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The Book Is Open, The Hand Writes 1984

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The Magazine of the Authentic Jewish Idea
Spring 5744 – 1984


For the Jews of true belief there is no more fundamental axiom than that of a world of hashgacha, ordained, directed, immutable history.  For the Jew of real faith and religion, there is a G-d who created all, who decreed that which was, who commands all that is, who proclaims all that will be.  A world that is ordered rather than one of anarchy, a world that is not free to spin on its own chosen axis but which is bound by the natural laws and decrees of the creator.  And a world whose inhabitant are as clay in the hands of the great Potter, whose lives are subject to His will and for whom directed reward and punishment are assured for their actions and deeds.  A human does not injure his finger without being so decreed from Heaven and this we solemnly accept.  How much more so does the humiliating American retreat from Lebanon and the previous shattering explosion in Beirut cry out for recognition as Divine decree – but that is a thing that is too difficult for us to proclaim.
But it is true and there is a book that is open in which all of man’s deeds are recorded and the Hand writes and records and retribution is stored away for its proper moment. 
The terrible tragedy of American humiliation that was preceded by the bombing and slaughtering of the United States forces in Lebanon is a shock and sadness for the lives lost.  But there is nothing in this world that occurs without reason and only those who seek to throw off the yoke of heaven from about their personal necks demand belief in a world that itself is free from ordained direction.  The one who seeks freedom from discipline and restraint insists upon creating a world that is similarly anarchical, unbound, undirected, unfettered by punishment for our deeds.  The one who seeks to be free to do all that pleases him, creates a G-d who has a place in this world that he – Man – decides for Him, a Deity akin to a smiling Santa Claus always bearing gifts and never bestowing retribution.  But, that is not the world of the Jew, that is not the reality, and those who insist upon sin will receive retribution and those who persist in license will learn that there is a G-d and a book and a hand that writes and there is reward and punishment.  And that, as sad as it my seem and as shocking as it may appear to the fearful and the unwilling, is the reality of the terrible event in Beirut.
There is a G-d in the world and He is the L-rd, G-d of Israel.  And those nations that go against His people will, at some point, feel the punishment implicit in a world of His hashgacha, ordained direction.
How did the marines get to Lebanon in the first place?  What brought them to the country, which was to take the lives of so many of them?  Why surely the fact that the President who still sees nothing and still understands the same, rose up in front of Israel and ordered it to stop its march to destroy its enemies.  When the Jewish forces of vengeance stood poised in Beirut to physically destroy the Arab desecrators of G-d and His people, the murderers and defilers of the Name, it was the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief of those marines and sailors who died last year, who raised his hand and demanded that the Jews halt; that compelled her to allow the PLO roaches to save their lives and leave their graveyard.  Let the truth be engraven on our hearts so that we may understand the explosion in Beirut:  The United States forces who died in Beirut we sent there in the first place, not to keep “peace”, but to prevent Israel from destroying the PLO, the enemies of the G-d of Israel. 
The marines were sent to Lebanon to insure that the Israelis would not be allowed to do that which they should have done.  The open hostility and contempt for the Israelis was permanently engraved on the world by the marines who, time after time, harassed the Israelis and confronted them in a manner they never managed in the case of the Arabs.  The original purpose of the United States troops was not to keep the “peace” but to keep the Israelis from destroying the Palestinians.  And for that the book was open and the hand wrote and retribution was decreed by a G-d who told His chosen Abraham: “Those who bless you shall be blessed and those who curse you shall be cursed.”  And let not the gentile who defiled the G-d of Israel now weep for the consequences of his own actions – the defiance of the G-d of history.  What was sown has been reaped, and the tragedy is not an unguided thing.
The gentile who furiously condemned Israel for the massacres in Beirut and who rushed in troops to save the remaining Arabs even while driving the Israelis out has been repayed by those whom he saved.  That is the lesson of the tragedy in Beirut and if the gentile has not learned it, at least let the Jew.  So that he, the Jew, will always remember the book that is open and the hand that writes and all his deeds are recorded.  And retribution is set-aside for the day of payment.

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