Friday, September 16, 2016

Is It Good For The Jews



1971-73  5732-33


For decades, large numbers of American Jews and the vast majority of their leadership have been practicing the art of national suicide.  Faced with the loss of an elementary understanding that is possessed by even the most backward and primitive of people – that vital issues should be judged on the basis of national self-interest – Jews have consistently vowed fealty to ‘objectivity’, regularly placed liberal or “humanitarian” concepts over Jewish ones and worked tirelessly to destroy themselves.

Any normal people realize that groups base decisions upon self-interest.  Any normal people realizes that democracy is a conglomerate of pressure and self-interest groups with farmers, consumers, unions, Catholics, Blacks and all kinds of lobbyists constantly striving to assure that their interests be served.  Apparently, the Exile has so warped and terrified certain Jews that they strive to escape their Jewishness and the persecution that accrues from it, by becoming citizens of the world and “humans,” thus gaining love and safety from anti-Semitism. 

It is insecurity, fear and drive to assimilate that lead certain Jews to back causes that are blatantly anti-Jewish.  Thus, some Jews become Marxists in face of the fact that Marxism means the elimination of Jews both as a religion and nation.  Certain Jews become “humanists” despite – or because of – the subsequent blurring of all division between Jew and non-Jew. Others, retain their Jewishness, but insist upon being liberals before Jews and think a liberal world guarantees safety for the Jew.  All these groups have been proven wrong a thousand times over and the fact remains that the Jew can new never purchase his safety, security and peace at the expense of his own identity, specifically separate existence.  The one way to assure that identity and the survival of the Jew as a separate entity, is through Jewish self-interest.

Progress for Blacks does NOT, as we have been assured, necessarily guarantee Jewish progress.  Liberal support for downtrodden people in no way necessarily assures Jewish survival.  Being a liberal is not always synonymous with Jewish interests (and the same holds true for being a conservative).

It is vital for the Jew – if he wishes to survive – to understand a number of basic axioms:
1.     Unless the Jew aids himself there is no one else who will come to his rescue in time of great and critical need.  The fact is so historically true that it is inexplicable that it is not self-obvious.

2.     Jews, in order to survive, must continually gird their resources and strength for Jewish causes and aims since no one else will.

3.     In assessing every issue and politician the Jew should always use the yardstick: Is it good for the Jews?

This latter point may distress a great many liberal Jews.  It will surely not upset militant blacks who work along this principle for their own people continually and who understand the extent of white hostility and the need for Black power for Black interests.  Indeed, the growing awareness of self within the ranks of ethnics all over the country gives the lie to the absurd myth of the Melting Pot.  No one merits: in the end ethnic and religious ties – inward national pulls – are far more powerful than international and supranational movements.  It is little wonder that after 50 years of Soviet rule, Ukrainians and other groups retain and strengthen their own identity and the Great Russians retain their strangle hold on the Soviet Establishment.  It is not surprising that 27 years of Tito can do nothing about the rise of Serbian-Croat rivalry and the Communist Albania and Yugoslavia have an Albanian ethnic problem.

No one melts except frightened people who attempt to.  In the end they either dissolve completely or are rejected by the host body.  The solution to survival and respect in this world is not to attempt to lose oneself but to find; not to escape from but to return to the source of one’s beginnings.  One who does not know from whence he came will never know where he is going.  Some day we may build a better world but it will never come until each of us regains his own separate identity and self-respect.  Only with that self-respect can we respect others and only when others respect us will they truly accept our hand in friendship.

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