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"A treaty with the U.S." "Is he good for the Jews?" "On Yo-Yoism"

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Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,

Volume 3

“A Treaty with the United States,” Jewish Press May 5, 1978

 As the pressure grows on Israel to commit suicide, the United States – through carefully planned leaks – has begun to wave a trial balloon and a seductive proposal to Israel, and more important, to the Jews there and without, who seek any “reasonable” solution.  The seduction is called a formal treaty between the United States and Israel by which the Americans would guarantee the survival of the Jewish state.
Who in possession of even a modicum of common sense would trust the United States to carry out a treaty obligation that would involve the use of American troops and possible heavy losses?
Who will trust the Americans, whose “faithfulness” to their South Vietnamese allies is legendary?  Who does not realize that a treaty will only tie Israeli hands as every decision to retaliate against terror raids or wars of “attrition” will be vetoes by the senior partner?

Let the Americans keep their treaties and let the Jews renew theirs with the ALL Mighty. And never were the words of the prophet (Isaiah 30:2-3) more true: “Who go down to Egypt and have not asked of My mouth . . . to trust in the shadow of Egypt!  Therefore shall the strength of Paraoh be your shame, and the trust in Egypt your confusion.”  The L-rd, only the L-rd.

“Brzezinski: Is He Good for the Jews,”
Kahane Magazine, September 1978, pp20-22

 The United States surely acts upon its own interests and this is most legitimate.  But Washington conceives of its interest in ways very different from the Israeli ones.  The State Department and the Pentagon (and there is no basic difference here between Democratic and Republican administrations) look at American interests in terms of oil, potential business contracts and investments in the Middle East, and, above all, to increase American influence in the Arab world.  When the presidential advisor says “a settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict is in the American interest,” what he is really saying is that a solution that the Arabs will find relatively favorable is in the American interest, and if that solution conflicts with Israel’s security or moral obligation, that is unfortunate.

The historical record shows an America that refused obstinately to give weapons to the beleaguered Jews in 1948, that attempted to shelve the U.N. plan for a Jewish state in favor of a trusteeship and that pressured Ben-Gurion not to declare a Jewish state.  It shows American pressure forcing the Jews to give up the northern Sinai after it was captured from the invading Egyptians in 1948 and to surrender the Sinai and the Gaza Strip in 1956 after Israel had smashed the Nasser noose that threatened to strange it.  It shows an America that pledged to keep the Gulf of Aqaba open and the United Nations peace-keeping forces between Israel and Egypt, and that then reneged on its promise in the terrible two weeks that preceded the June 1967 war.  It shows an America that refused to sell Phantom jets to Israel all through 1971; that prevented Israel from striking a pre-emptive blow on the eve of the Yom Kippur War (that, not Israeli intransigence, was what cost 2,5000 lives); that held up arms shipments to a bleeding Israel so as to prevent their routing the Arabs; that forced Israel to accept a cease-fire when it was on the verge of wiping out the Egyptian Third Army; and that brutally pressured Israel through “reassessment” – cutting off arms shipments and economic aid – into giving up the vital Sinai passes and all Israel’s oil.

. . . Who believes that America will do better for Israel than it did for its formal ally, South Vietnam?  The only reality is American pressure to force Israel to do what is good – in the Administration’s eyes – for America, regardless of whether it is suicidal for Israel.

“On Yo-Yoism,”
Jewish Press, February 3, 1978

 Let us stop the nonsense of: We will not talk to the PLO but only to other “Palestinians.”  What madness!  To begin with, such talk legitimizes the concept of “Palestinians” when it is imperative to cry out that there is no such concept, that there is no “Palestine” or “Palestinian” people.  For if there is indeed a “Palestine” people, surely they have a right to a state of their own.  The PLO is no more dangerous than Assad of Syria with whom Begin is willing to meet, and indeed, the Syrians are a great deal more dangerous with their tanks and MIG-25s.  The PLO is no more dangerous and desirous of throttling Israel than any of the other Arabs of East Jerusalem or Shchem and Hebron.  And end to the differentiation which only puts us into a dangerous trap.  Let us place all the Arabs in the same role: that of wanting, through different measures and tactics, to put an end to Israel.  There is nothing wrong with sitting with all of them, including the PLO, and saying: NO  

[We put ourselves into this dangerous trap that Rabbi Kahane warned us about. bg]

The above articles came from 1978 Quotes
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The Wise and the Foolish - 1975

M e i r  K a h a n e
W r i t i n g s
 Years   1974-6    5734-5-6


“Surely this nation is wise and understanding people.” (Deuteronomy 4);
“Will you thus repay the L-rd, O foolish people and unwise. . . “(Deuteronomy 32)

How is it that a wise people can be so incredibly foolish?  We were given free will to choose either of the two above paths, and incredibly we chose to be a people, foolish and unwise. . .  the government of Israel – and by conditioned reflex, the hapless Jewish Establishment in the United States -  is up in arms.  Confusion, anger, indignation.  Why?  The U.S. State Department has issued a study that concludes that the Palestine Liberation Organization is the sole representative of the “Palestinians.”  And the Rabin government is fuming.  The foolish men of Jerusalem who raised their eyes unto Washington and looked for salvation from Kissinger and Ford and the Pentagon; the gentilized Hebrew speakers who placed their faith and trust in the bruised and shattered reed of America.  Mass confusion and dismay now reigns.  How can the United States which just last week refused to entertain the PLO as a party to talks; which eloquently defended Zionism from the UN; which had Dr. Kissinger say that the security of Israel is the cornerstone of American foreign policy in the Middle East, now come dangerously close to endorsing the PLO as the spokesmen for the “Palestinians?”
O foolish people and unwise.  Doubly foolish, unwise ten times over!  Foolish to have ever trusted the United States and unwise to have ever believed that eventually Washington would not recognize the existence of the PLO.  WORSE!  Foolish to have ever claimed that the PLO does NOT represent the views of the “Palestinians” and unwise, mad, insane and lunatic to think that one can admit to the existence of a “Palestine” people and then insist on choosing their leaders for them.
Let it be clear that the United States is tired of Israel and the political headache she represents.  Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger know that all the charades surrounding Egypt and even Syria will be meaningless if the “Palestine” question is not resolved.  And they mean to resolve it no matter how shattering that is to Israel.  They mean to resolve it within the context of the Rogers Plan and that means the complete withdrawal of Israel from ALL the lands liberated in 1967 and the establishment of a “Palestine” in the areas of the West Bank and Gaza.  And this means that “Palestinians” will be invited to peace talks and this means that the United States will seek representatives of the “Palestinians” and as much as the unwise gnash their teeth over it, the State Department is quite correct and the Israelis are wrong and mad self-deluders.

Stop the nonsense from the mouths of Rabin and Peres and Eban and all their foolish Miller, Jacobsen, Blumberg, and Fisher followers.  Stop the foolish babbling that the PLO does not represent the thinking of the Arab dwellers of the liberated lands, the “Palestinians.”  The fact is that if the Israeli government would allow an election to take place and the PLO to run, the terrorists would win an overwhelming majority and among the young and the intellectuals they would have almost unanimous support.  The absurd denial of this is almost as absurd as the Israeli statements that it will not recognize the PLO because it is a “Terrorist” group.  (How well that will go over with the United States that sat in Paris with the Vietcong, the British who negotiated with the MauMau and the French who settled with the Algerian FLN!)

The clear fact is that the PLO DOES represent the great majority of the Arabs in the liberated lands and the foolish and frantic efforts of Peres, Alon and Rabin to dig up elderly Arab Uncle Toms and Quislings of the effendi-sheik Ja’abri strips are doomed to ridiculous failure.  Let us understand one thing:

As long as the government of Israel insists on recognizing a “Palestine People” they will have to recognize, sooner or later, the representative of the “people” – the PLO.  It is only the foolish and the unwise who believe that they can, somehow, have their cake and eat it too – recognize “Palestinians” and then tell them who their leaders are and what boundaries of their country will be!  O foolish people and unwise. . .

Those who follow this course will not succeed in convincing the world but will succeed grandly in confusing their own people, Jews in Israel and abroad.  It will only take one little word (false) or recognition of Israel under the most absurd terms by the PLO to have Jewish liberals and other confused types screaming for Israeli recognition of the PLO.  The cold, harsh, logical fact remains immutable:  IF YOU RECOGNIZE A “PALESTINE” PEOPLE YOU MUST RECOGNIZE THOSE THAT THEY INSIST REPRESENT THEM.  And if the Israelis keep telling the Jews of the world that there is a “Palestine” people then those Jews will believe it and will insist that self-determination eventually be given them – along with the right to elect the PLO.
The solution?  To become wise and understanding. To know that there is no “Palestine” and no “Palestine people” and that neither PLO nor anyone else can represent a thing that does not exist.  Arabs in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan?  Certainly, but no “Palestinians” a concept that cannot be unless Zionism died.  But if Zionism did indeed live all the years of exile and if Jews never gave up their hope to return, then every non-Jew who ever set foot on Jewish soil was nothing more than a trespasser.  He remains what he was before he arrived.  A Bedouin, an Arab, a Turk, what have you. But a “Palestinian?”  That can only be if there is a “Palestine” and that can never be as long as the hope of the Jew to return to Zion –Zionism – was and remains alive.
Written - November 28, 1975
[This was the beginning of what we are living with]

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The Practical, The Rational - 1988

From Barbara Ginsberg's Desktop

“K A H A N E”

The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea

July-August 1988            Tamuz-Menachem Av 5748         

The Practical, The Rational

(This was written in 1988 and reads as if it was written this very moment. bg)

Breathes there a Jew with mind so dead who never has proclaimed allegiance to rationality, pragmatism and the joys of being practical?  To be a person who speaks of “faith” and “ belief” is clearly to have one foot in the camp of the Ayatollah and no normal Jew would ever dare be brushed with the tar of “fanatic!”  No, the Jewish people is a “normal” people, a rational one, and thank G-d that the normal people is also the most abysmally ignorant of its own Judaism and teachings – otherwise it would surely burn all the Bibles and Talmuds that babble about “cursed is he who trusteh in man.”

And so it follows that trusting in G-d is a quaint thing, to be jollied over at the Jewish Museum and in lecture series, but only an extremist would take it to the light of modern day.  This is a practical world, one in which tough and pragmatic men understand the real realities and make their plans accordingly.  Prayers are wonderful for the holidays and with which to open conventions but let them attempt to escape to the streets to demand equal time and to be taken seriously, and we shoot them down as dangerous fanaticism.
That is why the sophisticates from Peres to the AJC, from Moment to Olam HaZeh reject the past as key to the future and indeed, hallow only the moment, the “zeh”.  We believe only in the things we can see and touch and feel and understand.  Only the logical and rational play any part in our equations; guns, allies, realpolitik, those are the things and stuff of which the real is made of.

And that is why we dare not annex the “occupied territories” (Judea-Samaria-Gaza); and that is why we dare not even talk of removing the Arabs from the Temple Mount; and that is why only madmen should think of expelling or “transferring” the Arabs; and that is why we dare not ever anger the Americans without whom we would be in the sea.
Very well, I am convinced.  Secular logic is, after all, so compelling.  I have decided to convert.  I have decided to accept the religion of pragmatism.  You now behold, before you, a superb example of rationality and practicality.  But to the bitter end. And here, fellow pragmatists and healthy rationalists is the bitter end.

Of course this religious dependence on G-d is absurd.  Of course the reality is weapon and the United States and allies and good will.  Because it is only this that will stand us in good stead when the Arabs produce or receive their first nuclear weapon or decide to use the chemical-biological weapons that are today’s “poor man’s” nuclear arsenal.
Pakistan is on the verge of producing (and may, indeed, have already produced) its own nuclear weapon.  It does not take very much to produce a “primitive”, outdated, atomic bomb which is limited in scope, say like the one dropped on Hiroshima… And if Moslem Pakistan develops such a weapon does one believe that its devoted faithful will not share it with their oppressed Arab Moslems and Palestinians?  By all means let us be hard headed and come up with a rational answer to that.  Without the nonsense of faith.
And when the head of the Israel Defense Forces’ Engineers, General Yoseph Ayal tells us (August 17) that certain Arab states are developing the capacity for chemical and biological warfare, there is no doubt that our practical senses will handle the matter with equanimity and without interference from G-d and his faithful.  My only problem is that in all my pious rationality I really do not know how to deal with the above.  Practicality somehow fails to give me answers as to how to deal with Arab nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in the hands of fanatical Moslems.
And bringing back tongue from cheek, the bitter reality is that the realists have nothing but bitter reality and not the slightest answer to the pragmatic and practical problems that defy rational solutions.  The reality is that Israel faces such awesome practical threats just over the horizon that a normal, practical, rational Jew, would be insane to stay if he could, somehow, leave the country.  It is only the “impractical”, the “irrational”, and the “dreamers” who have any rational reason to remain.  They believe in G-d.  They have faith in an Almighty and a Torah that decreed there never can be a third exile.  They know that perfect faith and trust in G-d, while observing His commandments, will assure victory over our enemies.  That is why they stay. That is why they are undeterred by the certainty of Arab nuclear and chemical and biological weapons.  Because they pray.  Because they do not miss a mincha – and evening service – or any other kind.  Because they do know that “these may come with nuclear bombs and these with chemical warfare, but we shall proclaim the name of the L-rd.” 
A rational Jew?  That is a rational Jew.  Any other kind, the one who decides to trust in Ronald Reagan (Today Obama)  is mad, fanatic, extreme, a real Khoumeniite.
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Viewpoint "40 year grace period for the Jewish people before catastrophes strike

 “K A H A N E”
The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea
September – October 1987                                                             Elul-Tishrei 5748

 (Food for thought of why in the Exiles and in Israel we are having terrible problems)
“If you walk in My statutes and keep My commandments and do them.  I will give peace in the land and you shall lie down and none shall make you afraid…

But, if you will not hearken untoMe and will not do all these commandments… and will set my face against you and you shall be smitten before your enemies…” (Vaykira, 26)

The litmus test of Jewish religious truth – of the existence of G-d and the validity of His commandments – lies in the reality of Reward and Punishment.  If there are indeed,Truth and Falsehood, Good and Evil, then it must be that there will follow in their wake, Life and Death.  The truth of Judaism rests on the reality that there is a real and Omnipotent G-d who has given us, who has compelled us to accept a Law of truth and life.  Who demands from us obedience and cleaving to it.  Who promises us life and reward if we do, indeed, follow Him but who just as emphatically, guarantees us terrible punishment and tragedy if we do not.
The G-d of Israel is not some plastic Santa Claus dispensing only the goodies we so desire, bestowing the artificial “love” of modern man that sees Him overlooking every abomination and ignoring every sin and crime in a Hollywood-Garment center version of a tolerant and live-and-let-live world we have created so that we can live tranquilly with all the abominations we care to wallow in.  There is Objective truth and G-d proclaims it.  And there is punishment and tragedy for those who willfully ignore the definite, objective commandments of G-d.

That is the foundation of a people that stood at Sinai and had the mountain raised over them as G-d proclaimed: “If you accept My Law, good; and if not, here shall be your graves.”

As the year 5748 begins, the fortieth year of the State of Israel, that fateful fortieth year of a period of grace and warning to the Jewish people to return unto G-d before awesome catastrophes strike, let us thing and rethink our ways.  G-d is not some plaything created in the image of materialistic man.  It is He who has created us and it is He who has not abdicated His role but who rules and runs the world, whom steers the ship of the universe.
The State of Israel that rose out of the fires and gases of the Holocaust, was the result of the Almighty’s fury at the nations who knew Him not, who rejected with contempt the concept of a G-d of Israel and who, by their oppression and contempt for the people of G-d showed their  contempt and their desecration for the G-d of Israel.  Their contemptuous trampling on the Jews was a contemptuous trampling on the G-d of the Jews .  It was Hillul Hashem – desecration of the Name – par excellence!
That and not Jewish merit or goodness created a Jewish state after 1900 years.  It is not we who deserved it, but the gentile with his mocking cry, “where is your G-d,” who did.  And Jewish tradition makes it clear that a redemption that is not brought about through Jewish merit will be first received by prolonged and terrible agonies.  It will not be the glorious and magnificent and SWIFT redemption that could be ours, if we deserved it.

And so, just as the first and second destructions of the Jewish state were preceded by a final forty years of grace, of Divine warning to the Jew to return to G-d, to His commandments, just as there was a final, last gasp opportunity given by G-d to His people in the hope that at the last moment they would throw off their abominations and cleave to His commandments, so is it with us and with this third Jewish state.

Forty years.  It is the fortieth year for a state that has lost its Jewish way, its Jewish head.  For a Jewish people throughout the world that has cast off its authentic Jewish truth and either opted for nothing Jewish or adopted the counterfeit frauds of Reform-Conservatism or all the other “wings” that fly off in all directions, except the right one.

Forty years. Perhaps a few more, but the principle is clear.  Time runs out for the Jew before the worst of horrors wipes out the Exile totally and brings awesome tragedy on Israel, too- before the coming of the final redemption.
We know the truth.  We know the frauds we grasp unto our souls.  Let us jettison our baggage of fraud and vanity.  Let us Return, for our own sakes and for those we love.  For the People of Israel! Let us return in this fortieth year as time flies away and so little of it is left.
“Thus saith the L-rd of Hosts: Return  unto Me…and I will return unto you, saith the L-rd of Hosts.”

5748.  Forty years.  They tick away.
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More Than A Cartoon - 1990

“ K A H A N E ”

The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea
September – October  1990       Ellul 5750 - Tishrei 5751


The cartoon that appears on the cover of this issue is far more than a mere cartoon.  It represents a mindset, a culture, a way of life that is steeped in cruelty and savagery and blood. It is the real face of Ishmael.
It is a cartoon that appeared in a major Jordanian newspaper (Al Rei, August 8, 1990) following the brutal murder of two youngsters in Jerusalem by Arabs who stabbed them tens of times and mutilated their bodies.  The cartoon, which glorifies the deed, shows the two in the form of long-nosed, Star-of-David-hatted Jews impaled on a bloody scimitar that makes up part of the Arab name of Jerusalem, Al Kuds.

It is more than a cartoon.  It is the graphic and naked face of Ishmael, of the Arab mentality and mindset, of an Islam-Araby that is at total odds with the moral values of a civilization grounded in the Divine seven commandments of the children of Noah.  How easy, how obscene, for the liberal-left and humanist twisters of morality to sit in the shadow of Lincoln Center or the Golden Gate or Beverly Hills or Harvard Square or the salons of elitism and discourse on a world they know nothing about.  How gratifying to comfortably discourse on a world they know nothing about. How gratifying to comfortably babble about ethics and morality and humanism when it is so safe (so very safe) a theory, and when it is the other person who is called upon to be “moral.”

How satisfying to the parlor-cafĂ© liberal to bandy about the phrases we all so love to rail against: “racism,” “intolerance,” ad nauseum.  The cartoon is the reality, the liberal humanists are the caricature, living in their own plastic, egotistical world.  Unwilling to make real sacrifices of money and body, they pay instead a huge lip tax to “humanism” and “morality.”

The reality lies well without them. It exists in the fresh graves of two young Jews of Jerusalem brutally and terribly murdered by a people that glorifies the act with a cartoon of blood.  One thinks back just a few years ago to the steps of a Cairo government building, where lay the Foreign Minister of the very same Jordan.  He had just been shot by a “Palestinian,” another cultural product of Islam-Araby.  The “Palestinian,” having shot him, now proceeded to drink his blood.

 Spare us your morality and your indignation both.  Those of us who are normal and Jewish, truly Jewish, know exactly how to deal with the cartoonists of blood.  Because we have no intention of being the subject of any others.

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