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Madness and Desecration - 1987

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Beyond Words
Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane,
Volume 5    1985-1988

“Beyond Words” is a newly-published seven volume collection of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s writings that originally appeared in The Jewish Press, other serial publications, and his privately-published works.
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Let me tell you what is even worse than a Jewish mother burned alive in a car after a firebomb was thrown through the window.  Let me tell you what is worse than this attack near the Arab town of Kalkilya that also tragically burned 80% of the bodies of her children Tal and Adi, five and eight years old respectively.  Let me tell you of Arab cruelty and Jewish madness – the two partners in the murder of Ofra Moses and the cruel disfiguring of her small children – so that you will be furious enough to do something and prevent the deaths and mutilations of other Ofra  Moseses and other Jewish children.

In the years following the creation of the State of Israel, the town of Kalkilya was one of the worst vipers’ nests of Arab terror.  Lying less than five minutes from the Jewish city of Kfar Saba, Kalkilya became a symbol to the Jews of Arab terror and murder and, for years, Jews dreamed of the day when they would take vengeance on the town and its Arab inhabitants.

And then the miracle occurred:  the Six-Day War erupted and Jewish soldiers drove across the Green Line into Samaria – into Kalkilya; the entire Arab population fled.  Knowing what they deserved, fearing that they would get precisely that from the long suffering Jews, they fled in terror towards the Jordan River, hoping to cross into Jordan.  The town was deserted, free of the terrorists and the terror they carried into Israel.  The Jews of Kfar Saba and the surrounding area were ecstatic as they poured into the deserted Kalkilya, walking freely and securely for the first time.

And then.  And then, there occurred a thing so incredible that no normal person could ever hope to believe it.  Moshe Dayan, Minister of Defense and hero to the UJA-Israel Bonds-Hadassah jet set, issued orders to the Israeli paratroopers to rush to the Jordan and bring the Arabs of Kalkilya back.

Yes, I know that the words are almost inexplicable, let along believable.  Bring them back? Bring back Arabs who fled?  Bring back the vipers to their nest?  How is that possible?  It is not possible?  It could never have happened!  Was Dayan mad?

No, he was not mad; not in the clinical sense.  But yes, it did happened.  Because as Dayan himself said: “G-d forbid that the world should think that there is another wave of refugees.” No, he was not “mad.”  Merely the product of a gentilized lack of any faith and trust in the G-d and destiny of Israel.  The same Dayan who objected to the capture of the Golan Heights in 1967 because there were Soviet advisors there and this would “surely” bring in the Soviets.  And the tragedy of madness and desecration as Israeli troops forced the Arabs of Kalkilya to return.

They did and prospered.  They did and turned the area once again into a vipers’ nest.  Jews fear to ride through the area where a new breed and generation of Arab has arisen, thanks to the insanity of Dayanism.  And Ofra Moses is dead and her children disfigured and Jews frustrated and frightened and appalled.  We are a people that took the miracle of 1967 and threw it away.

We are afflicted by a sickness of soul that is the very essence of that ghetto and Galut that the Hellenists of Dayanism so contemptuously attacked.  But they the secular Zionists who fear world opinion and who question their real right to be in Judea and Samaria, are the most intense of the ghetto-ites, the most extreme of the Galut Jews.

Kalkilya must be wiped off the face of the earth as a lesson, the clearest and most brutal lesson, to the Arabs.  Its inhabitants must be thrown across the river into Jordan and every building leveled, as a permanent example of what will be done to every other Arab town in whose region terror strikes at Jews.  And that, of course, is only a prelude to the real Jewish, Zionist and logical step – the removal of all our enemies from Eretz Yisrael.

A government that is incapable of or unwilling to take any and all actions to protect the lives of its people loses all legitimacy or right to exist as legal authority.  The only right that any government has to regulate and restrict and rule over human beings rests on the premise that individuals give up their totality of freedom in exchange for the protection and security of life and property that the government promises them.  When governments cannot or is not prepared to fulfill its share of the covenant, it loses all right to rule over the lives of citizens.  It becomes illegitimate, a bandit authoritarian.

The government of Israel stands, today, at that political red line.  Years of failure – either through helplessness or haplessness, or worse, deliberate political decision – contributed to the deaths of hundreds of Jews and the wounding of thousands of others in terror attacks that could have been prevented by the removal of the Arabs from the land, or at the very least, by a powerful fist that would have struck terror into the hearts of the Arabs – people who are, at least in heart and in mind, all terrorists.
Written May 1987

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