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Isaiah 6: 9-10 and The Arabs are a Cancer

The magazine of the Authentic Jewish Idea
September – October 1990  Ellul 5750 – Tishrei 5751
ISAIAH 6: 9-10 

Some 2500 years ago the Prophet Isaiah was chosen by the Almighty as His prophet to His people, Israel.  And thus did G-d speak to Isaiah:  “… Hear ye indeed – but understand not, and see ye indeed – but perceive not.  Make the heart of the people fat and make their eyes heavy and shut their eyes; lest they, seeing with their eyes and hearing with their ears, and understanding with their heart, return and be healed . . ."  (Isaiah 6:9-10).  

That the Jewish people in both the Land of Israel and Exile hear and understand nothing and see and perceive not, is so abundantly clear as to be beyond debate.  The only question is whether there is hope left for them or, because of their stubborn refusal to see and understand, the almighty brings down upon us the curse of Isaiah 6: 9-10 in which as punishment, the Jew is no longer allowed to see and understand (See Radak, Ibn Ezra Ibid.).  But whatever the reason for the phenomenon, it is clear; it is an indisputable fact: The Jew is blind and deaf and lacking in understanding.  And worse:  He does not want to see; he does not want to hear; he does not want to understand, because the reality is so difficult and tortuous and agonizing, and it would call upon him to take steps that he refuses to even contemplate. And so, the edge of the cliff comes closer and the coach and its wildly charging horses rush to it.
As I await the resumption of my trial for “incitement” after having stated that the Arabs are a cancer in our midst, I look at an article in the paper today that tells of a policy involving the building that houses the Supreme Court of Israel, the one that ruled that Kahane is a “racist”.  The article describes a policy that bars any Arab from the territories from entering the building even if he is a worker hired to repair the building.    Furthermore, any Israeli Arab, meaning a citizen if Israel, can only enter the building to work with a policeman in tow, who must be with him all the time.

I am deeply moved by this expression of trust in the loyal citizens of Israel and can hardly wait for the Supreme Court to send the racist Kahane to Jail.  This goes along with the policy of the Knesset of Israel which bars any Arab from working in the building, even as a waiter, and any Arab taxi driver from entering past the guard post. 
Indeed, as I once told Arab Knesset Member Muhammad  Watad, in replying to his motion to condemn Kach’s victory in the Kiryat Arba elections:  If you had not been elected as a Knesset Member you would not be allowed here as a waiter. 

And then, I read about a secret military prosecution report to the Attorney General and the State Attorney (who led the fight to bar me from the Knesset), which states that Faisal Husseini is one of the four Arab leaders of the intifada and the PLO’s representative. I know that at that moment, Husseini was in the U.S. with Moshe Dayan’s daughter, being welcomed and cheered by liberal Jews, by Jewish leaders and temple rabbis, and spoke at the Los Angeles Jewish Federation building, from which Jewish “racists” are barred.

And then, I go over the foreign news and my heart is warmed by such items as Amal and Hezbollah factions killing each other by the scores in southern Lebanon; Christians and Moslems doing the same in Beirut.  Tamales and Singhalese are massacring each other in Sri Lanka; Serbs and Croats engage in bitter dispute in Yugoslavia along with fighting between Serbs and Albanians while the Slovenes there want to break away and form their own state, and the Macedonians are demanding land from Greece which is engaged in a bitter dispute with Turkey in Cyprus, while the former is furious over Bulgarian treatment of its ethnic Turks.  Meanwhile, the Kurds are fighting the Turks (and the Iraqis) for their own land and the Iraqis take over Kuwait which was already sending back Palestinians who work in its oil fields because they are an internal danger .
And watching all this is Great Britain, which demands that Israel sit down with the PLO while it refuses to meet with the IRA which kills three policemen and a nun in its struggle against the Protestants.  And in the capital of the European Common Market, Belgium, Flemish and Walloons fight a bitter language battle that tears the country apart, and the sick giant of the East, the Soviet Union, is hardly Soviet and less of a union with tens of different ethnic groups shouting “nyet, we want out.”  And in the New World, the French dream about a Quebec libre, and the Indians in New York State and Canada and all over are on the warpath and in Los Angeles an Hispanic school district is carved out, and blacks hate Koreans, and whites hate blacks and vice-versa, and it is so clear that if only Jews had the good will and made the necessary compromises they and the Arabs could live together happily because they have so much in common...!   

No, there is no doubt.  It is a people that are very disturbed.  Seeing nothing, hearing nothing, understanding nothing and not wishing to.
And then, a long article appears in the Friday edition of Ha’aretz. The title?  “Israel Arabs Seek Autonomy.”

 Indeed! Boker Tov!  Good morning.  Surprise.  And after autonomy? Guess, dear Jew.  But what most impresses me is the following quote from the article: “The Arabs of the Galilee speak bitterly about the official description of the state as the ‘Jewish people’s state.’”  In their eyes, there is a contradiction between this and the universal description that maintains that a state is first and foremost the state of all its citizens.”

Well, well, well.  And when did we first hear that?  And who was the first to declare that there is a basic contradiction between a democratic universal state and a Jewish one?  Of course the Arabs are right.  And of course we must choose and of course we must choose a Jewish state and of course the Arabs must go and of course it is because they are a cancer.  I say it again and if the government wants to put me on trial again, let them do so.  But the truth is the truth.  They are a cancer; a dangerous and spreading one and they must go.

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