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The Temple Mount 1987

By Rabbi Meir Kahane, written in 1987

The Temple Mount
Once upon a time, in the exile, the Jews would decide every major step by the proposition:  What will the gentiles say.  Then they created Israel, where Jews would be sovereign and free….Laugh not, but rather weep for generations.
Jerusalem. Where the Palestinian autonomy and eventual state is being built.  Jerusalem, which mirrors so much of the other desecrations that fills the land. 

The Temple Mount is not in our hands.  East Jerusalem is not in our hands.  Judea and Samaria and Gaza and the Golan are not in our hands.  The Biblical Eretz Yisrael which we liberated through G-d’s decree in 1967, is not in our hands.

The Temple Mount is in their hands, the foxes, the cunning Arab foxes.  And the words of Motta Gur ring hollowly – and it is we who are to blame.  We took a miracle and disdained it.  We, who took holiness and profaned it.  We who were given a Zion, a Jerusalem, Temple Mount – and gave it over to the jackal-foxes.

He who controls the Temple Mount will control JerusalemAnd he who controls Jerusalem will control the Holy Land.  And the desecration of the Land and of G-d is inconceivable.


I have never been afraid of the Arabs; it is the Jews who terrify me.  The ultimate danger to Jews has never been the gentile; it is the Jews who have always been their own worst enemy.  And no Arab state or combination thereof can ever bring Israel to its knees.  To accomplish that, they must look to the enemy within, the Jews of self-hate, of cancerous guilt, the lemmings of Suicide Now.  To our bitter regret, there is no lack of these; the enemy is indeed within the gates, within the walls.


The hope is not yet lost – the hope of two thousand years, to be a free people in our own land…” (from the Israeli national anthem, “Hatikva’)

The following appeared as a letter to the editor in the Histradut labor newspaper Davar (June 30, 1986
“On June 19, we were waiting on line to see the doctor, some 30 of us.  An argument broke out between a young woman elegantly dressed and obviously well off, and an elderly man.  He quietly explained to her that it was his turn to see the doctor.  She began screaming at him and among the gems said: ‘I am an Arab; this land is mine and who needs you Jews here? Go back where you came from.’

“A large crowd gathered from all the departments – and, now, pay attention:  An Arab woman stands between perhaps 100 Jews in a Jewish institution waiting to see a Jewish doctor and shots.  Then she slapped the elderly Jew.  He wished to hit her back, but could not reach her.  She gave him a hard blow and sent him flying.  He lost consciousness, blood flowed from his head, and he was given oxygen and taken by ambulance to the hospital.  But, no one touched the Arab woman!  What would have happened if this had been a Jewish woman among Arabs?  The police came and she shouted:  I am not afraid of anyone, not you or the police….”

In the year 5707 –1948 by the gentile calendar that the Jews had lived under for so long-the dream was realized.  A Jewish State was declared in the Land of Israel.  A Jewish State!  No more fear, no more terror in the streets!  A Jewish State! Free and proud and a kingdom of Kings!    Hardly!

More attacks on Jews pre-Oslo years, can be found in “Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews,” Chapter 7 – The Dream

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