 11:5-6)

Since peace is limited to its own time, it follows that in wartime all traits associated with love, kindness and mercy are redefined.  It is then kind and merciful to go to war against the wicked.  Our sages teach (Kohelet Rabbah, 3:[8]1):

There is “a time to kill” – during war; “and a time to heal” – during peace.  There is “a time to break down” – during war; “and a time to build up” – during peace – There is “a time to seek” – during peace; “and a time to lose” – during war.  There is “a time to rend” – during war  “ and a time to sew” – during peace…There is “a time to love”- during peace; “ and a time to hate” – during war.  There is “a time for war” – during war; “and a time for peace” – during peace.

The word of the Living G-d!  And how relevant they are to our day:  there is a time for war – during war; and a time for peace during peace.  We might ask why Scriptures must tell us that there is a time for war.  Might anyone think otherwise?  Our sages were teaching that, in fact, some might really think so, especially with the insane, alien culture holding portions of our people captive in its sullied hands.   Above I quoted Tanchuma, Shoftim15:

“When you go forth to battle against your enemies (Deut.20:1)…  What is meant by “against your enemies”?  G-d said, “Confront them as enemies.  Just as they show you no mercy, so should you not show them any mercy.”

We have to realize that the non-Jew who goes to war against Israel is our enemy and not our friend.  How unaware people are nowadays of this simple yet profound principle!  Our sages also said  (Sifri Shoftim 192):

You are going to war against your enemies and not against your brethren.  It is not Judah against Simeon or Simeon against Judah such that if you fall captive they will have mercy on you…It is against your enemies that you are waging war.  If you fall into their hands, they will show you no mercy.

Indeed, a timely war is a mitzvah, a duty, a kindness and an everlasting act of righteousness. Ex.24:6, which enumerates G-d’s attributes, ends by mentioning “truth”:  The L-rd, the L-rd, Omnipotent, merciful and kind, slow to anger, with tremendous resources of love and truth.”  I have already explained that there cannot be “mercy, kindness and tremendous resources of love,” without “truth.”  We often find the combination of “kindness and truth,” to teach us that that same Deity who is “merciful, kind and loving,” is above all else a G-d of truth.

Likewise, G-d is described as follows (Ex.15:3): “The L-rd is the Master of war, ‘Hashem’ is His name.”  Despite His name being “Hashem,” a name indicating mercy, He is still “Master of war.”  That same Hashem of mercy is also a Master of war against the wicked.  All this is the plain truth.  There is a time for war and cruelty and a time for mercy, kindness and clemency.  It all depends on G-d’s laws, the laws of war by the Master of war.  Our sages said (Mechilta,Ibid): “The L-rd is the Master of war, Hashem is His name:

Our sages teach us a great lesson here regarding love for one’s fellow Jew and the duty one bears to him:  It is not enough for a Jew not to murder.  Surely, “Turn away from evil” (Ps.34:15) applies here, but a much weightier duty applies too: he must do all he can to save his fellow Jew from danger, to eradicate every danger and mishap, to defeat every foe who imperils the Jewish People before he can harm them.

A non-Jew who tries to attack or kill a Jew must be punished, and if that non-Jew flees to save himself from punishment, it clearly is not just permissible but a mitzvah and duty to shoot to kill him.  Whoever opposes this and orders that the enemy be allowed to flee, thereby enabling him to return later and kill Jews, will never be able to rise up and proclaim, “My hands have not spilled this blood.”  He is aiding a rodef, is allied to murderers of Jews, and should be treated like a criminal

(Moreover, such non-Jews not only fail to accept upon themselves taxes, slave status, and G-d’s and Israel’s sovereignty over the Land, but they declare war on the Jews, attacking and murdering us.  We are duty-bound to wage a milchemet mitzvah against them, a compulsory war, and they deserve death, as I shall write below.)

King David said (Ps 9:17), “The L-rd has made Himself known.  He has executed judgment.”  That is, the nations will know G-d and His glory only when he executes judgment in His war against them.

He also said (Ps 24:8), “Who is the King of glory?  The L-rd strong and mighty, He is mighty in battle.”  The wars Israel was commanded to wage were not meant to satisfy any selfish urge on their part, any craving for land or desire for personal glory, but to sanctify G-d’s name and cast down the wicked, who plunder and afflict the upright.  Just as every part of Israel’s life must be holy, so must be their wars.

Due to our sins, the reason we were exiled from our land, the laws of war, have been so corrupted and confused by so many fine students that ignorance on this matter has surpassed all limits.  Some have no understanding whatsoever of what a milchemet mitzvah is, and in their blindness ask whether the war between us and the Arabs today is such a war.  Woe, to the ears that hear this!

 Rambam writes (Hilchot Melachim 5:1) In a milchemet mitzvah, the king need not obtain permission of the court.  Rather, he may go forth himself at any time and compel the people to follow.  With milchemet reshut, howoever, he may only compel the people through a court of seventy-one.

Here is the law before us.  Clearly, no king is needed either.  After all, the judges who preceded Saul were not kings nor were the Hasmoneans when they rose up against the Greeks.  How long can our disgraceful ignorance of these laws go on?-      

Holiness and knowledge of G-d elevate a person from bestiality, fear and confinement to trust in G-d.  Kiddush Hashem brings the redemption “speedily.”

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The Lemming - 1984


The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea -  Spring 5744 -1984


The lemming looks like a sensible enough animal, but its habit of drowning itself in the sea has long puzzled scientists.  The lemming is a small animal, about the size of a rat.  The lemming is a strange animal with a very strange custom.  The lemming, every few years, gathers together with a great many other lemmings, and they all march together – to the sea.  The lemming and all the other lemmings march shoulder to shoulder and when they reach the sea they do a very strange thing:  They jump in and drown.  The lemming is a very strange animal and no one can understand it.

There are various categories of lemmings and last Saturday night, the Hebrew lemmings gathered in Jerusalem, some several thousand of them, small creatures, the stature of rodents.  And they marched.  Shoulder to shoulder down the road of madness, inexorably moving to the sea of destruction.  The march of the lemmings,  “Suicide Now”.

The Hebrew lemming is a strange animal undoubtedly the most irrational of all.  Psychologists and sociologists and anthropologists and biologists and students of irrational behavior from far and wide gathered to study the march of the Hebrew lemmings.  “Peace Now”, was what they carried as their slogan as they marched to the sea of suicide to partake of the most permanent of peace. “Leave Lebanon” was etched on their banners as they marched in preparation of leaving the world.  “Stop Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories” they proclaimed as they began their uprooting of their settlement on this earth.

The Hebrew lemming is a strange animal and it is said that no one can understand it.  That is not really true.  I understand the small Hebrew lemming, the stature of the rodent, who seeks to leap into the sea to die.  And if the sociologists and psychologists and anthropologists and biologists and students of irrational behavior will gather together, I will describe for you what makes the Hebrew lemmings – run – to commit suicide.

The issue is not and never was “Lebanon”.  The issue was never the “occupied territories of 1967”.  What strikes terror into the hearts of the Hebrew lemmings of the stature of the rodent, is an immense cancer called guilt, that grows inside of them until it gives them no rest.

The lemming of guilt is the Hebrew-speaking rodent who is haunted by the thought that he is not only an oppressor and aggressor in the “occupied lands of 1967” but he is also a thief and robber of a people he calls “Palestinians”, and really has no right to any of the land that was once “Palestine”.  The Hebrew lemming of Suicide Now is haunted by the thought that his family had no right to come from Russia or Poland or Galicia or England or Canada or Argentina or the United States to create a “Jewish State” on lands that were owned by others.

But since the lemming is the size of a rat, who lacks the courage to honestly follow up his convictions, stand up before the “Palestinian” and say:  “I am a thief and I hereby return my kibbutz to you” – he must, instead, fight all the harder for the poor “Palestinian” in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Lebanon.  His weakness and inability to give up his houses in Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’Emek or the artist’s colony of Ein Hod or the tennis courts of Ramat Ha’Sharon or villa in Savyon, drives the Hebrew lemming into even greater depression of guilt and self-hate.  His need to prostrate himself before the poor Arab of any other area except his own house becomes an all-consuming, obsessive one. 

And, of course, the guilt goes much further.  The Hebrew lemming, who is a small animal about the size of a rat, deeply despises with a psychopathic passion everything that smacks of Judaism and the curse of fate that made him Jewish.  In his little heart the lemming knows that Judaism’s values are at odds with everything that he wishes his life to consist of.  The separateness and exclusivity of Judaism vis-à-vis other peoples is anathema to his universalistic desire to intermarry, assimilate, amalgamate with all the goyim and thus find love and escape in their midst.  The concept of Chosenness repels him for he seeks anything that will enable him to eliminate the barriers between Jews and others.  The holiness that decrees discipline and sanctity and abstinence and personal limitations are all diametrically opposed to his materialistic need for total freedom, anarchy, and limitless right to license.  He sees in Judaism racism, primitiveness, parochialism, concepts that he abhors because he seeks to be a universal rodent.  And faced with this Judaism, he is faced, too, with the fact that he is a Jew.  This is the horror that he cannot abide.  From guilt emerges self-hate, black and ugly self-hate.  The lemming must escape.  His escape is through the sea.  The Sea of Suicide, Suicide Now. Let the state that he feels to be a robber state, go under.  Let the people and faith that he sees as reactionary and fascist and abominable, cease to exist.  “Let my soul perish with the Philistines!  The cry of the Hebrew lemmings of Suicide Now.  

The tragic story of the Hebrew lemmings.  But, if it must be, it would be sufficient if they leaped into the sea themselves.  The real tragedy is that while ordinary lemmings take the plunge themselves, the Hebrew ones seeks to take all of us with them.

 And that cannot be.  That is why the lemmings of Israel must be fought.  Because they have become more than an interesting zoological phenomenon.  They threaten the existence of normal, healthy, true Jews who are not small animals the size of a rodent.


The great danger and most powerful weapon of the Hebrew-speaking gentiles and lemmings of Israel, is their ability to so instill guilt and doubt in us, that we close our mouths and minds and fear to say what we know is to be true.

The small circle of leftists and guilt-ridden liberals, intellectuals and frustrated artistic type, possesses a weapon of overwhelming power, and it is this that enables them to march toward victory.  Their control of the news media affords them the opportunity, daily, to influence, indoctrinate, pervert, corrupt, an entire generation that is their captive audience.  They decree the gentilized foreign culture that becomes the passion of the masses.  They decree the ideas and perverted gentilized values that are heard and propagated over the waves.  An entire generation of youth is in their hands.  And they are aided by the frustrated spiritually sick, lost artists who join them in parody of championing of  “peace and love”.  They din their message of perversion into our ears every day, every hour, every minute.

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