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What Can One Say?- 1988

“K  A  H  A  N  E”

The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea

March-April 1988       Adar-Nisan 5748


Below is an item that appeared in the Palestine (a.k.a. Jerusalem) Post.  Read it and say nothing - for there is absolutely nothing that one can say.

Arab kidney recipient still hates Jews

By Judy Siegel
Post Science and Health Reporter

“The staff at a Jerusalem hospital this week very reluctantly treated a 19-year-old Arab woman with kidney problems who openly cursed Jews, although she had received a kidney five years ago from a yeshiva student murdered by terrorist in Hebron.

The patient, from Nablus, was admitted to the same hospital where she hand undergone dialysis before the transplant.  Staffers recalled that, as a girl, even after receiving the life-saving kidney, she shouted epithets against Jews, and said she wished more Jews would die to provide organs for Arabs.  The yeshiva student’s parents had offered his organs for transplant, and the Arab girl was the only potential recipient with the suitable tissue type.

The staffers who remembered her thought that after having received the gift of life from a Jew, she would have changed her tone, if not her mind.  But they were astounded to hear her as vocally anti-Jewish as before.  She also insisted on wearing a T-shirt with Arafat’s picture on it.  Some staffers said they were reluctant to treat her, but did so because of their legal and moral obligations to provide the care any patient needs.”

The mad, twisted “morality” of the bewildered, confused, Hellenist Jew!  A morality that is the height, not only of madness, but of sheer IMMORALITY!  There is nothing at all moral in healing your enemy!  There is nothing except obscenity in giving a Jewish kidney to a hater of Jews!  There is an insanity that has gripped us
here in Israel and in this little news item, it is revealed in all its tragedy.

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