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A Tale OF Two Letters 1976

K A H A N E”
The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea
September 1976 – Elul 5736


Two letters arrived for me within a few days of each other.  Together they tell an important tale.  It is a tale of the distortion and the misshaping of the authentic Jewish Idea and it is a tale that every Jew should hear and understand.

This first letter came from a Jew – a religious Jew – a Jew whose home is in the State of Illinois.  The relevant parts of this letter read as follows: 

“Sometimes when we become firmly convinced of something, we tend to state it to others with a certain degree of fanaticism.  Of course, you are right that the Jews of the entire world should make Aliyah to Israel.  But let us consider some practical aspects … are all of us going to be able to support ourselves as well as our families in Israel?  Are we headed for an “Auschwitz” America?  I hope and pray it does not happen and I do not think it will.  But if it does, that will mean that America has turned full tilt against Israel and Jews will be no safer than in America.  Prayfully, one day, my family and I will gather enough faith and courage to make Aliyah. But until we do, if we do, we do not require constant harping on this subject.  What we do need now is your spiritual leadership in becoming better Jews where we are.  Prophesize to our brethren in Israel.  Bring them back to Torah.  Prepare the land and the people for us?”

The other letter comes from an Israeli.  A student who lives in Jerusalem and who studies at Hebrew University.  He is not religious, but a firm nationalist.  The relevant parts of his letter are:

“I do not write this letter in my name alone but in the name of many tens of students who agree with all of your main points… The thing that leads to a parting of the ways is “your fanatical religion” as they call it.  Most of the students are irreligious.  Know that many, many would like to see themselves in your camp, but they totally reject Rabbi Kahane because of their fear of “fanatical religion.”  With all due respect, I suggest that you only emphasize the major issue that is common to all including the irreligious.”

Two letters.  Each in their own way showing the schizophrenia that has seized the Jewish people and that has misshapen and deformed the authentic Jewish Idea.  Two letters from two-Jews, each of whom has forgotten a different side of Judaism.  One, a “religious” Jew who forgets that without the nation there is nothing.  The other, a “nationalist” Jew who does not know that without religion, the Jew is meaningless.  And how important it is for us to understand the totality and truth of the Jew as a RELIGIO-NATION.  For if we do, we suddenly understand the reality of the Jewish Idea; we begin to grasp the truth that will lead to the final redemption.  And if we do not, we continue our descent to tragedy. 
You see, my secular nationalist friend, unlike you, I see nothing at all very special or logical about nationalism, per se.  I see nothing very rational about setting up boundaries and a barrier, separate governments, armies, parliaments, economics, exchange rates and languages.  If anything, nationalism is a barrier to world brotherhood and one of the major fomenters of conflict and war. If I were a secular nationalist I would be hard put to explain why Jews should remain separate and not assimilate and I would struggle for a rational explanation of Jewish behavior – stubborn and obstinate – over two millennia of exile as they suffered every conceivable manner of persecution and yet, refused to disappear.

There is only one reason why Jews should be different, and that is the very special difference, the uniqueness that makes them separate and different from all other peoples.  ONLY the election of Israel, only the concept of a Chosen people, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation; only the “Ata b’chartanu, You have chosen us from all the nations”: only the “hamavdil beyn kodesh l’chol, He who differentiates between and separates between holy and profane, between Israel and the nations”; only the need to be different, apart and separate NOT BECAUSE OF SOME VAGUE LANGUAGE OR HISTORICAL DIFFERNCE but because of the distinct uniqueness of Torah and the commandments as a DIVINE decree – only this gives any validity to the Jew remaining alive as a distinct entity.

There is nothing special about a Jewish tank or jet plane, nothing special about an independent state of your own with a Parliament, Prime Minister, national airline and social-economic-political problems, all nations have them.  There is nothing special about a scientific institute, universities and lawyers, physicians and sanitation men; all nations have them.  But no nation has Torah except the Jewish people, and that is the difference.  The only one.

And so, when I helped to found the JDL and called to people to love Jews so much that they should be prepared to climb barricades for them, fight physically for them, perhaps sit in jail for them, why in the world did I care about some Jew in Leningrad or Damascus more than some Zulu in South Africa?  Only because Ahavat Yisroel follows directly from the special quality of the Jewish people – the DIVINE nation – each of whose members partakes of that divine quality and is my brother MORE than other peoples.  Without my belief in the Jews as the Chosen People of G-d, there would be not the slightest interest for me in them more than in other people.

And if you wonder why secular Jewish nationalism, that which we call Zionism, has proven to be such a disastrous failure among our youth in Israel; and if it bothers you that the youth questions the basic axioms that, to you are truth incarnate, going so far as to dispute the right of the Jews to Israel and even joining an Arab spy ring; and if you are disturbed at the fact that most Israelis have little ties to world Jewry, and so many would like very much to leave the country and make a great deal of money elsewhere; and if the Jew in Israel looks more and more like any other people and feels nothing special about himself and his state – learn an important lesson.

Secular Jewish nationalism – no more than any other kind – can give no rational reason to a sensitive and intelligent young person to see anything special about his people or his state – especially when that state is faced with constant crisis, hardships and sacrifice.   There are those secular Jewish nationalists who remember either the anti-Semitism of the Exile or the nostalgia of Judaism.  Most Israelis know neither and they ask logical questions and demand answers that the letter writer, a secular nationalist, cannot really give him 

As for me, without religion there are NO Jewish people worth fighting for and worth dying for.  There is no Jewish state worth sacrificing so much for and crying out “not one inch.”  Everything that the nationalist writer sees in me as “nationalist” is instead RELIGIO-NATIONALIST, or the authentic Jewish Idea.  Failing to see religion and G-d at the heart of Jewishness; failing to see G-d at the center of Jewish destiny, as the G-d of History; failing to understand that without a return to Torah, nothing will help us – the secular nationalist understands nothing.

And he is joined by the “religious” Jew form Illinois.  A Jew who can say such “practical” things as “are all of us able to support ourselves in Israel?; as “I do not think” an Auschwitz can happen in America; as if America “turns full tilt” against Jews then Israel is also doomed; as advice to stop harping on Aliyah and instead try to make us “better Jews where we are.”

The one writer puts religion on the shelf and thinks that he is a complete Jew, while the other ignores nationalism and prides himself on his being able to be a true Jew.  Both are wrong.  Both are cripples, the one limping on the right foot and the other on the left.

The religious Jew asks that I try to make Jews better “where they are.”  That is exactly what I do when I “harp” on the fundamental mitzvah of Aliyah.  I am desperately attempting to reach the Jew “where he is” in the Exile and make him a better Jew by telling him to fulfill the mitzvah of settling the land.  I reach out to him and try to make him a better Jew who will stop being so casual about a mitzvah that the rabbis tell us is equal to all the commandments of the Torah; who will realize that the rabbis call him, the dweller in Exile, a man who is as one without a G-d; who is called a worshipper of idol impurity; who is promised that in the Exile he will “find no rest for the sole of his foot.”

He wishes me to make Jews better than they are?  Every article I write concerning the immutable place of the nation and the state of Judaism does just that.  Every criticism of religious Jews for failing to understand that there can be no authentic complete Judaism without the Land of Israel is that.   Every time I attempt to teach the lesson of the State of Israel as being the beginning of the redemption and the beginning of the era of Kiddush Hashem is that.

 The religious Jew who does not perceive that the Exile is Hillul Hashem, the desecration of
 G-d’s name is one who does not understand Jewish history and the Jewish destiny.  If he does not understand that his remaining in the Exile desecrates G-d’s name, guarantees a terrible Holocaust and impedes the swift final redemption – then shout to him the truth over and over again no matter how annoyed he is, or rather precisely because he is annoyed. The Jew who remains in Exile and refuses to live in Israel is NOT a good a Jew as he should be.  The Jew who can fail to understand that the Exile is a curse that is guaranteed to end in Auschwitz, and who can lay aside a mitzvah because “how will we support ourselves” (meaning, in the manner to which we have become accustomed), and who can think that the destiny of Israel lies in the hands of America – is a Jew who badly needs help.  He is as “irreligious” in his way as the secular nationalist in his.

The question of Aliyah is not a peripheral or tangential one.  It is at the heart of the Jewish future and destiny.  And it will be shouted forth so that, in the words of the Book of Ezekiel “whether they listen or cease to listen, but let them know that there was a spokesman among them.”

Somewhere in the Exile, the authentic Jewish Idea became misshapen and deformed.  On the one hand there were those who forgot that the Jew is a religion. On the other hand, there were those who forgot that we are a nation.  Both are helping to bring tragedy upon us.  Until we return to the authentic Jewish concept of a RELIGO-NATION I will continue to receive letters from people who do not understand.  Somehow they must be made to understand and that is why I write.

Please continue your prayers for Rivka bat Talya the 20-year old daughter of Binyamin and Talya Kahane, may G-d avenge their blood.

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Rabbi Binyamin Kahane Irrational Hatred

Kahane on the Parsha
Rabbi Binyamin Kahane- Parshat Korach
At the very outset of our parsha, the Torah states, "Now Korach...the son of Levi took along with Datan and Aviram, the sons of Eliav, and On ben Pelet, of the tribe of Reuben" (Numbers 16:1). This opening verse indicates the existence of two factions among the rebels: the sons of Levi led by Korach and the sons of Reuben led by Datan, Aviram, and On ben Pelet.
Indeed, Moses -- and the Torah in recording the controversy -- often treats the two factions separately. From the beginning of the parsha until verse 11, Moses directs his words to Korach and the sons of Levi. From verse 12 to 15, Moses deals with Datan and Aviram. From verse 16 to 19, the parsha concerns Korach and the sons of Levi again, and in verse 23, it returns to Datan and Aviram.
These two groups also seem to approach the conflict differently. If we study the verses, it appears that Korach and the sons of Levi are willing to at least listen to Moses. As a result, Moses is able to rebuke them and offer a suggestion for resolving the conflict (holding an incense "contest"). True, Korach does not answer Moses (the Rabbis explain that he was worried Moses would convince him he was wrong -- Tanchuma, Korach 6). But at least he does not act brazenly towards him.
The behavior of Datan and Aviram is totally different. Moses calls for them, but they refuse to even meet. Instead, they relay an impudent message to Moses that includes a complaint about the very exodus from Egypt, which they call "the land of milk and honey"! Indeed, Midrash HaGadol states that the words "And they rose up in the face of Moses" at the beginning of the parsha (ibid. 16:2) refer specifically to Datan and Aviram, "who rose brazenly before him."
And it was Datan and Aviram's insolent reaction to Moses that causes him for the first time since the launch of the rebellion to grow angry, whereupon he asks G-d not to accept their offering (Numbers 16:15). The Tanchuma explains that Moses implored G-d: "Don't accept their teshuva!" Moses told G-d he did all he could to make peace, but Datan and Aviram were defiant and so, "Close the gates before them."
How do we account for this difference in approach and behavior between Korach on the one hand and Datan and Aviram on the other?
Perhaps the explanation is as follows: Korach's aspirations and lust for power were obvious. He wanted Kavod. This is a serious sin, but at least his motive for opposing Moses was clear. But what did Datan and Aviram expect to gain from the rebellion? After all, even if it succeeded, Korach would end up the big winner. Datan and Aviram's status would not change drastically (even under Moses' leadership, they were hardly peons).
So what was their aim? It appears that their aim was opposition for opposition's sake. The Korach rebellion was hardly the first time they acted in this fashion. As the Rabbis tell us, Datan and Aviram were the ones who squealed on Moses when he killed the Egyptian, they were the ones who confronted him when he existed Pharaoh's palace with Aaron for the first time, and they were the ones who collected manna on Shabbat in defiance of Moses' instructions. They had nothing to gain from any of these actions. Their goal was simply to obstruct the redemption process which Moses, whom they hated with a passion, was trying to lead.
On ben Pelet was not as stubborn. The Rabbis relate that On abandoned the rebel cause after his wife told him: "What will you gain from all this? If Moses is the 'Rav', you will be the student; if Korach is the 'Rav," you will be the student" (Sanhedrin 109b). When he realized he had nothing to gain, On dropped out. But Datan and Aviram, who opposed Moses for opposition's sake, remained firm. Moses could not understand it. What do they want from me? "Not one donkey from them have I taken, neither have I hurt one of them" (Numbers 16:15).
But Datan and Aviram never claimed that Moses harmed them -- they simply were against him. That is why they refused to speak with Moses. For them, opposition to Moses was a goal in itself; it wasn't a means to attain something else.
Does this phenomenon exist today? Let us consider. In the past, the idea of giving up land and evacuating the settlements was tendered because it was supposed to bring us peace and quiet. While relinquishing our hold on part of Eretz Yisrael may be a sin, at least the motive to do so was understandable. But today there is a growing number of Datans and Avirams for whom dismantling the settlements is the goal -- for its own sake -- and "peace" merely an excuse to do so. We are talking about people who have arrived at the conclusion that the way to fight those Jews who are loyal to Judaism and Eretz Yisrael is to stick with the "peace process" 'til the end -- at any cost. They insanely and zealously cling to Oslo in order to crush the nationalism they hate so.
Just like Datan and Aviram constantly stood in Moses' way, these people stand in the way of yishuv ha'aretz and the redemption. That is their goal. They are even willing to forfeit the honor and portfolios if need be. As long as the "process" goes on. Regarding such an approach, Moses implored G-d, "Do not accept their offering!"
Darka Shel Torah, 2000
Please say prayers for the health of “Rivka bat Talya” 20- year old daughter of Binyamin and Talya Kahane, may G-d avenge their blood.
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An Oylem Goylem

 “Beyond Words” is a newly-published seven volume collection of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s writings  from 1960 – 1990 that originally appeared in The Jewish Press, other serial publications, and his privately-published works.
“Beyond Words” also includes a number of extra features:
Chronology of Rabbi Kahane's life.

“Beyond Words” now can be bought at  On the search line, type…  Beyond Words Kahane.

Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 6


What Alexander Hamilton said in his day (“the masses are asses”) was a mere echo of a famous Yiddish folk saying, “der oylem iz a goylem”. The golem, one recalls, is that brutish being, incapable of independent thought, and keyed to the will of its master. Alas, the more things change, the less anything in the Jewish world does. The oylem, the Jewish audience, remains a goylim

I speak of the incredible willingness of the Jew to want to believe any lie, fraud and cynical manipulation – as long as that allows him to preserve his illusions of heroes. I speak of the almost absolute ability of politicians to do and say anything, in the knowledge that their idolatrous followers will see only divinity and truth in them – despite the fact that if the same act would be done to by a politician they despise, they would be crying for “the traitors scalp.” And I write this, as the cult of Ariel Sharon spreads among the oylem that is a goylem, the masses of asses.

There is an apparent need on the part of human beings, and certainly Jews, for a hero. There is a need for man to worship. Alas, G-d lacking enough charisma for the modern Jew, he seeks something more exciting. And in every decade there is someone else to worship, some other god with feet and mind and soul of clay. Now, it may be legitimate to raise high the banner of a leader, but only the goylem refuses to see his feet of clay and his nakedness of principle.

In the past it was Moshe Dayan, he of the one eye and the lion heart of Judah.  Jews of the Exile, humiliated for two millennia, ached for a hero and here was the Jewish Samson who smote the gentiles and gave every Jew in Levittown pride and self-respect. Little matter that Dayan was a man of tiny faith and immense fear of the gentiles, who along with Golda Meir (yet another Jewish winner), refused to allow the Israeli Army to strike a preventive blow a day before they knew the Yom Kippur War was to begin, out of fear of the American reaction.

No less than 4,000 Jewish boys fell because of that criminal decision by Moshe the lion-hearted, who was quoted in the first week of that war that seemed to be a debacle, “we are seeing the destruction of the Third Temple”. And who recalled, or cared to, that it was Dayan, who  in the Six Day War, opposed reaching the Suez Canal and capturing the Golan Heights lest Israel get involved with the Soviets. (It was Divine Providence that saw the Israeli Army outrun Dayan’s pathetic orders). And who recalls, or cares to, that it was Dayan who refused to expel the Arabs in 1967, when the world stood awe-struck, lest as he put it, “the world think that there is another wave of Arab refugees.” Indeed, he ordered the army to return thousands of Arabs who had fled on their own, and the tragedy of today is in such large measure the doing of Moshe Dayan, hero of the Jewish people. And yet he continues, incredibly, to dwell in the private Pantheon of millions of Jews.

Indeed, an  oylem goylem.

And Golda, the architect of the murder of 4,000 Jewish soldiers because of fear of the world. The architect, too, of the saying that will surely enter the Hall of Fame of Insanity, as she declared: “I can forgive the Arabs for having killed our soldiers but I can never forgive them for making us kill theirs.” And yet, this person still remains in the eyes of millions “the only gever (man) in the Israeli cabinet…”

And Begin. What shall we say about a man who will go down in history as the saddest and weakest of all Prime Ministers, while, at the same time, continuing to reap the kudos and hurrahs of millions who make up his oylem goylem. Had Peres given up the Sinai, with its huge oil supplies and land area, knocked down Jewish settlements and dragged out Jews; had Peres stopped the Israeli Army in Lebanon from annihilating the PLO and its leadership and thus cause more than 650 Jewish soldiers to die for nothing; had Peres allowed his army officers to take the blame for Sabra and Shatilla – Begin and his groupies would have taken to the streets calling for the head of the “traitor”. But since it was Begin who did it, the goylem accepts it as the decision “forced upon him”. What an oylem! What a goylem!

Every decade, every year, the goylem finds himself another hero. Shamir. He is better than Peres. Why? Only G-d knows why a man who arrested and prosecuted the Jewish underground; who is Prime Minister of the intifada; who lied on every issue (except money) to the religious parties; who speaks loudly and carries a small twig –is lionized by the oylem goylem.  And worst of all  - is Aharon

Ariel Sharon.  Latest hero of the masses   He is the “hawk.” He is the no-nonsense man.  He is the salvation.  Masses. Asses, Oylem, Goylem.

It was a Saturday night and Begin was on the verge of signing the infamous, insane Camp David Accords. The sticking point was Sadat’s absolute refusal to allow Jews to remain, hence the need to dismantle the settlements and remove the Jews. Begin feared one man. Sharon. He called him from the U.S. to ask if he would support the plan. What else was said we can only guess. But what is known is that Sharon agreed to support it, voted for the Camp David accords in the Knesset (Shamir did not) and then was appointed Minister of Defense.
And as Minister of Defense, it was Ariel Sharon, hawk, hero, salvation, who hovered over the area in his helicopter directing the knocking down of Jewish settlements (and creating a precedent for Judea and Samaria) and bodily dragging out Jews from their homes. If Peres had done that, what would the hawk have said? What would the hero have shouted? What would the salvation have exclaimed? Masses. Asses. Oylem, Goylem.  I know of countless cabinet ministers in the world, and even some in Israel, who resigned over principle. If the handling of the “intifada” is so terrible (and it is!) and if Israel is headed toward disaster (and it is!), why does     not Sharon resign?  And what can one say about a man who, in November 1987 and then again in December of that year and again after that, called for the drafting of Arabs into the army and who condemns Meir Kahane for his proposal to expel them instead?

Donkeys, asses, are programmed in their limitations. They cannot see; they cannot grasp reality. Human donkeys are different. They can – but they are worse than the four-legged brand because they refuse to see and admit truth and reality. The same Ariel Sharon is a man whose word is suspect (and I attempt to be kind). In an interview with the newspaper Ma’ariv on the eve of the 1973 elections, he told the paper that he supported equal rights for all wings of Judaism – Reform, Conservatism, as well as Orthodox, and was for public transportation on the Sabbath. Today he goes to the Lubavitcher Rebbe for his blessings in his battle against Shamir’s elections plan, and the oylem goylem goes wild in ecstasy.

Please continue your prayers for Rivka bat Talya the 20-year old daughter of Binyamin and Talya Kahane, may G-d avenge their blood.

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Faith In G-d And Samson's Weapons

K A H A N E”
The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea
Nissan -5737   April-1977

 The men of little faith fear Washington far more than the All   
Mighty.  The   descendants of the Jews who turned in fear  
and prostration to Egypt to save them from Assyria and who
turned as some beggar standing in a doorway to Assyria for  
succor from  Babylon, today raise their eyes unto Washington   
and from Plains, Georgia shall come their salvation…

The key to the Jewish redemption lies in the deep and abiding
faith in G-d that is as strong as the situation is bleak.  In the 
face of darkness and danger, the Jew trusts all the more in    
the All Mighty and the threats of finite flesh and blood fade
into insignificance if trust in the infinite King of the Universe 
is real and unbending.  “Israel, trust in the L-rd,” is more than
a topic for a temple rabbi’s sermon.  It is the foundation of 
Judaism, that upon which rest all the 613 commandments. 
“And the righteous shall live by his faith.”

What does a Jew do when the United States attempts to
strangle Israel by demanding betrayal of the land to the 
Arabs  or risk losing American weapons and support?  He first
prays to the All Mighty and affirms his faith in Him.  He
vows not to violate the commandment that forbids giving up
Jewish land.  He realizes that retreat is insanity and that it
will lead not to peace but to disaster.  He knows that each 
bowing to Washington will lead only to more demands. 
And so he prays and has faith.

And then he turns and says:  You have the choice of selling us
conventional weapons (and what a ludicrous term that is and
when did cluster bombs and missiles and napaim become
“conventional”?) or not.  But know that if you do not, we will 
develop and if need be use the unconventional nuclear,
chemical and biological weapons that can destroy not only
Arabs but their Soviet allies.  And then he opens the New
York Times and Washington Post of March 21 and reads:

“The Pentagon is quietly upgrading its ability to wage war
with nerve gas, a weapon that can cause agonizing death
from spasms and convulsions if only a drop or two gets on a
person’s skin. The reason is a growth in the Soviet
Union’s chemical warfare capability… ‘We underestimated
the threat and it got us into trouble,’ said a chemical warfare 

And the same day the times quotes Dr. Alexander Langmuir,
the former top civilian epidemiologist as saying that he
devoted one fifth of his time to military biological warfare
studies “because he regarded biological warfare as a serious
threat to the United States.”

The United States is permitted to develop biological and
chemical weapons because it is threatened.  Israel is not?  The
United States is allowed to have an atomic arsenal that is
awesome and can destroy the world many times over,
because of fear of the Soviets?  Israel – threatened daily with
extinction by the Arabs – can do no less.  Faith in G-d and
fear of neither enemies nor allies. That is the Jewish way.

Please say prayers for the health of “Rivka bat Talya” 20- year old daughter of Binyamin and Talya Kahane, may G-d avenge their blood.
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