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More Than a Cartoon - The Real Face of Ishmael 1990

“ K A H A N E ”

The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea
September - October 1990   Ellul 5750 - Tishrei 5751


 The cartoon that appears on the cover of this issue is far more than a mere cartoon.  It represents a mindset, a culture, a way of life that is steeped in cruelty and savagery and blood. It is the real face of Ishmael.
It is a cartoon that appeared in a major Jordanian newspaper (Al Rei, August 8, 1990) following the brutal murder of two youngsters in Jerusalem by Arabs who stabbed them tens of times and mutilated their bodies.  The cartoon, which glorifies the deed, shows the two in the form of long-nosed, Star-of-David-hatted Jews impaled on a bloody scimitar that makes up part of the Arab name of Jerusalem, Al Kuds.
It is more than a cartoon.  It is the graphic and naked face of Ishmael, of the Arab mentality and mindset, of an Islam-Araby that is at total odds with the moral values of a civilization grounded in the Divine seven commandments of the children of Noah.  How easy, how obscene, for the liberal-left and humanist twisters of morality to sit in the shadow of Lincoln Center or the Golden Gate or Beverly Hills or Harvard Square or the salons of elitism and discourse on a world they know nothing about.  How gratifying to comfortably discourse on a world they know nothing about. How gratifying to comfortably babble about ethics and morality and humanism when it is so safe (so very safe) a theory, and when it is the other person who is called upon to be “moral.”

How satisfying to the parlor-café liberal to bandy about the phrases we all so love to rail against: “racism,” “intolerance,” ad nauseum.  The cartoon is the reality, the liberal humanists are the caricature, living in their own plastic, egotistical world.  Unwilling to make real sacrifices of money and body, they pay instead a huge lip tax to “humanism” and “morality.”
The reality lies well without them. It exists in the fresh graves of two young Jews of Jerusalem brutally and terribly murdered by a people that glorifies the act with a cartoon of blood.  One thinks back just a few years ago to the steps of a Cairo government building, where lay the Foreign Minister of the very same Jordan.  He had just been shot by a “Palestinian,” another cultural product of Islam-Araby.  The “Palestinian,” having shot him, now proceeded to drink his blood.
Spare us your morality and your indignation both.  Those of us who are normal and Jewish, truly Jewish, know exactly how to deal with the cartoonists of blood.  Because we have no intention of being the subject of any others.
[These are our peace partners.  Insanity thrives. bg]  

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