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I Love Arabs - 1986

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Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 5

April 25, 1986

I love Arabs.  I really do.  They are so much more honest than the Jews I so often meet, they are so much more normal.  Consider two examples of Arabs I love.

The first is Knesset member Muhamad Miari of the pro-PLO Progressive List.  Miari is the very epitome of all that the liberal, humanist, democratic, co-existentialist egalitarians of the Jewish faith boast of.  A well-mannered, polite, intellectual (he is a graduate of the Hebrew University) citizen of Israel, he rose on October 15, 1985 in the Knesset of Israel to declare:

The State of Israel is not the state of the Jewish people but rather of the citizens who live there as citizens of the State of Israel.  I said it, we say it and we will continue to struggle for this.

And yet another Israeli Arab, poet, intellectual, writer, Anton Shamas, publishes a column in the leftist, self-hating Kol Ka’Ir (a local Jerusalem weekly controlled by the newspaper Ha’Aretz) on September 13, 1985, and writes:  “A Jewish state, by its very definition, carries with it the seed of disaster, namely the collapse of democracy.”

Would that Jews were so honest and normal!  Two Arabs who speak openly and who raise the clear contradiction between Western democracy and a “Jewish” state.  Two Arabs who make it perfectly clear that all the nonsense spouted by the pitiful Jewish liberals is too laughable to even consider seriously.  Two Arabs who make it clear that they reject Zionism and the Zionist state, and what shall we do with all the neurotic Jews who are shaking as if with the ague at this slap in their obtuse faces?

I love Arabs because they are so normal and honest, even as I become more and more convinced that the Jews need a national couch.  And because I respect the Arab, unlike the pathetic Jewish liberals, I understand that we cannot buy their logic and national pride with syrupy words, with indoor toilets and with “better living conditions.”  Because I respect Arabs I know that not by bread alone does the Arab live.  Nor even by cake.  And because, unlike the Mad Hatter Jewish liberals, leftists, Moderdox, ad infinitum, I respect the Arabs – I know that they must go.  And with G-d’s help, they will, and we will save Jews from both honest Arabs and from their own dishonest selves.

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