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But It Is MY Ox! 1990

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{Obama said" "ISIS has no ideology of Human values."  
Kerry said:  "We need to annihilate ISIS." 
Kerry -annihilate?  Why not try ceasefires and negotiations?  Why are you bombing and not throwing down fliers, or SMSing  innocent civilians where you will be bombing?   The U.S. is constantly pressuring Israel to negotiate; to cease-fire and be careful of harming innocent civilians . Why are they not doing what they pressure Israel to do?

But It Is MY Ox!  
January 19, 1990   -  22 Teveth 5750

Once upon a time, there was a man who owned several beautiful oxen.  They were strong and well-mannered and just a delight.  He had a neighbor, however, who was a bad man and very jealous of the beautiful oxen, because the bad man’s oxen were ugly and ill-tempered.  And the jealousy of the bad man gave him no rest, so that one day he deliberately let his ill-tempered oxen into the field where the beautiful oxen were grazing and they gored one of them, killing it.  The owner of the dead ox was angry at this terrible and deliberate outrage that, in the middle of the night, he entered the field where the ill-tempered oxen were and killed one of them.

The neighboring villagers and cattle people were very moral and ethical people and they were aghast at the man who had taken revenge on the ill-tempered ox and its bad owner.  Their leader, Mr. Morality, was especially indignant.  “What you did was very immoral,” he told the poor man.  “You cannot sink to his level.  And you cannot enter someone else’s field even if there is a dangerous ox there.  You cannot take the law into your own hands.”

In vain did the poor fellow protest that someone had to teach the bad fellow a lesson and that unless that were done, he would do it again.  Nothing helped.  Mr. Morality was adamantly ethical: “You do not take the law into your own hands; you do not enter other people’s property; you do not sink to his level.”  And with that, Mr. Morality and his merry band of ethical cattlemen walked off, heads high and breasts filled with a sweet sense of righteousness.

The poor man was so beaten that he could not bear the thought of continuing as before.  He was so depressed that he decided to sell the rest of his beautiful oxen to anyone who would buy them. To be sure, there was no lack of buyers and, in the end, it was Mr. Morality himself who offered the highest price.  Beaming, he took possession of the beautiful, quiet, well-mannered and delightful oxen.      

But the change in ownership had not changed the way the bad man felt.  Every time he would see the beautiful oxen, he was blinded by jealousy and envy.  And so, one night, when he could no longer contain his jealousy, he sent his ugly and ill-tempered oxen into the field of Mr. Morality and they again killed one of the beautiful oxen.

When Mr. Morality heard of what had happened, his anger knew no bounds.  And without a second thought, he took a number of his merry ethical friends, entered the field of the bad man and killed not one, but two of his oxen.
When the original owner of the oxen heard of this, he hurried over to Mr. Morality.  “I do not understand.  What did you do?  When I did the same thing, you told me that one does not take the law into one’s own hands; one does not enter other people’s fields and one does not sink to their level.  What happened now?”
Mr. Morality looked with pity on the poor, uncomprehending man.  “I see that you really don’t understand, poor fellow.  Let me explain.  There is a difference between you going into his field and my going into his field.  In your case, you really should not have done such a thing.  In this case, it was my ox…”
I wallow in glee over events in Panama and Romania.  O, Panama!  O, Romania! I watch as the United States troops go into someone else’s field, invade a foreign country with 25,000 troops, shoot up its capital city, kill some 70 Panamanians, and install their own government.
And then I remember Israel’s invasion of Lebanon after years of attacks on Jewish towns from that country; after scores of Jews were murdered by attacks launched from that land; after life was made a living hell for the Jews of Kiryat Shmona, one third of whom fled the city.  And I remember Israeli troops reaching Beirut and installing their Lebanese as President in order to put an end to murder and attacks upon Jews.
And I remember Messrs. Morality!  ALL of them!  President Reagan, Vice-President Bush, the State Department, the Defense Department and all the merry, ethical Americans (and British and French and, and, and, ad infinitum.  Ad nauseum). How they condemned and how they railed and how they moralized and how they ethicalized!  Merrily.  “You do not sink to the level of the PLO.  You do not enter someone else’s field (land).  You do not take the law into your own hands.”  Messrs. Morality, Post Office Box One Million, Washington, DC.           
And so now there is Panama.  And should any simple-minded type ask President Morality, High-minded Bush of morality, why he did everything he told Israel it should not do – he would give a sympathetic nod to the poor simpleton who really does not understand, and the answer would be: But it is my ox…
I remember Israeli troops entering the field of Lebanon to capture a Moslem Sheikh who was leader of a group of Moslem Shiite thugs holding Israelis as hostages; and President Morality and his merry ethical State Department cattlemen with their shouts of condemnation!  And now I see the same moralists invading the field of Panama to try and catch a thug named Noriega because he deals in drugs that harm Americans and because he tweaks America’s nose.  And I finally understand the difference and can even hear President Morality say it: But it is my ox…
And I remember the outcry by all the Democrats and anti-Racist equality types demanding that William Nakash be extradited from Israel to France and rising up in righteous indignation over the thought that just because someone is a Jew, he should not be extradited.  After all, all human beings are equal and being Jewish is no reason to refuse to hand him over to strangers.  And what would the world say to any such tribalism!  And then I read that under Panamanian, law, a Panamanian cannot be extradited to a foreign county and I understand the difference: But it is my ox…

I watch as, in Romania, the dictator is captured and he and his wife are shot in secret trial, with summary justice dealt out within less than two days and no appeal allowed.  And I know that Israel did not give the death penalty to any murdering terrorists and goes through elaborate procedures of “justice” in order that terrorists sit and eat and drink at our expense until they are exchanged for hostages.  And I know what the outcry from Romania and other ethical nations would be if Israel would do to murdering terrorists what Romania did to its former President.  But I have already learned the difference; THIS IS MY OX…

And having said all that, I do not – as so many professors and intellectual doers on the right – merely weep, complain and wring my soul. I have no intention of wasting a precious few moments of my finite life in the House of Eternal Kvetching, in which so many of the right-wing spend their lives.  The lesson for me in this morality lesson of Whose Ox is gored? Is not that there are hypocrites in this world. Boker Tov! Good morning!  There are hypocrites in the world!  Surprise…

For me, the only lesson here is that there is, indeed, a difference.  Not the one that the moralists of hypocrisy give, but the objective and eternally true one of divine Torah Law.  There is a difference, the one that cannot be grasped unless one has knowledge and sense.  In the words of the rabbis, “Im ein da’at havdala minayin?”  “If one has no knowledge, how can he differentiate?” 

The lesson is that there is objective good and objective evil, objective truth and objective falsehood, and the same action taken against the one isgood while the same act done against the other is wrong and evil.  Yes, it is good and right and a mitzvah to go into Panama to eliminate the slime named Noriega and yes, how much more so was it right and a mitzvah to enter Lebanon and eliminate the PLO and other Moslem terrorist swine.  And yes, it was wrong and evil for the Russians to do exactly the same in Afghanistan and for the Chinese to invade Tibet.  Yes, the German bombing of Coventry and London is not the same as the Allied bombing of German cities and yes, the hanging of evil criminals is good and that of decent people, bad, and anyone who does not understand this havdala, differentiation, needs a good grounding in knowledge.  Divine knowledge.  Torah knowledge.

Until then, at the very least, let the Jew learn the simple message of normal gentiles who – when their basic interests are threatened – do not hesitate to enter strange fields and to kill evil oxen.  It is time the Jew learned there is nothing for which to apologize or retreat when his people are killed and his interest threatened.  It is time that he learned to tell President Morality and any other merry ethical type:  “But it is my ox and no one touches it; understand?”

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Interview with Rabbi Meir Kahane as He Faces Possible Barring from U.S.

“Beyond Words” now can be bought at  On the search line, type…  Beyond Words Kahane.

Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 7

Interview with Rabbi Meir Kahane as He Faces Possible Barring from U.S.
Written November 9, 1990

This interview took place a few hours before Rabbi Kahane’s assassination

Q: Rabbi Kahane, you have had an extraordinary life, during which you have become beloved and hated to a degree that few have seen.  You are among the most controversial and well known Jews in the world and the pressures on you must be enormous.  How do you continue and what do you see as your future?
A: I have done and will, please G-d, continue to do the things I do because the things that I say are true, are parts of the authentic Jewish Idea.  The fact that so many cannot see and understand, or attack and defame and worse, is not relevant to truth or to my obligation to that truth.  The rabbis tell us that the ALL Mighty appointed Moses and Aaron as leaders of the Jews on condition that they accept being pelted with stones.  Things have not changed.

Q: Yet you were barred from the Knesset and also face numerous legal problems.  What about them?
A: concerning the Knesset barring – an act of totalitarianism which saw an obscene silence on the part of Jewish liberals and every Jewish establishment group – we are, of course, working on running for the next Knesset within the constraints of the present law. We have studied it carefully and know what changes must be made to have me run. They were changes we did not have the time to make in 1988.  This time it will be different and we will use the loophole we have found to run.  I must add that if and when, please G-d, we do, we will amass a huge number of votes and seats since the events of the past two years have made countless Jews realize how right I was over the past 20 years.  Not only will we be the third-largest party but we will challenge Labor as the second party and no nationalist government will be formed without us.  And that will be the beginning of an historic change in Israel and the creation of a truly Jewish state made in the image of the G-d of Israel.

Q: and your legal problems?
A: As of this moment, I await the decision of my citizenship trial in Washington.  That entire thing is a sordid example of a joint effort by the United States and Israeli governments to insure that I will not be able to enter the United States since, if I do lose my citizenship, the U.S. will never issue me a visa.  Both the U.S. and Israeli governments have a vested interest in my not being able to raise money and support here, since if I achieve even substantial power in Israel, the Baker Plan and every other American attempt to pressure Israel into dangerous concessions will be rejected and U.S. Mideast policy thwarted.

I have a superb attorney, Nat Lewin, one of this country’s finest constitutional lawyers, and he believes that we have a strong case in opposing a clearly outrageous political scheme.  The great problem here is the judge, Aubrey Robinson, who sentenced Jonathan Pollard to life imprisonment.  During my hearing he was openly hostile and sarcastic and his anti-Semitism came through clearly.    Even if I lose, I will of course appeal (I have two more appeals), but so will the State Department if I win.  The big question is whether Robinson will allow me to enter the U.S. pending that appeal.  If not, I will have to depend on good Jews replying to the Israel-U.S. conspiracy by voluntarily sending me the large amounts of funds needed.

Q: And what about your Israeli problems?
A: Two serious criminal cases face me there, both outweighed only by the totalitarian nature of the proceedings.  In the first, involving my speech at a protest rally in Jerusalem following the murder of 16 Jews on an interurban bus near Jerusalem, at which I called the Arabs a “cancer in our midst,” I am being tried under a British Mandate law that defines “sedition” in a way that any totalitarian state would envy and under which any Jew in Israel could be jailed daily for stating political views.  Worse, this law bars me from proving the truth of my statement since under the law truth is not relevant.

For a while there was hope that the case would be thrown out since the state simply forgot to sign the indictment, and the statute of limitations had passed. But the judge in the case (a leftist who had also ruled against the Jews who purchased an Old City building from the Greek Orthodox Church some time ago) allowed the state to rule that an unsigned indictment was valid, since “one could not escape the truth through a technicality.”  This, in a case in which the truth is not relevant!

The second case involved the murder of two elderly Jews in May 1989, on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem, in which I led a large crowd of Jews in a protest march to the Old City, and the police charge me with having refused to disperse (the crowd was tear-gassed and 11 Kach people, including myself, arrested).  In the United States a conviction on such a charge would be a minor affair but in Israel the maximum is five years imprisonment (the same as with my first case).

Q: I must return to a previous point since so many people raise it.  The lies and defamation and attacks on you must surely wear you down.  How do you cope with it?
A: I answered that previously, at least in part.  But let me add a bit to that. To begin with, one rule is basic: Never responds to vicious and filthy lies that are clear attempts to defame and destroy and that are funded and planned by enemies of the Jewish people.  When one responds to these things, that is exactly what the enemy wants, since it only helps to publicize the defamation.  When one gets into the mud with the swine, one must emerge filthy.  King David said (Psalms 69:5): “They who hate me without reason are more than the hairs of my head,” but he also taught us how to react to the haters in Psalms 39:2: “I will keep a curb on my mouth, while the wicked one is before me.”

In a word, one does not bark back at barking dogs if one is a person and not a dog.

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Tisha B'Av Yearning for the Land - 1990

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 “Beyond Words” is a newly-published seven volume collection of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s writings from 1960 – 1990 that originally appeared in The Jewish Press, other serial publications, and his privately-published works.
“Beyond Words” also includes a number of extra features:
Chronology of Rabbi Kahane's life.

“Beyond Words” now can be bought at  On the search line, type…  Beyond Words Kahane.

Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 7

Yearning for the Land
Written July 27, 1990

The kilpa, the callus, that slowly and imperceptibly covers the burgeoning adult, immutably desensitizes us and forever loses for us the emotion and value that is the heart and nucleus of the mitzvah cell or ritual.  And so, as if suddenly – but really as part of the slow and ongoing process – there is created a human being, a community, almost a people that elevates the ritual to the heights reserved for the concept, and we become practitioners of Jewish ritual, rather than emotional and living embracers of the concept.

So it is with Tisha B’Av and the three weeks that precede it.  Not a few can emote all the laws and customs emanating from them.  Not an Orthodox Jew will violate the rituals that make up the three weeks and certainly not the nine days.  And yet, as with too many Jewish concepts that were meant to be living, thriving, real things that grip the heart and soul – ha’ikar  chaser min hasefer.  (A Hebrew idiom, literally meaning, “the principle is lacking from the book,” referring to the fact that the main concept has been forgotten)

For I put it to all honest people that, of all who practice the rituals of the three weeks and Tisha B’Av, few – all too few – mourn for Jerusalem and the Land.  I put it that most find the three weeks an excruciating thing that prevents them from enjoying the summer; that most look forward to its passing as quickly as possible so that vacation and enjoyment can continue in the Catskills and all the other places that make up the Galut enjoyment; that few, all too few, feel the stab of pain in their heart for the Temple that is not there; for the Moslem jackals who walk and control the Mount; for the lack of holiness and sanctity that Jerusalem and the Temple mean.  

What happens because of this is a shallow and terrible corrosion of Judaism and a slow and terrible corruption of the Jewish soul.  Mitzvot become things to be done with and finished; the soul becomes a hard and callous thing feeling nothing, and, worse, mitzvot become meaningless and fraudulent as we weep for a land we could be living in – if we wish to; as we speak of a return to a land of which we do not wish, as we grab ourselves in emotions we do not feel.

We do not wish to leave America; we do not feel any pain in an “exile” that the ritual has us mouthing as a thing of tragedy and pain.  We enjoy the luxury of Galut and mouth quickly the kinot, the lamentations, most of whose words we do not understand anyhow.  We sit on the floor in the Ninth of Av and look forward to the 10th.  And enjoyment.

That is the death of Judaism, no matter how many synagogues and shtiblech have grown.  This is the destruction of Torah as a real and vibrant “thing,” no matter how many yeshivas have sprung up.  For all of them will produce scholars of callous soul unable to feel the pain and joy and honesty of a mitzvah as it was meant when given by G-d at Sinai.

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The Murderers Are Us - 1983

From Barbara Ginsberg’s Desktop

“Beyond Words” is a newly-published seven volume collection of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s writings  from 1960 – 1990 that originally appeared in The Jewish Press, other serial publications, and his privately-published works.
“Beyond Words” also includes a number of extra features:
Chronology of Rabbi Kahane's life.

“Beyond Words” now can be bought at  On the search line, type…  Beyond Words Kahane.

Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 4

The Murderers Are Us
November 11, 1983

As I write, the number is 29.  Twenty-nine Jewish lives.  Twenty-none more Jewish lives. Shall I say that I am shattered?  But, you will reply, we are all shattered.  Ah, but I am shattered for a different reason.  For all the rest merely weep over the deaths while I mourn for the way they died.  For all the rest gnash their teeth in fury at the Arabs while I stand in fury with a finger pointed at someone else.

What happened to 29 Jewish soldiers in Lebanon last week is merely a new link in an old chain of tragedy.  Their deaths were ordained in a Jewish policy of fear of the gentile and trembling before Washington.  The Jewish deaths are but the latest of the obscenely needless ones that began when a government in Jerusalem, fearful of the gentile, ordered the army of Israel to refrain from using its air and firepower against PLO outposts situated in civilian areas. Tens of Jewish boys died needlessly, sacrificed on the altar of fear of the nations.  And now, another 29.  And yet another sacrifice to the god of prostration before the nations. 

When the Israel army was forced to ignominiously retreat from Beirut to the present Awali River line, an incredible thing happened.  Having been targets of terrorists in the old line; having been victims of attacks by Arabs who drove freely and who live and ran freely through the streets near the Israeli outposts – the government of Israel decided to continue to allow Arab automobiles and civilians to freely cross from the north into the new Israeli-held positions in the south!  Every day, no less than 12,000 vehicles moved freely south, carrying whatever horrors and explosives they wished to.  Can anyone surmise what possessed the government of Israel to purse this madness, which guaranteed the tragedy that occurred last week? 

The answer was given by the government itself.  Closing the bridges and sealing the borders would have led to suspicion in the world that Israel was planning to annex southern Lebanon.

And so I weep for the murder of 29 Jewish boys, but my tears are different.  For I know who the real murderers are, and they are far the more painful to me than the Arabs.  Twenty-nine more Jewish soldiers fell because of Jewish fear of the goy, and for that, the ALL Mighty will never forgive us.  We are victims.  Not of the irrelevant gentile but of the Jew of little faith, the blind and fearful.  Shamir and Arens will rarely be seen praying in a synagogue, but they pray three times a day in the Temple of Fear of the gentile.  On their arms and as frontlets between their eyes they daily wear the tefillin of prostration before the goy.  And so, Arens, the man whose hands are still sullied with the blood of Aharon Gross, even as he refuses to drive out the Arabs of Hebron, bombs the Syrians and vows retaliation.  He is as dishonest as he is guilty of murder of Jews.  No bombing of the Syrians will prevent Jews from being killed by the Arabs who, daily, mingle with the Israeli soldiers.  Seal the border; annex southern Lebanon, and more.

From the beginning, I called for a policy of faith in G-d that demanded the driving out of the Arabs from the Lebanese enclave that Israel holds.  If we are not prepared to do this, we guarantee the death of our own soldiers.  Enough anger at the Arabs.  They do what is best for themselves.  It is time for us to point the finger of guilt at the real culprits.  The Arenses and Shamirs and ourselves

Twenty-nine more deaths.  Twenty-nine more stripes for mardut, rebellion.  We have rebelled against the ALL Mighty by fearing the gentile more than Him.  And so we have been whipped.  Twenty-nine times more.

[Today in our war against Hamas we have reached 60 soldiers dead and numerous injured as I write this article.  This is not counting the civilian population of Israel.

Today in our war against Hamas we drop fliers send SMS and telephone the civilian population to run as we are coming into their area.  No surprise that our enemies are waiting for us and booby-trapping the houses we are going to enter which cause many Jewish deaths. Hamas is waiting for us to start their slaughter.

Today in our war against Hamas, we have cease-fires (again frightened of Obama, Kerry and the world) to show how humanitarian Israel is.  The cease-fire is a one-sided cease-fire with Hamas continuing the war.  How many soldiers are killed because their guard was down during these so-called cease-fires?

Hamas is our enemy and this is a war and Israel has to learn to fight a war as a war.  No warnings! No cease-fires!  No fear of the nations!  Fear and trust in the ALL Mighty only!  BG]    

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